Women’s Inspire Network Spring Seminar in Donegal Encourages Growing Entrepreneur Trends

As the world’s opportunities expand along with its physical and digital landscapes, so do the ways in which people can motivate each other to venture into a business of their own. An important example is the Women’s Inspire Network (WIN) seminar that took place in Donegal on April 10th, where Samantha Kelly, the company’s founder, and several expert speakers in the field of business management – including Lorraine Boyce, a successful Donegal physiotherapist, and TV personality and digital marketing consultant Lea Woodford – shared their experiences and advice.

But it’s not just women entrepreneurs that are growing in numbers around the globe. The digital age is also opening doors for younger generations to practice their business development skills, not to mention existing business owners who want to expand their customer base. Guidance in the form of professional training courses and even quality YouTube tutorials goes a long way towards teaching vital modern management skills, but what budding entrepreneurs need the most are role models. And these can be companies as well as people.


Serving a Purpose

The evolution of gaming, a major part of the entertainment industry, shows the enduring concept of marketability. Card and board games existed long before MMORPGs, all serving social needs. Similarly, slot machines were once all the technology a casino player could want, until Net Entertainment and other developers delivered titles like the Starburst slot game, a 5-reel burst of color, sharp graphics and advanced interaction available at Regal Wins casino. Such companies with mechanical and digital expertise make use of technological innovations to supply consumers with the upgraded gaming experience they desire.

Having an idea for a business is not enough to make something sustainable and profitable out of it. Without a purpose specifically tailored to a current need in the market and to particular target audiences, that idea-turned-venture will not inspire enough to be discovered. This same strategy of identifying a niche and providing the best service possible is followed by every major brand, from Dell and Samsung to Nike and L’Oreal. They and their human coordinators are ideal role models when it comes to managerial inspiration.

Developing a Brand

Once a company’s purpose is clear, its identity is worked on next. Physical and digital marketing can be very rewarding, but it’s easy to get wrong. Studying role models’ roads to success is one good way of understanding the fine line between motivating and overbearing. A common interest between provider and customer or even between social media users is a first step towards developing a trend, which can then become a service and identifiable brand.

A popular Twitter hashtag, for example, can be thanked for the creation of WIN to support women entrepreneurs. Another passion shared between people of all ages is a hiking, a fact that put Tentsile’s tree tents at the top of that market. What boosted their brand identity, however, is their Instagram account of 197k followers and counting, featuring stunning images of landscapes where their unique tents seem to work perfectly in. Many more businesses can serve as role models on how to successfully showcase your purpose and products.


Business management is a complicated, daunting field to get into, but educational seminars and exemplary brands are here to help steer new entrepreneurs along the right paths to their ambitions.

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