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You’ve Caused a Car Accident: Now What?

You took your eyes off the road for two seconds, and bam. You didn’t notice the car in front of you quickly break causing a car accident. You never meant to collide with the car in front of you, but the car accident happened: Now what?

Here’s what to do when you caused the crash.


Get Out and Check The Damage

So long as you and your passengers aren’t injured and it’s safe to do so, pull over to the side of the road and check your vehicle and the passengers of the other vehicle. Be sure to grab your phone and take pictures with the camera of both you and the other vehicle. Make a note or snap a photo of the location where you are, the street name, and check to see if there are any witnesses whos information you can collect.

Whatever you do do not apologize for the crash or take the blame. This is very important especially if the other party will be looking to sue you for damages. Admitting guilt and apologizing will not help you in court, it’s best to steer clear of saying anything to that extent.


Call The Police

Once you’ve established that everyone is okay, or even if they’re not, be sure to contact the police to report the car crash. This will open up a police report for you and help in getting your claim through insurance and any legal proceedings that may follow.

You will want to have this accident officially registered to avoid any misrepresentation or omission of facts. Therefore it’s imperative that you report all the details including the drivers involved and location and vehicle plates so that they can be properly documented.


Exchange Information

Once you’ve assessed the damage of the car crash, you’ll want to exchange information with the other party. Take photos & write down their policy information and their driver’s license information as you will need both to file a claim and for any other proceedings. Additionally, it might be a good idea to take a photo of their registration documents as well to have their plate and ownership details.

Be courteous and provide them with your information as well. You don’t need to exchange telephone numbers as any contact between you two will be made on your behalf by the insurance companies, police officers, and lawyers if they are involved.


Get A Car Accident Lawyer

The recommendation in any accident, especially one that you’ve caused, is to contact a car accident lawyer. These types of attornies will ensure proper representation in the event the other party wants to sue and be able to fight for you in court. It’s not recommended to go at these yourself as you won’t be getting the best results.

Don’t skimp out on a good lawyer, most will offer free consultations or even provide a no payment period until your case is completed. You can ask about payment methods that are offered at various offices.


Car Accidents Happen

It’s, unfortunately, a fact of life and likely not one to change for a while. Be prepared in the event that you’re in one and know the necessary steps to take.

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