10 Must-Have Products for Your Dream Bathroom

A recent survey found that just about everyone wants to turn their home bathroom into a spa-like oasis. 69% of homeowners who had recently completed a bathroom renovation did so because their bathroom was feeling outdated and uninspired.

If you’re ready to make moves to create your dream bathroom, you are probably wondering where to start. Do you need to bring in a sledgehammer and start from scratch, or can you just change a few things up to get the right effect?

Truth be told, a fresh coat of paint and the right products can go a long way toward creating your dream bathroom. We’re here to help you plan and prioritize so that you can have your very own home spa even on a budget.

Keep reading for ten products you need to makeover your bathroom without breaking the bank.

1. Artwork

We tend to reserve framed pieces of artwork for rooms like our bedrooms and living rooms. However, adding a framed print or two to your bathroom can add to the feeling of sophistication and create a sense of unity in the color scheme and accent pieces.

If you’re going to add artwork to your bathroom, make sure that you frame it. Otherwise, the humidity will likely cause the paper to curl at the edges or bow out in the center.

2. Plantlife

Greenery is a great touch for any bathroom, as it contributes a sense of freshness and adds a subtle touch of life to the room. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, don’t worry. There are a variety of plants that don’t need natural light to thrive, plus manufacturers have begun creating extremely lifelike fake plants that won’t need any care whatsoever!

3. Candles and Essential Oils

The smell is one of our most emotion-provoking senses. Adding candles and an essential oil diffuser can go a long way toward creating a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, candles provide a lovely ambiance for any bath session, allowing you to rely less on harsh overhead lighting.

4. Organizing Baskets

Cutting down on clutter has been linked to psychological feelings of relaxation. When we’re surrounded by clutter, a signal is sent to our brains that things are a bit chaotic, which can amp up our stress levels.

Grab some organizing baskets to tuck away loose toiletries, fresh towels, and fresh rolls of toilet paper. If you tend to leave dirty laundry on the bathroom floor, invest in a nice wicker laundry basket with a lid so that you don’t have to look at mountains of clothing between laundry days.

5. Matching Soap Dispensers and Toothbrush Holders

This may seem like a simple step, but buying a soap dispenser that matches your toothbrush holder will elevate your bathroom countertop. Leaving your toothbrush loose on the counter smacks of college dorm living. Plus, when you buy a soap dispenser, you can save money by buying your hand soap in bulk and refilling your dispenser, rather than buying small bottles of hand soap every few weeks.

6. Paired Back Skincare Products

We all love the allure of a good skincare product, but how many do we end up using? Your dream bathroom is a place that enables a steady and relaxing morning and nighttime routine. Take some time to go through your skincare products and find the ones that work so that you can say goodbye to all the rest and clear up some space on your counter or in your medicine cabinet.

7. Bath Essentials

If you have a tub, it’s time to take advantage of it! Encourage yourself to take the occasional bath to relax your muscles and clear your mind by stocking your bathroom with bath essentials. These can include bath salts, bath bombs, bubble baths, and other products that smell fantastic and soothe the skin.

8. Shower Caddy or Shelving Unit

Remember what we said about clutter? Leaving all of your shower products, like shampoo and soap, on the edge of the tub creates a cluttered look. It can also discourage you from keeping these surfaces clean because, well, all of that stuff is in the way!

Get yourself a hanging shower caddy or an in-shower shelving unit to store your shower products.

9. Clean Towels

You want your dream bathroom to feel warm and inviting not just for you, but for any guests you may have. Keep one of your organizing baskets stocked with fresh, clean towels. Not only does that clean linen smell freshen up the air but it also tells your guests that they’re welcome to enjoy the luxury and privacy of your bathroom.

10. Trashcan or Dustbin

This may seem obvious, but any bathroom needs to have a small trashcan or dustbin. Some bathroom-related products need to be tossed right away, and having to leave the room to do it isn’t ideal. In fact, not having a trashcan in your bathroom can encourage the buildup of clutter if you’re not tossing out things like packaging or used makeup removal wipes and instead, leaving them discarded on the counter or floor.

Where Can You Get All of This on a Budget?

Remember, our goal here is to keep your bathroom makeover at a reasonable price. Even though these products don’t require a full-blown renovation, they can still add up.

Take a look at these Bath & Body Works coupons and get everything from your candles to your bath essentials and skincare products at a reduced price.

Create Your Dream Bathroom Without Breaking the Bank

Creating your very own spa-like dream bathroom doesn’t have to come at a hefty price. Now that you’ve read through our suggestions, you can sit down and think about exactly what you need to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Looking for more ways to spruce up your home? Take a look at more of our content for great tips and tricks.

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