Yoga Poses To Boost the Power of the Brain

Each day when we wake up in the morning, our health sets the essence of how our day will go by. Any problem in the body can limit the ability of the body to go about the day normally. Also, it affects enthusiasm and becomes a hurdle in completing the daily tasks that we should have completed at the right time.

Many yoga asanas can help a person in staying physically healthy but that is not the only thing to maintain a comprehensive well being. Mental health is also very important. This is because the brain plays a significant role in carrying out daily tasks.

Our ability to understand, react, and function in the right manner is all related to the information and the pattern that our brain feeds on. The majority of us do not understand the importance of nourishing the brain with healthy information and thinking only that which contributes to a better life.

Rather, keeping the brain healthy is much more important than the body. In the way regular exercise helps in keeping the body in good shape, the brain exercises are responsible for doing the same for the powerhouse of intelligence, our brain.

Yoga, meditation, and courses like yoga teacher training India help in keep the body fit and functional. Yoga is a holistic science that entails the innate ability of the human body to enhance its wellness. The health of our brain and body relies heavily on the well being of our brain.

Additionally, breathing from either of the nostrils helps stimulate the opposite side of the brain. Yoga routine for the brain is becoming widely popular amongst many people and educators. Regardless of the age of a person, the yoga asanas and pranayamas given below will help a person in getting an efficient brain. Have a look to understand more:

  1. BHRAMARI PRANAYAMA: The Bhramari Pranayama, also known as Bee Breathing helps in getting rid of all negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, frustration, and excessive agitation. It also helps in improving the attention span and memory of a person while allowing a person to build on their confidence.
  2. PASCHMITTOANASANA: Widely known as the seated forward bend, this yoga asana helps in stretching the spine and relieving stress. The added tension that gets stored in our body goes away with the regular practice of this yoga asana. It relaxes the mind by getting rid of all the negative emotions such as anger, frustration, or irritability.
  3. SETU BANDHASANA: The Setu Bandhasana which is otherwise known as the Bridge pose helps in strengthening and stretching the neck and spine of a person. It helps in relaxing all the tight muscles while improving blood circulation to the brain. With the regular practice of this asana, our brain and the nervous system get calmed down which in turn helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and depression.
  4. SARVANGASANA: This yoga asana which is also known as the shoulder stand is very effective in managing and normalizing the functions of both the thyroid and the parathyroid glands. It also assists in nurturing the brain because, with the regular practice of this asana, an increased blood flow reaches the pineal and the hypothalamus glands. The regular practice of this yoga asana helps in improving the concentration power of a person.
  5. HALASANA: Halasana which is also known as the plow pose assists a person in improving the blood flow to the brain and calming down the nervous system. Practicing this asana further helps in stretching the back and neck which reduces stress and fatigue in a person.

In addition to all the yoga asanas mentioned above, a type of yoga called super brain yoga has been embraced by many people. It helps people improve their capacity of the brain while making their brains much healthier. Given below are the ways a person can do Super Brain Yoga and how is it beneficial for a person:


  1. Stand up straight and firm with both of your arms on your side.
  2. Lift your left arm and hold the left earlobe with the right thumb and the index finger. Remember to keep the thumb in the front.
  3. Now lift the right arm and get a hold of the left earlobe. Make sure that your right arm is affixed to the left arm.
  4. Keep inhaling deeply while squatting down in a sitting position.
  5. Maintain this posture for at least two or three seconds.
  6. Exhale deeply as you raise your body once again. Doing this asana will complete one session of the asana.
  7. For the best results, you can repeat the same cycle ten to fifteen times a day.


The main purpose of performing this yoga is that it helps in activating the acupuncture points on the earlobe that stimulate the gray matter. Doing this exercise helps the brain because:

  1. It helps in synchronizing the left and the right side of the brain.
  2. It also helps in distributing the vitality levels which induces intense calmness.
  3. It helps in improving the thinking capacity.
  4. Develops mental energy.
  5. It makes a person much more creative.
  6. Increases the attention span of a person.
  7. Enhances the focus, concentration, and memory power of a person.
  8. It helps in improving decision-making ability.
  9. Relieves the stress and behavior patterns of a person.
  10. It makes a person much more balanced on a psychological level.


Not only does the super brain exercise help a normal person, but it is also useful in assisting patients who have serious mental problems like depression, Alzheimer’s, autism, and dyslexia amongst many other problems.

A session of the yoga asanas or the super brain yoga, in particular, must be followed by a prolonged session of meditation to provide the brain with intensive relief. Once a person starts following this yoga routine regularly, the benefits will be seen right away.

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