Why Your Back Might Be Hurting And What You Can Do

Over 80% of people suffer from some degree of back pain in their lives and it can be extremely debilitating. There is a wide range of causes of both short-term and long-term back pain and it is really important to identify the cause of your pain to take the appropriate steps to correct the problem. Far too many people just accept back pain as a fact of life and have resigned themselves to living with it.

This is unnecessary as there are so many effective solutions that can relieve your back pain and fix the underlying issue. To help everyone who is experiencing back pain, this article is a guide to why your back might be hurting and what you can do.

1- Pain Caused By Your Discs

The most common cause of back pain, particularly in our lower backs, is disc degeneration. Our discs act as cushions around the vertebrae in our lower backs but as our discs start to wear down, these vertebrae and also many nerve endings are exposed and this can cause a lot of pain. Discs wear down for several reasons and there are some steps that you can take to slow this process down.

Firstly, there is some natural degeneration due to age and gravity but our lifestyles can also have a big impact on disc degeneration. High impact sports and activities put enormous pressure on your discs so it is important to keep your back in good condition with stretching, diet, and the right preparation before exercise.

2- Pain Caused By Scoliosis

Nobody’s spine is perfectly straight however if your spine has a sideways curve measuring more than 10 degrees then you are said to have scoliosis. The experts told us that about 80% of cases of scoliosis are idiopathic meaning there is no clear cause for the spinal curve, though it can also occur as a result of an underlying condition such as cerebral palsy or osteoporosis. Common signs of scoliosis include leaning to one side, shoulders sitting at different heights, one shoulder blade looking more prominent than the other, or uneven hips.

Children and adolescents with scoliosis can wear a rigid brace to prevent the curve from progressing as they grow. In severe cases, spinal fusion surgery may be required to correct the spiral curve. If you notice any back pain or other signs of scoliosis then you must go to see a doctor as soon as possible to take the appropriate steps.

3- Pain Caused By Your Joints

Another common reason why your back might be hurting is problems with your joints. Our backs comprise various joints including facet joints and SI joints and issues with either can cause a lot of pain. Facet joints are located on either side of a disc but like our discs, they degenerate over time. This wears down the cartilage between them which can be extremely painful. SI joints connect your pelvis with your sacrum with your pelvis but these too can cause a lot of pain and inflammation when there are issues with the joints.

One of the best ways to prevent joint degeneration and irritation is to keep your joints in good working order. Physiotherapy can help if the issues have reached a serious level but any exercise which strengthens and stretches your back muscles and joints can be very effective in preventing back problems and the associated pain symptoms.

4- Pain Due To Unhealthy Lifestyle

Various issues can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and which can be avoided by making some simple changes. Obesity which results from overeating puts extra strain on the structures of your back which can cause accelerated degeneration and chronic pain. Smoking or drinking too much alcohol can lead to issues like diabetes and arthritis which weaken your joints and result in a loss of flexibility which can cause many back complications.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and giving up smoking and alcohol can all dramatically improve the health of your spine and other structures and relieve you of back pain. 

Back Pain Due To Unhealthy Lifestyle

Back pain is such a common issue but it can have a negative impact on people’s health and happiness. Unfortunately, far too many people just accept back pain as part of their normal life and so never seek effective treatment or solutions to combat it. If you are experiencing any of the issues in this article then you should consult a medical professional at the earliest possible time so they can assess your problems and help to find an effective solution.

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