Woman Power: Behind Every Man’s Success Is a Woman

At the onset, society might not have been kind to women. In the early 20th century, many learned men refused vehemently to allow women to vote, thinking they were not fit for it. Today, new research shows women have a far greater role in society than we can ever imagine. And if women’s hands were tied, many of our children would be stunted in their growth, ending up far less useful to society than they could ever be.

Yes, the hand that rocks the cradle plays a huge role in forming the future citizens of the country. Thus, it’s only when women are given equal standing to men can society truly excels.

The Hand that Rocked the Cradle

Of course, we now know that the U.S. Congress has passed the 19th Amendment, which legally has given women the right to vote. It took a century of protests for said women’s suffrage was passed on the 18th of August, 1920.

It was the right thing to do. Sadly, many of the most erudite men of society at that time thought otherwise. No less than William Thompson Sedgwick was the voice of these intellectuals believing women didn’t have the intellectual capacity to vote.

Sedgwick is a revered member of the scientific community. An epidemiologist and bacteriologist, Sedgwick was a central figure in shaping America’s public health policy (akin to Dr. Anthony Fauci). To note, he co-founded MIT School of Public Health in 1913.

But Sedgwick and the rest of the gang may get a rude awakening today.

Recent clinical studies done at the University of Glasglow reveal that women, more than men, are responsible for transmitting the “intelligence gene” to their children. That’s because these genes are carried only by the X chromosome. Women carry two of these chromosomes; men have but one.

Further, University of Washington researchers found out that a strong emotional bond formed between a mother and her child plays a central role in forming a child’s brain. Their research, which spanned seven years, revealed that children of supportive mothers had a 10% bigger hippocampus than children of distant mothers. The hippocampus is the part of the brain linked to learning and stress response.

Making Women Shine Through and Through

Society still has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to taking care of women. There are Equal Rights that have been afforded at work. For one, women have been allowed to enter the military. Another example of this is women cannot be turned down for a job opening just because of their gender.

Also, you can do your part in taking care of the women in your life. A concrete way is treating them as equals and allowing them to speak without shutting them down. Additionally, giving them shelter and the comforts in life is tending to their needs.

To top all that, you can provide classy-yet-comfortable clothing to protect the beloved women of your life from the torments of the weather. Choice clothing stores for women should give you a headstart in this department. The quality and support you get from these stores can go a long way in making your loved ones feel truly treasured.

Know that when you cater to women’s needs, you take care of the whole family. A healthy mother can provide the love and attention needed for her child better than one who is frail and malnourished.

Today, women have taken greater roles in society as educators, caretakers, and even entrepreneurs. And their successes are far too many to be forgotten.

Women have not only become the hands that rocked the cradle, but they’ve also become key leaders who have shaped society. Such names as Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” who was the ablest Prime Minister of Great Britain during the Cold War years, and Queen Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen who ruled England through a Golden Age are just some examples.

Women today sit as CEOs of big corporations and leaders in government and society as a whole. Truth be told, there is no stopping women now. It only shows that women working hand in hand with men can produce the most dramatic results. And a most productive life.

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