Your Guide to the Best Pregnancy Safe Skincare

Makeup is something that a lot of women rely on daily. It’s the quick fix to any spots, dark circles, and any other imperfections. But when you become pregnant, you suddenly become much more aware of everything you put on and in your body, because a part of everything you use goes – in one way or another – to your baby.

It’s the same with skincare and makeup, and you might find yourself saying goodbye to a lot of your favorite products. But don’t worry – here’s how you can still take care of your skin during your pregnancy.

Puffy, bloated skin

A lot of pregnant women have the same issue of their faces getting puffy, especially after sleeping. Fluid collects in weird places because of the various sleeping positions and you don’t recognize yourself in the morning. You might want to reach for some creams to prevent this, but there’s an easier way. The night before, put a couple of moist towels in the freezer.

When you wake up, just take them out and apply them to the puffy areas of your skin for a few minutes. The swelling will go right down, and it’s a great way to wake yourself up in the morning.


Your hormones are all over the place during pregnancy. Your body will change in all different ways and your skin might completely change its type. One thing that happens to a lot of women, especially in the second trimester, is that they break out. You wake up and your face is covered in red spots. Don’t worry.

You can find pregnancy-safe acne creams, but it’s always better to use something natural: crush an Aspirin into a bowl, mix it up with a bit of water to create a paste, and put it on the spots. It will help dry them out and minimize the redness. You can then cover them with some concealer – just make sure it’s natural!

Your hormones are all over the place during pregnancy. Your body will change in all different ways and your skin might completely change its type

Skincare routine

You can’t just give up on your skincare routine, even though you’ve stopped going to work and basically, all anyone looks at is your stomach. You’ll have that same skin after you give birth, and you have to take care of it. But what can you choose?

The ingredient lists can be daunting and full of words you don’t understand, but if you look for products labeled as pregnancy skin care, you should be just fine. If you want to be extra safe, consult your dermatologist and let them examine the skincare you picked to make sure it’s safe to use.


Sunscreen is the one skincare item that everyone just leaves in the back of their minds and doesn’t pay much attention to. Sunscreen’s only function is to protect our skin, so it certainly doesn’t have anything harmful, right?

Well, unless you’re using mineral sunscreen, your sunscreen might contain ingredients that disrupt hormone functions, which is something you don’t want happening while you’re pregnant. So stick to the mineral ones both during pregnancy and after giving birth.

Skincare when Pregnancy


You have a routine that you love and have developed, you have your favorite makeup products that match your exact skin tone and you want to keep using them. This could work if those products don’t contain any of the harmful ingredients that should be avoided during pregnancy.

Your best bet is to use natural, organic, and vegan options that are completely plant-based and have only the most natural components. But you can also tone it down on the makeup and just let your natural pregnancy glow radiate out.

If you need to swap out your products when you get pregnant – you probably weren’t using the best products, to begin with. Remember that even after your baby is born, skin-to-skin contact is crucial for development, so you still want to stick to the better, natural products. And even when your baby grows up, why would you go back?

You have an arsenal of full-proof high-quality products that don’t contain any hormone-altering chemicals, so why not just stick with it? Sure, your skin will go through changes once again after you give birth, and it’s best to consult with your dermatologist about the right course of action, but until you find the time for that, sticking with pregnancy skincare will certainly do you no harm.

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