5 Of The Worst Scams People Fall for While Finding Rooms for Rent

It might sound quite exciting about moving outstation to a new city, searching for a rented house and settling over there. Though you get a fair share of stumbling blocks, in the end, it is all about sacrificing your comfortable life to get admission in a new university, taking an intern or new job for sketching your career growth. It is all completely worthwhile, as you meet interesting people, delve into their customs and habits, visit new places you have seen on the television and the internet.

Apart from getting into the premise of the new office or university campus, you have to find a place that gives you a room for rent. This means you have to select an ideal room where you are going to allocate a sizeable part of your budget. Now, this is the main concern where things are likely to get complicated, especially when cases of scams and forgery are increasing in the renting sector.

Scammers have come up with all types of innovative ideas to misguide and cheat new travelers, and it doesn’t seem that these activities will be rooted out completely. Unfortunately, this is the real scenario that incomers have to deal with. Nevertheless, you can stay informed by educating yourself with methods on how to deal with landlords and rental owners.


The potential tenants must avoid these scam practices:

1- Avoid falling for fake listings:

Fake listings are something that often pops up in the newspaper and traditional rental websites, and many renters have dissipated their hard-earned funds by falling for the bogus rental scams. Hence, there is no reason trusting these rental listings in a technological era when anyone can copy and paste the pictures and descriptions. After contacting the rental owners, the prime focus should be placed on observing the property. It becomes very complex when you are staying out of the state, but if you still prefer to take the risk, then it is better to see the property using a video telephone app.

This isn’t also an adequate step. Before handling any money, screen the agent throughout, by determining the fact that is he a real agent, or a landlord who has the legal possession of the home. You can check the online presence, or call their office to ensure that you are dealing with an authorized agent. Scammers with fake listings often trap innocent renters to wire or transfer money. So, if you aren’t confident about them never transfer the money instantly.


2- Beware about the identity threat scams:

Similar to the wire money scam, another significant peril that can come your way at the time of finding rental is the identification threat. This mainly depends on whether your rental owner is interested in cash, your personal dossier or both. We rely heavily upon the online transaction but should be critical in times of submitting documents online for a lease application, or credit check for the property, especially when you have remotely communicated with the listing agent. Although, meeting the listing agent and personally visiting the property can be a practical check, be sure to retain your personal information safely. Additionally, you can consider taking aid from a third-party website that will perform your credit check on both your and listing agent’s behalf. Beware of ad posting that requires your personal information like social security number, driver’s license, credit card, and bank details. The moment someone inquires about these pieces of information, it is time to get alert.


3- Opt for inexpensive background check:

You might be too eager to get hands-on your favorite rented home, and in a rush, you are ready to pay whatever amount it takes to conduct the background check. Venal landlords know how to extract capitals from this, and make an extra income from you through charging hefty fees on a background check. In reality, the background checks come with a fairly standardized price range. So the next time if the listing agents charge high fees, don’t let them take the opportunity of this situation.


4- Stay on alert mode while signing the lease agreement and getting the keys:

As a prudent renter, you must scrutinize the process at every step while taking home for rent. This involves going through legitimate paperwork and lease agreements. Some renters may offer a month-on-month basis agreement and are comfortable to drive you out after a couple of months. In worst situations, the slyboots who don’t have legal rights to rent the property can charge you advance money for a month or two, and to make the con more convincing go for lesser paperwork. In a certain scenario, fraudsters have two sets of keys, one they use for opening the rental property and another bogus key for the renters. Thus, whenever you get the keys, go for a trial test instantly to see whether the doors are opening or not.


5- Last minutes changes and mysterious fees can be suspicious:

Don’t assume that just because you have agreed orally on advance fees, security deposit, rent, and other details, the same will be stated on the final lease agreement. Go through every nook and cranny to check the details, and find whether any mysterious fees and last minutes changes have been included in the contract. These are some of the synthetic ploy inducted by the agents or landlords in lease agreements that renters might overlook. Check the facts properly before signing any documents, and arrange a duplicate copy separately with all the accorded terms to avoid any miscommunications further.


Hunting an apartment may sound like minefields of scams. However, if you go through the safety precautions as mentioned above the same help, you navigate in an accurate direction while searching for a rented house.

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