Yoga Poses That Can Help You To Sleep Good

Although, it has many benefits yoga does not have to be rigorous. It should not get your blood pumping all the time. Rather, one of the most significant beauties of yoga practice is that it is very subtle and offers a great sense of calm. Taking some time when the day ends and spending that on the well being of the body will help you feel comfortable and sleep well.

A short yoga routine is just what you need to get a sound sleep. These poses are taught extensively at the yoga teacher training in India. If you follow these poses then you will be able to unwind really well at the end of a busy day. Brace yourself to feel more at peace with yourself and at home in your body with these yoga poses. In addition to helping you sleep, they will also let you relax in the best possible way.

1- VIRASANA: Also known as the hero pose, Virasana is a great way to induce good sleep. Start in a comfortable position with your glutes resting on the heels. Make sure that the top of your feet is on the floor so that the pose brings in gentle stretching to your knees and ankles. This yoga pose helps in lubricating the fluid to all the important areas and helps in protecting the body against injuries, cracking sounds, or minor discomforts a person might feel.

It helps in making the person feel relaxed, warm, and much more comfortable. You can lengthen your spine in the upward direction and open your chest while you find a calm breathing pattern. Use a deep breath to slow down your heart rate and de-clutter the mind.

2- BALASANA: Also known as the child pose, the yoga asana can be started by resuming in a tabletop position. Sink your buttocks back in the direction of your heels and settle your chest in between your thighs. Your toes must touch each other your knees must be apart from each other in a comfortable position. Make sure that you breathe deeply while this process. Rest your forehead on the ground or on a blanket with your fingertips out in front of you while stretching your arms. You can also roll them on your forehead from each side to give yourself a short face massage.

3- VIPARITA KARANI: This asana is also known as stretching your legs up the wall. Unfold both your legs straight in the direction of the wall. In case you can bring your tailbone close to the base of the wall to the point that your glutes touch the wall then this pose will be a great one for stretching the hamstrings. It also helps in draining the lymph or lactic acid from the legs and prevents any further injuries while decreasing the feeling of being tired or feeling sore.  Also, the looseness it brings in the back is great for stretching the body and helping it feel comfortable in this pose.

4- ANANDA BALASANA: Bring both of your knees in the direction of your chest and get a hold of your toes with the index and middle finger. Pull the heels up in the direction of the ceiling and keep the tailbone in the direction of the ground. Make sure that your knees pull your underarm area in a way that you can move back and forth. This movement will massage your spine. This yoga pose is great for getting rid of any abdominal pain and reinforcing spine relaxation.

5- SUPTA BANDHA KONASANA: Release your feet in the direction of the mat. Bring the sole of your feet to touch each other in a way that the knees are open pulling both the heels close to the pelvis. This yoga posture is very helpful in bringing a gentle stretch in the pelvis, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. Pull both your shoulder blades underneath you and put space between the top of your shoulder and earlobes. Bring your left hand to rest on your heart and your right in a position where it rests on your belly. Allow your body to feel your breath as you bring it down onto your chest down below in the direction of your lungs. Breathe deeply and freely while relaxing your face and closing your eyes to experience deep relaxation.

6- SAVASANA: Release the corners of the yoga mat and let the toes fall to the side. Your palms must be facing upwards and the back of your hands must rest on the mad only a few inches away from your hips. Close your eyes and let your mind be calm and free of any chatter. Breathe deeply and let your body unwind completely.


All the poses are great to help a person get a good sleep. You can join the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh to learn these and many other poses that will help your body unwind.  Make it a point to practice them and you will be good to go.


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