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Wisberg and Daughter – Locksmith can come to your home or business and change or replace a locking system (or a window), from a smart lock to a uPVC lock. In addition, you might have to replace faulty locks due to damage or upgrade your locks to meet insurance standards. Changing your door locks is the first thing you should do after moving into a new home. You don’t know what type of lock your door has? Call our locksmith change locks service to know everything related to locks.

Changing and Fitting Door Locks

All types of door locks are fitted, replaced, and changed by a locksmith change locks service, including:

  • Front and back door locks for uPVC
  • Locks for garage doors
  • Front and back door Euro locks with anti-snap cylinders
  • Mortise Locks – deadlocks / sashlocks
  • Night latches for Yale locks – on the front and back doors
  • Night latches can be easily repaired with rim cylinders
  • A lock for the patio door
  • Locks of the British Standard
  • Locks with smart capabilities
  • Entry locks with keyless technology
Changing and Fitting Door Locks

Locksmith Change Locks Service – Door Locks Changing & Replacing

The services of a locksmith include changing and replacing the lock of your house if you lose your keys, are locked out of your house, or the lock is faulty.

There are varieties of reasons you may need to replace a lock, ranging from the following:

  • Moved into a new residence – Remain in key authority despite moving into a new residence, apartment, or changing business address.
  • Upgrade your locks to Smart Locks for Keyless Entry
  • You may need to upgrade your locks to British Standard 3621 for insurance purposes (for example, if your insurance requires British Standard 3621 locks for coverage) or for your own peace of mind.
  • House keys missing – Your keys have been lost, or there are keys that should not be there.
  • There is something wrong with the lock – it is broken or damaged, and has become difficult to operate. (Usually damaged or worn.)
  • The keyed alike method allows you to open multiple locks with one key so that they can all be opened from one key

Locks Replaced and Changed

All types of door locks are replaced and fitted by Wisberg and Daughter-Locksmith on residential and commercial properties. You can check our services and follow us at

Locksmith Change Locks Service Provides Security!

In case you are uncertain about the process, we will happy to explain it to you. You can see exactly what the cost of a lock change is by getting a free estimate from our commercial locksmith change locks services in Jersey City, NJ. Don’t let your home or office become vulnerable while you make a decision about changing locks when it is convenient for you.

In addition to temporary security, our locksmith change locks experts can also assist you with temporary security if you are not sure what you want. You can ask Wisberg and Daughter-Locksmith to install security temporarily or if you’ve been burgled.

What can you do if you have your door kicked in the middle of the night? You can’t buy a new door at that hour, so what can you do? Until other plans are in place, install temporary doors and covers to keep children from escaping your home or office until you can make other arrangements.  We offer excellent locksmith near me and change locks services for businesses. You can follow us at

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