5 Best Tips to Use Accent Furniture in Your Home

Putting some accent furniture in your living space will make it look lively and visually exciting. Its main purpose is to add definition, color, vibrancy, and drama to the home. At the same time, it supports the color scheme you’ve set for your area.

So if you think now is the right time to splurge for new home essentials, then you have to make sure they complement your interior. But do you know the things to consider when choosing accent furniture?

se Accent Furniture in Your Home

Fortunately, we’re here to provide you with the 5 best tips to nudge some flair in your home interior. Check them out below to get you started.

Choose Your Home Accents Wisely

Choose Your Home Accents Wisely

The first thing to know is that selecting a home essential’s color is essential. You can follow the classic interior design 60-30-10 decorating rule to help you set a successful color scheme.

This ratio gives balance to the featured colors, plus it makes any home interior compelling. The 60-30-10 rule conveys the idea of choosing a three-color-palette:

– 60% of the room must be your selected primary color

Your chosen color is the predominant shade you will see once you walk into the room. The 60% includes your walls, sofa set, other large furniture, and sometimes your cabinet storage, tiles, and area rug.

– 30% of the room should be in the secondary color

The purpose of your secondary color is to provide contrast and support the main color. This can be your bed linens, draperies, painted doors, and other smaller furniture.

– 10% goes to your home accent color

The remaining 10% is a fun percentage since you can be more subtle or bolder, depending on what look you want to achieve. You can play with the colors of your pillows, lamps, empty wine bottle decorations, flowers, picture frames, and artwork. The character of the room depends on this proportion, so it’s really up to you.

For example, the photo above portrays white as the main color. It dominates the walls, side tables, some throw pillows, and the center table. Whereas the secondary color is green, which is solidified by the couch and palm leaves.

The blue shade serves as the home accent color, as evident by the rug and artwork. The coolness of the artwork and carpet neutralizes the bright room and complements the rock-green furniture.

Add Small Tables

Add Small Tables

Adding a small table is a great way to highlight a room as it can boost vibrance and color contrast while serving its purpose. You can choose a table that has a striking color, interesting patterns or is made from eccentric materials. 

For example, the image shown above is a stylish table accent piece due to its unique shape with a gloss finish wooden top.

Pick Up a Chic Chair

Pick Up a Chic Chair

Aside from tables, chairs are also often used as accent furniture. Choose a chair that has outstanding upholstery or a striking profile that’s certainly a knockout. It can be a different style from the rest of your furniture to achieve higher contrast.

For example, if you have a light sectional couch as your main seating in the living room, then add a dark-colored chair to balance the area. The photo above features the dark green velvety tub chairs, which complement the space and can be used for secondary seating. Another great alternative for a chic chair is adding in a Chesterfield sofa.

Have a Large Striking Piece

Have a Large Striking Piece

You can also use large furniture as a home accent. So if you’re not shy about flaunting big décor, then you can add a brightly colored bookshelf, an all-mirrored armoire, or a large painting folding screen. This may provide an all-new character to a dull home interior.

For example, add a striking piece to a muted room to spark anyone’s interest when they come in. The bookshelves shown above may be plain, but they have such noticeable golden brass color, which blends with other things in the room.

Don’t Forget the Home Entrance

Don’t Forget the Home Entrance

Last but not least, don’t forget to accentuate your home entrance. Why? Because the entryway or mudroom sets the mood for the rest of your house. This means it’s a suitable place for using accent furniture.

For example, a bombe chest is an excellent item that you can place in your entryway. Any type of huge drawer or ornate chest will also do the job. Just make sure that you opt for an outstanding frame with a contrasting shade.

Take Away

Applying all the tips we’ve provided will result in a fantastic home interior! Now is the time to transform your home interior into a lively and compelling space. You will surely enjoy every bit of the steps.

Did you like what you’ve just read? We would like to hear your upcoming home styling ideas. Type in your thoughts in the comment box section below.

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