Why Winter Weddings Are Great

 When it comes time to plan your wedding, you want to spare no consideration or expense in making sure that everything is perfect. Some people want to have a destination wedding in Italy; some people want to host the party at their family cottage where they spent all of their summers as a kid. One thing that almost everyone agrees on is that weddings should be held in the spring, summer, or autumn. While it is true that a beautiful summer wedding is always a good time, there is also a case to be made for getting married in the winter, when people’s social calendars tend to be sparse.

The truth is that although weddings in warm weather can be beautiful, by the end of the summer people are often hung over and burnt out from going to weddings every weekend. Dancing and eating cake becomes a chore – and dancing and eating cake should never be a chore. When you host your wedding in the winter, you break up the monotonous summer wedding blitz and you provide a welcome reason for your friends and family to get out of the house. In the wintertime, especially in Canada, people tend to batten down the hatches and hibernate for the winter. An awesome party where you watch people you love get married can be an incredibly cathartic release – especially when you’ve been cooped up for weeks on end.

Another advantage of a winter wedding is that you don’t need to stress about the weather. One of the most difficult things about hosting an outdoor summer wedding in a gorgeous setting is that there is always a chance that it will pour rain or be windy and gross outside. Even if you have a backup plan, it won’t quite be the same as what you had envisioned when you booked the venue. When you commit to an indoor wedding in the winter, it relieves this stress. Furthermore, when you know your wedding is going to be inside, you can go all out decorating the venue with beautiful flowers and whatever else you might imagine.

Hosting an indoor winter wedding

Hosting an indoor winter wedding will also make things easier for the bar staff. Many people choose to rent a mobile bar complete with pro mixologists for their wedding, and mixing drinks in a controlled, indoor environment will make their jobs easier. Against the cold winter weather, you’ll want to include a good selection of red wine and strong whiskey cocktails like the old fashioned and the Manhattan. People will be so happy to get out of the house that once they get a couple of drinks into them, they’ll be all over the dance floor grooving to Beyoncé.

Finally, a great argument for the winter wedding is that it won’t ruin your whole summer season preparing for and then recovering from the wedding. In Toronto, things tend to slow down significantly during the winter, and by the time summer rolls around, you’ll be all recovered from the big day and ready for your honeymoon!

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