Everything You Need To Know Before Owning a Katana in Australia

Who does not want to own a delicate piece of art from ancient Japanese history? Well, if you live in Australia, you must go through this guide before deciding to own a katana. 

Authentic Japanese swords are quite expensive. However, before buying a katana, it is best to set a price range. There are many options available in the market which said to be near the “real thing” in terms of aesthetics and functionality. You can go for modern spring-tempered steels to get the real quality if you want.

History of Katana 

People of ancient Japan practiced the art of war. Samurai battled for their respect and land. The main objective of their fight was to protect their land and master. Katana is known as the most treasured property of a Samurai. Katana has many types and has endured different variations through a period. The katana is only passed through a particular manner and regard to taking care of its tale. This is known as an essential aspect because the culture of Japan is rich and meaningful. When katana is passed down to generations, it is about respecting their historic culture and people; this must be done right.

Samurai swords are widely used for many purposes, including personal collections, theatrical performances or filmmaking, display, decoration in Japanese martial arts, or as honor and artic representation. 

Japanese swords are rarely used in modern times in war except for in Dojo. In Japan, you may come across some tribal people who still keep katana with high respect and regard. However, the sole purpose of owning a sword is only for decorative purposes. 

Before you consider buying custom katana in Australia, you must get your head around the basic samurai sword terminologies.

Parts of an Authentic Japanese Sword – Katana 

Following are the different parts of the Katana sword. 

Hamon: The differential line the hardening of the blade 

Hi: A longitudinal channel on the blade to make it lighter and prevent the blade from being damaged 

Kissaki: The tip of the katana is called Kissaki 

Menuki: The ornaments and engravings found on the hilt of the katana 

Nagasa: The length of the sword

Kaeshizunno: A hook used to lock the katana’s sheath onto the obi (sash on a kimono).

Saya: The wooden scabbard for the sword 

Sori: the curvature of the blade 

Tsuba: A guard used for decoration purposes of the sword 

Wari-bashi: A pocket to store metal chopsticks  

Price of Authentic Samurai Sword in Australia  

For the most authentic katana, you must expect to pay between $4000 – 10000. For a katana made of other materials and substances, consider the following:

Decorative Katana Sword: 

For only $100, you can get your hands on the bare-bones katana sword. Before buying, ensure it’s made of tempered carbon steel (not treated steel), has an end-to-end length, and weighs under 3 pounds. Will it cut things? Apparently, in any case, generally, you’ll simply balance it on the divider to impress your friends.

Sword with Hamon Line: 

For somewhere in the range of $200-$500, you can score a bona fide Japanese sword. To recognize it, all things considered, search for the Hamon line, which is accomplished by claying and treating the blade to make the edge harder than the spine. Will it be a real, credible Samurai sword? No, it won’t, as indicated by idealists. Yet, it’ll do you fine and dandy.

Low-cost Katana Sword: 

These katana swords have been mono-tempered for strength and do not have a Hamon line. Subsequently, they can take a real beating, hence the name. You must expect that you will get in about 300 USD.

Important Things to Notice When Buying a Samurai Sword 

According to the purists, authentic fide katana swords should be high quality and handmade in Japan by a skilled worker, with a genuine Hamon temper line to show for it. The sword should be dangerously sharp, outstandingly adjusted, and carefully detailed. Although that wasn’t sufficient, the blade ought to be made of steel, not stainless steel. It must also carry a splendid sparkle.  It is essential to buy katana from a reliable source. 

Laws for Owing Katana in Australia

Throughout Australia, owing katana is completely legal except for Victoria. Katana, samurai swords, and sabre don’t fall under Australia’s Weapons Prohibition Act 1998. A person who wishes to buy or own a katana does not need a license or permit; there are no specific safe storage requirements. However, People under the age of 18 are restricted from buying any weapons in Australia.  

Before buying a katana, get information about laws related to the legal status of such items. It is recommended to visit your local police office and ask for rules and regulations about ownership of katana.


 If you want to add this decorative piece to the interior of your home, then it is best to study the laws of the country before taking any expensive risks. 

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