Work Worries: How Do You Make W-2 Forms, Anyway?

The IRS has reported that as of October 2020 around 152,000,000 tax forms have been e-filed. This is about a 10% increase in filings since the previous tax year

The IRS has reported that as of October 2020 around 152,000,000 tax forms have been e-filed. This is about a 10% increase in filings since the previous tax year.

Many companies working with not only full-time employees but contractors and freelancers must be prepared to handle the distribution of their W-2’s. This short guide will help aid you in how to Make W-2 Forms in preparation for this upcoming year-end tax review.


How To Make W-2 Forms in Quickbooks

Open your QuickBooks desktop application to the homepage. Once open, locate the Quickbooks navigation at the top of the page.

There will be a dropdown menu entitled Employees. Click on the Employees drop-down menu and scroll down to the Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s, then click on Process Payroll Forms.

File Forms Tab

This will take you to the File Forms tab at the top of the application. From inside the File Forms tab, select Annual Form W-2/W-3 Wage and Tax Statement. Once highlighted, select the Create Form button on the right-hand side of the page.

The Pop-up window will give us a few options to choose from. Quickbooks can either file for all employees on the account, or you can select a specific employee by last name. The last name option will give you a drop-down menu that will allow you to provide the first initial of the employee’s last name. Before pressing OK, make sure your filing year is set to 2020.

Select Employees

Once you’re finished, a pop-up Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 will appear. This is where you will select the specific employees who will be receiving these forms. Here, you can check if SSN or Social Security Numbers are up-to-date and you can uncheck or check selected employees.

Once finished with this step click the Review/Edit button. This will generate a pop-up payroll tax form that can be edited. Click next to file through each page.


There are several questions here that can be checked off. The Kind of Payer section is commonly marked as 941 and the Kind of Employer most fall under the None Apply category. Check Yes or No if any special situations apply. Once you’re finished with this step click Next.


Form W-2 Worksheet

Make sure that all details about that employee are correct. Check the set wages and make sure the business /contractor name or LLC is spelled correctly.

If there are incorrect details such as an incorrect SSN, this will appear in red. Click Next if this information is accurate. You can also generate W-2 using our web-tools at

Filing and Printing Instructions

For each employee, there are six different copies for form W-2. Copy A, B, C, and 2 all of which have individual due dates for filing with the Social Security Administration.

Click the Check For Errors button to compile a list of any found errors. Clicking the specific error will take you to that specific field. Once you’re finished, close the error dialogue box and click Submit Form.


The Pop-Up Window Print/E-File form will appear. From there, you can print the W-2 forms for employees, state tax agencies, local tax agencies, and for the company records.

From here you can select the type of paper and the items to print for employees, employers, and the government. Once finished, print the select Print PDF.

Make W-2 Forms

The due date for many tax filings is closing in, with electronic systems creating tax forms has never been easier. Be sure to get ahead of the upcoming tax curve and learn how to efficiently create W2 forms.

Be sure to check out our W-2 generator page for a simple and easy way to Make W-2 Forms for your next tax cycle!


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