Why Yoga Mats Are Important

Knowing that yoga is an ancient science developed centuries ago, in order to teach people seeking and keeping the harmony of body and mind, one may ask why would yoga practitioners actually need yoga mats? Obviously, there was no such thing centuries ago, and most yogis performed their exercises on stone, sand, grass, or dirt. This is only logical, including the fact that standing directly on the ground the person facilitates the flow of energy through their feet while standing on the yoga mat is not the same effect.

Why Yoga Mats Are Important

However, being the people of the 21st century, and not all of us living in hot and humid areas of India the whole year round, we have to assume that it is better to do yoga in fitness rooms on yoga mats, instead of not doing it at all, especially when it is winter outside. Doing yoga barefoot is the best option, but the floors are slippery and the asanas demand balance and control. Considering all these issues, the yoga mat confidently entered the life of modern yogis. There are plenty of those mats, and to choose one, it is a good idea to check the fitness guru yoga mat review first.

Yoga mats made of contemporary materials are very pleasant to touch. They can be warmed quickly simply by the warmth of the body, which is extremely useful in fitness rooms where the floors are often cool. Even thin yoga mats are rather soft, and this is necessary for the muscles to relax properly during the sitting meditation or Shavasana. It is not that easy to relax when every bone is pressing against the cold floor. So, to cut the long story short, it is better to have a yoga mat than not, and it is better to do yoga the way one can, than not at all.

stylish yoga mat

What Yoga Mat Should Be Like?

Being only a consumable material, so to say, a yoga mat should not be specifically expensive and posh. This is especially true if the yoga practitioner actually does yoga outdoors sometimes. Nobody would like to tear a brand new and stylish yoga mat against a root in the grass. So choose a comfortable yet unpretentious mat that meets your needs and that’s all.

If you practice yoga at home a lot, it is recommended that you use an extra large yoga mat. Because it can be used freely without the constraints of the venue. And it can be used by two people. The price is cheaper than two small yoga mats, but the actual use is much more than the small yoga mat.

The most important characteristics are as follows:

  • not too thin, to avoid tearing
  • not too thick, to avoid cracks when you fold it
  • soft and pleasant to the touch
  • becomes warm in your hands quickly
  • not slippery (it may be double-sided: one side to the floor, one side to stand on)
  • nice color
  • good if it has a special bag as a set

Considering all these aspects, it will be easy to find a perfect yoga mat to make the training even more comfortable!

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