Your Guide to Using Hair Extensions Properly

Have you recently stumbled upon hair extensions online or in a store? Are you wondering whether you should get hair extensions? Are you not sure about how to buy the right hair extension for your hair or how you can style or use hair extensions? If you have said yes to any or all of the aforementioned questions, hello and welcome! This article will help you learn everything you need to know about hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a hair styling product and nowadays, with the expanding arena of e-commerce, you can even buy hair styling products online! Therefore, the accessibility of hair extensions is very high. You can easily get your hands on hair extensions so that you can play around with different hairstyles and look absolutely fabulous.

A brief guide for buying hair extensions

There are two basic types of hair extensions- clip-on hair extensions and weave-in hair extensions. Clip-on hair extensions, such asĀ Angel Extensions human hair extensions, are a great choice for people who do not want to commit to having voluminous hair at all times. You simply have to clip them on and voila, you have voluminous hair. Weave-in extensions are a bigger commitment because these extensions have to be braided onto your hair in a salon.

The only way you can remove them is by going to the salon. The second thing to keep in mind about hair extensions is to purchase hair extensions that are made with human hair. This is what will give the most natural look. The third thing to remember is to buy the right colored hair extension. Try to find the perfect match for your hair color. In this way, the hair extensions will look as natural as possible.

Hair extension styling guide

This article specifically talks about how you can use clip-on extensions to style your hair in different ways. However, if you have weave-in extensions, you can also try out the hairstyles mentioned below because you’ll always have that extra volume to play around with!

  • Voluminous braids
  • Add highlights to your hair
  • Add a bit of color to your hair with extensions
  • Half-up half-down hairdos with extensions
  • Longer and thicker ponytails
  • Hair extensions as accessories

1. Voluminous braids

Have you, like many others, spent hours scrolling through social media or watching videos of people showing you how to make three-strand, 4-strand, and other multiple-strand braids? If you have, this is your calling to get hair extensions! Most people do not have naturally super thick hair to try out intricate braid styles that are thick and long.

You cannot possibly loosen your braid to such an extent that makes your braid look super voluminous yet put together, right? If you pull your hair out too much, the braid becomes loose. Therefore, hair extensions are an amazing alternative. You can clip on 4-5 hair extensions below the crown section to get that much-needed volume and play around with different braid looks!

2. Add highlights to your hair

The idea of coloring your hair to add highlights can seem quite daunting. This is because bleaching one’s hair can damage the hair. It can cause dryness and frizziness and not everyone wants to take the risk of bleaching and toning one’s hair. There’s also the added headache of maintaining the highlights once the roots grow in.

However, if you buy lighter-colored hair extensions, you can achieve the same highlighted look with your hair! All you have to do is clip in the hair extensions on the crown portion of the head and a few below the crown section and you’re good to go. You have highlighted hair without the commitment of having to maintain the hair color!

3. Add a bit of color to your hair with extensions

Apart from highlights and balayage, having your hair dyed to bright colors or pastel colors is also trending, especially ombre hair with the middle to lower sections colored with a vibrant or pastel color. However, this is a huge commitment as well as potentially harmful to your hair. A good alternative to coloring your own hair is to buy hair extensions that match your natural hair color. Then you can bleach, tone, and dye parts of your hair extensions and clip them onto your hair, and voila! Hassle-free, fashionable hair!

4. Half-up half-down hairdos with extensions

Half-up half-down hairdos can look very stylish and add that edgy or boho vibe to your look. However, a commonly encountered issue with these types of hairdos is that the half-down section of the hairdo doesn’t look good because of the lack of volume. With hair extensions, you can tie up the crown section of your hair in a cute bun or braid, or ponytail, and then add clip-on extensions to the base of your scalp for that beautiful volume. You can even curl the bottom section of the hair for a bit of texture!

5. Longer and thicker ponytails

Although sleek, thin ponytails can look very chic, the aesthetic appeal of a thick and long high ponytail or a low ponytail is unparalleled. With hair extensions, you can make your ponytails and even buns very voluminous! All you have to do is attach a few hair extensions wherever you feel you lack volume in a symmetrical manner and then make a ponytail or a bun. The results are stunning.

6. Hair extensions as accessories

Using clips, scarves, and pins as accessories can look very beautiful. However, using hair extensions as an accessory for your hair is new and fresh! Think about the innumerable times you’ve tried to conceal your hair-tie with a lock of your hair or tried to make a crown braid work as a hairband. It is difficult to use your natural hair as an accessory for your hair. It compromises the volume and doesn’t hold well. However, with hair extensions, you won’t encounter any such problems!

To conclude

Clothes and accessories are a very important part of looking put together. You can have the best outfit and accessories to look amazing but untidy or boring hairstyles can totally ruin the look. A good hairstyle can truly make or break a look. Having the appropriate hairdo can tie in your entire look so that you can look fashionable. Having hair extensions allows you to play around with different hairstyles and create different trendy looks to stay stylish.

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