Why You Should Take Up Surfing This New Year

The New Year is here, so what better time to take up a new sport than now? With the waves being free to ride and there not being much equipment required, you can invest in some surfing lessons and be taking on the sea in no time!

What’s more, with a variety of different styles of boards and popular brands for wetsuits, you can have a unique look to all the other surfers out there! So, let’s take a closer look at why you should take up this adrenaline-filled sport, below.

Reduces Stress

With stress being one of the biggest causes of mental illnesses, we should always take any opportunity we can to reduce or eliminate it. Unfortunately, it pretty much comes hand in hand with a job and some lifestyles, so we have to take steps to prevent it.

Surfing is a perfect place to start due to its ability to clear your mind. Once you are on that board and riding those waves, you can forget about all of the stress you have on your shoulders as well as any worries that you may have. Focus on your breathing, technique, and balance, and forget everything else.

A Complete Workout

Typically when you partake in a sport, only certain parts of your body are affected, however, when it comes to surfing it is a complete body workout. From warming up on the beach to paddling out to the waves to even standing up on the board, your body is working hard all over.

Paddling strengthens your back and shoulders as it uses a lot of upper body strength and power. Then once you are standing up, your core and legs begin to work even harder to keep you upright and to ensure that you remain balanced. Your cardio stamina increases and so does your heart rate, so you can be sure that after a surfing session, you have truly worked your body hard.

A New Challenge

Surfing presents a lot of challenges which is extremely beneficial for a lot of individuals as it gives them something to work on and tackle. Setting goals and achieving them is really good for your confidence as well as mental health.

From learning to get up on your board on the beach, to taking on your biggest wave to date in a major competition, surfing presents never-ending beneficial challenges that help you to push yourself to improve constantly. This also means that you can never get bored with the sport, as you can keep finding new goals you want to achieve.

The Beautiful Outdoors

Besides the fact that the views and scenery of beaches are phenomenal, especially in certain spots, surfing requires you to be outside in nature. With a lot of people having jobs where they remain at their desks in an office all day, it is so good for their mental and physical health to take to the waves.

What’s more, there are so many beautiful surfing locations all around the world, so you can travel to new places all the time!

As you can see, there are several worthwhile reasons why you should take up surfing this New Year. So what are you waiting for? Grab a board and a wetsuit, book some lessons, and start your new adventure, today!

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