Your Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting the Right Type of MUGA Fencing

There are many kinds of fencing if you want to separate a facility made for sports, but it depends on what type of sport you have, aside from other factors. But there is a type of fence that has become widely recognized on sports grounds worldwide, and here in the UK, it has become the gold standard in fencing. We’re referring to MUGA fencing, and MUGA stands for a multiple-use games area. The beauty of this kind of fence comes from the fact that it can include the usual sports games played in a facility, and these sports games can all be played simultaneously without any problem.

So you can play all kinds of sports within the fence, be it the usual, such as football and netball, and some not-quite-standard games like hockey, tennis, and basketball. But choosing the proper MUGA fence comes with thinking about a whole host of factors, so here’s your step-by-step guide to selecting the correct type of MUGA fencing.

  • The height differs, so you have to think carefully about your options for your fencing’s height. The height can vary, but a typical fence ranges from 2.4 meters to 5 meters. It is also supported by steel posts, with a rebound area or section of up to 1.2 meters in height, and the remaining section of the fence is made from a different material. For example, most fences are comprised of weldmesh (welded mesh wiring) that measures 50 x 50 mm, while the upper portion of the fence will have 200 x 50 mm apertures.
  • When constructing your rebound portion of the fence, you have two options: you can go for rebound fences or opt for rebound boards. Fencing is better than boarding for several reasons. One is that the visibility is better for security and viewing, and it is also often quieter once a ball strikes it.
  • Depending on the sports played within your MUGA fence, you may need to install kickboards at the fence’s perimeter.
  • Sports ground fencing panels and posts can be galvanized; this will protect against the danger of corrosion. In addition, a low-maintenance and tough coating of polyester powder may be applied so your fence will be more aesthetically appealing. The coating can come in standard or typical colors, or you can also go for customized colors if you so choose. For example, if you plan to play football within your fence, you can incorporate goal recesses within the fencing.
  • As a top fencing contractor like will confirm, you can also go for two kinds of fencing: chain link and welded wire mesh. The latter would often last for a longer time, and it is more robust and has a high-quality appeal, although it is usually costlier. Chain link fencing may need regular repair and re-tensioning, so the total expense will often be more significant even if you save initially. Welded mesh wiring has many advantages, and it is now seen more on sports grounds than chain link fencing.
  • If the area or grounds is near a roadway, you may want to think of adjusting the height of the fence and making it higher or adding netting, so the area is safer for passersby.
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