5 Alternative Destinations to Visit in Italy

Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Milan. We are ready to bet, maybe with a Virgin casino promo code, that every one of you knows very well these Italian cities. So in this article, we propose instead 5 very beautiful places but less known in the Belpaese. All we can do is wish you a good reading and we hope you have a good trip too!


From being one of the oldest cities in the world but also less known in Italy to become the European Capital of Culture 2019. What are we talking about? Matera, of course. It will be great to get lost in the narrow streets of this incredible open-air museum where you can still breathe the essence of the time that was.

Also called “the city of stones”, Matera was born with these simple caves that gradually became popular and they were made into real homes, located near the deep gorge of Gravina.

view of Matera at sunset, view of Matera at golden hour, Italy
View of Matera at sunset, view of Matera at golden hour, Italy


One of the Maritime Republics, it has always been the nerve center of trade and activities, rich in architecture, history, art, culture, literature, and music. The historic center of this city is the largest in Europe and since 2006 has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If we have intrigued you, all you have to do is take a walk through the streets of this historic and fascinating city that even at lunchtime has to offer many delicacies really not to be missed!

Genoa, Italy, Genoa port aerial panoramic view
Genoa port aerial panoramic view


Mantua is the perfect city to spend a weekend, a small gift from Lombardy for you all to discover! This is the city of Gonzaga, who became Dukes of this region and brought it back to life. A real jewel of the Italian Renaissance that contains artistic and scenic beauty. Not to be missed is the Ducal Palace, the main monument of the city and the official residence of the Gonzaga family.

A giant palace of over 500 rooms and more than 30,000 square meters of surface area. If you are in Milan for business or other reasons, consider that you can easily reach Mantua in just over two hours.

Mantua city skyline reflected in lake
Mantua city skyline reflected in the lake


We are talking about one of the most picturesque towns in Sicily, the large island located in the south of Italy and which has Palermo and Catania as its main cities. Modica is located in the province of Ragusa and stands on a plateau: it is a city with an important past and was the ancient capital of a County.

Baroque in style, it was destroyed by the earthquake of 1693 and today is a World Heritage Site. A charming town where you can admire the beauty and tradition, architecture, and history and appreciate the fantastic Sicilian cuisine!

Italy, Sicily, Modica
Italy, Sicily, Modica


Perugia, the city of chocolate because of its long history of confectionery production, is the ideal destination for those who already know Italy well. In the heart of the greenest region of the country, Umbria, which is located right in the center of Italy, you can discover a cheerful and fun town, with ancient charm and full of events.

It will be an adventure to walk through the narrow streets and alleys, admire the beautiful squares, and look at the city from above thanks to the panoramic points. Do not miss Palazzo Priori, the National Gallery of Umbria where you can admire works of art by Pinturicchio, Perugino, Piero Della Francesca, Raphael, and many other great artists of the past.

Todi, Perugia, Umbria, Italy: landscape at dawn of the medieval hill town
Todi, Perugia, Umbria, Italy: landscape at the dawn of the medieval hill town

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