10 Workout Myths That Actually Keep You Fat

Sometimes we tend not to see how our bodies work. That is why we do things without knowing how our body works. First, learn about the consequences. We think spending 20 minutes on an elliptical that you barely use will help you burn 250 calories immediately because the machine says so. Or that lifting weights will automatically give you the same body structure as LeBron James.

So, you visit the gym with all the fantasies and end up getting or staying fat while working out. Not to worry, we asked a couple of trainers to tell us what the mistakes are and the workout myths that are keeping people fat.

Top 10 Myths About Workout:

Exercising on an empty stomach

So, it’s 7 am and you’re feeling chipper. You decide to head off to the track to do some little fitness runs, but you’re on an empty stomach. Researchers and trainers at HealthlineBlog think that you tend to burn more calories in the afternoon than in the morning; that is because your muscle strength and body temperature peak in the afternoon.

Plus, you’ve eaten so you have more energy to push through your workout. It’s also a preference thing. Some people can only workout in the morning while others prefer the afternoon.

Everything depends on consistency and which one you feel will give you the best results. If you do decide to stick with the early morning workout, get something to eat before you begin. It could be fruits but it’s still needed by your body before a workout. Just like a car, your body needs food as fuel to work efficiently.

Scared of working out

Some people are scared of working out for fear of being hungry when they do, so they stay away from working out. Exercise is a form of appetite suppressant as it can help you stick to your diet. But some intense sessions can increase your appetite and make you hungry but this is only because the body is burning more calories and needs more nutrients to recover.

But you have to train hard for you to feel that hungry. If you find your body requiring lots of food after each workout, that’s not the gym. Your diet is wrong. The body will always crave the food it feels it needs but if you’re not feeding it with enough nutritious food, it will continue to rebel.


Do you crunch a lot? Yes, it’s one of the fastest ways of getting a flat stomach. If you want a super core, you need to train every last one of your abdominal muscles especially the rectus abdominis and the transverse. These muscles work in unison to provide stability and strength.

These forms of exercises need to be paired with cardio because no matter how many sit-ups you participate in, without cardio, you won’t have a healthy diet nor will you sport six-packs.

Long Gym Hours

The trick about the workout is that it’s not about how long but how hard. Spending 2 hours in the gym might not give you the same results if you spend 20 minutes if you can work hard in the latter. You can always burn the same amount of calories in half the time you spend at your workouts if you increase the intensity of your workout.

You don’t need to play pranks with your workout; you need high-intensity and focused exercise that gets you the results you desire. Spend as much time in the gym working on your body to get results. Don’t just idle around in the hope of getting results. (Are you struggling to lose weight read this article it will help you)

Routine is wrong

When you start a new routine or exercise program that the body is not familiar with, the body has to run into overdrive. This is because the body has to work extra hard to learn new things. But if you do the same routine for a long, the body will adapt, and soon, what used to work will stop working.

The key to seeing results from your workouts is to constantly challenge what your body considers acceptable and practice it every day so the body doesn’t plateau.

Workout time

Do you believe in the best time to workout myths?

You can stay fit by working out for a little period, three times a week. Sometimes, you need to know the difference between keeping fit and staying active. Working out for 30 minutes a day for a couple of days a week is the prerequisite for being active.

Being fit on the other hand and losing body fat takes more work and it will take a minimum of five sweat sessions of intense activity from you. Read here best toning workout for women

Ignoring Weight Lifting

Lifting weights can indeed bulk you up like The Rock, but this is only possible when you train to add mass to your muscles. You can lift weights to tone and when this is done, you can have more control over the effects of weight lifting on your body.

The size of your muscles is determined by genetics, gender, and the type of weightlifting training that you engage in. If you use light weights and do light reps regularly, your muscles will be sleek and toned. This will reduce the incidence of your bulking up.

Body Hurts

Some people think getting results in the gym has to be equivalent to the body being sore all the time. Some discomfort is needed when you first begin the stages of a new workout routine as it means your body is adjusting to the balance of the new activities.

However, chronic soreness means your body is not recovering from the sessions as it should be and it is bad for you as you get stronger and develop your muscles.

Improper use of the Treadmill

Most fitness equipment is built to show you what you want to see. The calorie calculation on most of the machines is not even close to being accurate. You can use the counters as a light reference to the calories being burned but have it at the back of your mind that the numbers are not accurate.

Focus on calculating your numbers yourself. If it says, you’re running a 12-minute mile for 20 minutes; you can use a calorie calculator to find out how many calories can be burned per hour for someone of your age and weight, and then divide it by three. (Treadmill vs. Elliptical: Which is Best for Fat Loss?)

Envious of Celebs

The truth is most celebrities you see on TV spend time in the gym but they don’t have to put in as much work as you do thanks to their access to world-class trainers, nutritionists, and personal chefs that they have at their disposal.

While it might be easy to curse their DNA and use that as your excuse for not looking as good as you want to, you have to understand that looking good is the first job of a celeb and a regular paycheck is a major motivation for them to continue to look good. While your paycheck depends on something else, you can still find time to take time and get the results that you want.

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