Will AI Improve Mobile Photography?

Do you wonder how people can do such high-level photography with their phones? The answer lies in the combination of camera quality, photography equipment, and of course, some skills.

Doing good photography and videography is not a big deal now. This is all thanks to high-tech mobile cameras and trusted photography accessories.

However, the introduction of AI technology in phone cameras has changed the scope of mobile photography completely. AI can make the photography skills of a rookie look like a pro. The use of AI technology in mobile cameras can transform the level of our mobile photography.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, was conceived back in the 1950s with machine learning. The computers were fed with an understanding of playing draughts and anticipated the moves in response to a human opponent. As the computer got more practice, its ability to play enhanced and became equivalent to a human.

As new advancements came into technology, AI also evolved. Now, it is a part of everyone’s smartphones in one form or the other. Some common examples of AI in smartphones are Siri, Brixby, and Google Assistant. They act as your assistant and follow your orders. The advancement in AI technology means more ease and convenience for humans. AI gives you the luxury of relaxing as the machine will take over your task.

All the researchers around the globe have set their eyes on AI technology. It has a humongous potential of taking over the operational duties of humans. With time, AI technology will become more efficient, and humans will have to do fewer tasks by themselves.

Importance of AI in Mobile Photography

AI existed in the cameras of the earliest smartphones like adaptivity to light and timer settings for a photo. But modern mobile cameras have taken AI technology to a whole new level. The Huawei P20 Pro is an example of the usage of modern AI technology in a mobile camera. The P20 Pro’s camera can distinguish over 500 objects distinctly categorizing them in 19 different shots.

Now, mobile cameras can recognize the nature of the object by using AI. The customization of the shot is done according to the view to produce the perfect image quality. From ISO levels to setting focus, phone camera does many things by themselves with the help of AI. If AI technology continues to grow, the results of your mobile camera will match the DSLR.

The AI Features in Mobile Photography

Let’s take a look at different AI features used by smartphone cameras today:

Face Beauty

The face beauty feature used in smartphones is based on AI technology. This feature makes some automatic settings while capturing the face by removing any blemishes and marks from your face. It also makes your features prominent and highlights your face cuts making your face look slimmer. Some phones have an automatic beauty mode, while others can be controlled manually.

The face beauty feature used in smartphones is based on AI technology

Source: The Insider

Augmented Reality

Nowadays smartphone cameras are using augmented reality extensively. Modern phone cameras can detect the object and display all the details from texture to color in the image. Some phone cameras give an indication sign of the kind of object they are pointed to. For example, if you point the camera toward a flower, the camera will show a flower symbol on the screen.

Nowadays smartphone cameras are using augmented reality extensively. The modern phone cameras can detect the object and display all the details from texture to color in the image

HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Gone are the days when you can only take good shots in daylight. Now, you can take beautiful pictures and videos in low light as well with the help of HDR technology. Your phone camera will automatically gauge the luminous intensity and adjust accordingly to produce the best result. Also, mobile cameras using HDR can distinguish the colors effectively in all types of lighting.

High Dynamic Range, Gone are the days when you can only take good shots in daylight. Now, you can take beautiful pictures and videos in low-light as well with the help of HDR technology

Source: Phone Arena

The Pros and Cons of AI Technology

AI is one of the most revolutionary ideas introduced in mobile cameras, but it has its drawbacks too. The pros and cons of AI technology in mobile cameras are the following:


  • There is less effort required by humans to operate cameras.
  • Much more efficient and faster working.
  • High-quality photography and videography results.
  • Minimal chance of errors.


  • No control over automatic decisions.
  • Lack of improvisation in different scenarios.
  • Usage of extensive data and power.
  • Less room for the display of skills and creativity.

Future AI Ideas for Mobile Cameras

One of the most important issues with the use of AI technology is high data usage. Every mobile camera that uses AI technology requires a lot of storage during processing. Due to this reason, developers have to compromise storage for other functions of the phone.

There are many smartphones available that use a separate processor for AI computation. The idea is to build designated storage for AI as well which will facilitate better photography.

The future goals of developers are to make efficient AI cameras that can read the mind of the user. Even though it seems to be a far-fetched idea, work on it is in progress. Imagine taking a photo with your mobile camera, and it comes out just the way you visualize it!

Another AI concept regarding mobile cameras that is in progress is better improvisation ability. This idea works to remove the monotonous thinking of the phone cameras to perceive things better. Future mobile cameras will be more adaptive to their surroundings producing the best possible outcomes.

Will AI Improve Mobile Photography?

It all comes down to this very important question of whether AI will improve mobile photography or not. The answer is that it already has brought a revolution in mobile photography and the future ride is also uphill. Modern advancements in AI technology will not only enhance the quality of photography but will also make life easy for humans.

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