You Can Come Back to it Later: 8 Ways to Save Webpages on a Mac

There’s so much online, that once you find a great article, you need a way to save it for later. Here’s how to save a webpage as a pdf on Mac and other options.

Do you want to know how to save a webpage as a PDF on a Mac?

The browsing patterns of most users haven’t changed since 2018. People still visit and spend most of their time on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. This makes them viable websites for others to entice users to check out their websites.

This led to the creation of clickbait articles and other similar media. Though they’ve died down in recent times, their influence remains. Sponsored ads on social media platforms lead a user to another website to view their content.

Because of how engaging social media is, most people go back without checking what the website has to offer. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, though, you can always save the webpage to your device. Read on to learn how you can save web pages to view later.

1- Save it as an HTML

Can you save a webpage as a document on Mac? Saving a webpage as HTML is the simplest way to save any content to your device for later viewing. All you need to do is click on your browser’s menu button and then click on the “Save page.”

Using a familiar web browser will make this easier for you as their menu button can differ. Firefox and Chrome use a unique symbol while Internet Explorer uses a gear button. Safari has a File menu visible on the top of the browser.

You can also right-click on a webpage and click on the “Save as” option on the pop-up box. This will also save the page to your device as an HTML file.

2- Saving Webpages as a PDF

PDFs are great file types because of how versatile they are for the users. PDF files are easy to view, and editing them is simple. You can also share PDF files through Facebook to share with others without trouble.

This was a struggle for Mac users before since web browsers didn’t give the option to save webpages as PDF files. Most browsers still don’t give the option today, but you can save websites as PDF files on Safari and by using keyboard shortcuts.

The Mac shortcut is CTRL + S and you will receive a pop-up that asks you to confirm the name of the file. Once you learn how to save a webpage as a PDF on a Mac using this keyboard shortcut, you can go back to your preferred social media platform to socialize without missing a beat.

3- Add the Website to Your Reading List

Another way you can view websites on your device is to add them to your browser’s reading list. This is like making a bookmark for different websites but with the added benefit of caching the website saved. It’s a great way to prevent long loading times when you open them later on.

You can also check the web pages even when you’re offline. Adding these web pages to your list doesn’t save them for offline viewing by default, though. You can enable this by editing your preferences to allow offline reading on your browser.

You can only do this on select web browsers, though. Check if your current web browser has this feature first. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox have this feature built into them.

4- Screenshot the Webpage

Taking screenshots of the webpage is always a great way to save webpages to your device. This is a great option if you’re not confident in your internet connection to download the webpages. In case you’re not familiar, you need to press the Shift, Command, and number 3 keys together.

Doing this helps you save on storage space as image files have smaller file sizes. You can’t interact with any hyperlinks on the saved screenshots, though.

5- Enabling Offline Mode

Firefox and Chrome both allow you to view visited and saved websites through their offline mode. This uses a browser’s cached data to load any website you’ve visited before. You can even save new websites without visiting them by caching them as they load.

In Chrome, you must enable the viewing of flags to save webpages. Look for the “Show Saved Copy Button” flag and enable it. Restart your browser to allow the changes to take effect.

On Firefox, click on the browser menu and select the “Developer” option. Select the “Work Offline” option and you can have access to cached websites offline. Remember that clearing your cache will prevent you from using offline mode well.

6- Use Third-Party Programs

You can use different software to save a webpage or even an entire website on your device. SiteSucker is a great tool that lets you download a website to browse at your leisure. You can even pause the download to check the downloaded webpages.

The only problem you’ll encounter with this method is storage. Depending on how big the website is, your download can be as big as 1-5 GBs. To have an uninterrupted download, delete apps from MacBook along with files you don’t need.

7- Download Browser Extensions

With different browser extensions, you can download any webpage’s data and view it later on. PageArchiver for Chrome helps you download multiple webpages at once. This extension downloads all pages open in your browser upon clicking download.

Mozilla Archive Format is a Firefox extension that ensures accurate downloads. This is because the extension saves the page you want to download as it is. It includes any audio and video files on the page.

8- Saving Partial Website Elements

If you only want to save some elements like images or videos, using Safari as your browser is your best bet. It allows you to save elements faster through different commands.

Holding the Control button and clicking on an image saves it to your Downloads folder. Doing the same command to a link saves it to your device’s clipboard.

Videos are different because websites have different policies on their video content. A download button should be available if the website allows it.

Learn How to Save a Webpage as a PDF on Mac Today

With many things to do online, it’s easy to lose track of things that tickle your fancy. Knowing how to save a webpage as a PDF on a Mac is a great way to keep them for viewing later! Use our guide to keep track of interesting pages today!

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