5 Fun-Patterned Scrubs for Nurses Working in Pediatrics

As a nurse, working with children can be difficult, yet rewarding. Your main job is to help them feel better, but you also develop a special place in your heart for each child you take care of. In pediatric nursing, your scrubs can be a driving force in making your patients feel more comfortable.

Did you know that wearing bright, multi-color, character scrubs is highly preferred by children and their parents? The Journal of Clinical Nursing proved this with a research study.

Fun-Patterned Scrubs for Nurses

So, brighten up your patients’ day by wearing fun scrubs to work. Below are 5 fun-patterned scrubs for pediatric nurses.


Disney Cute as a Cupcake Scrub Top

This design will surely brighten up a kid’s day. It has Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and cupcakes featured on the top. The colors are bright and fun. There is black piping along the neckline and a front yoke. The scrub top has side slits to make for a more comfortable and loose fit.

If you are someone that loves to store things, this top has two large front patch pockets. This top features polyester and spandex. It has stretch with a super soft feel. This top can be worn with a variety of solid color pants.


Sesame Street Cookie Mix Scrub Top

Sesame Street is a fun classic that continues to remain relevant and popular with children. The top features Cookie Monster and of course cookies! This top is sure to delight both patients and their parents.

Conventional nursing scrubs are usually solid in color and less attractive. This top is vibrant and full of life. The key feature of this top is that it has 4 pockets. There are 2 front patch pockets and 2 outer pockets. There is a double utility loop on the left pocket. You will have ample enough space for storage.

This scrub top is a hit. It also features other characters from Sesame Street. The top is black with multicolor characters and cookies. It can be worn with solid black scrub pants, or if you would like to really add vibrancy you can choose bright-colored scrub pants. You will have both stretch and softness with this top.


Dino Land Liberty Purple Scrub Top

Both little girls and little boys like dinosaurs. This scrub top is purple and features multi-color dinosaurs. It has a modern style with criss-cross trim detail.

The fit of this scrub top is amazing, it has a v-neckline. You will not have to worry about pocket space with this option. There are 4 front pockets. If you like scrub tops that give you freedom for a range of motion, I recommend this top. The side slits provide you with a tailored fit.

The approximate length of this top is around 27 inches. The fabric is a mixture of polyester and spandex for a soft fit. What scrub bottoms should you wear with this top? This top can be matched with black, purple, white, or red scrub pants. You have a variety of options with this top.


Marvel Avengers Suit Up Scrub Top

Pediatric nurses are superheroes to their patients, why not dress the part? This Marvel Avengers scrub top has a fresh new design. This is not your conventional scrub top.

The front side of the top features characters from The Avengers movie. The backside of the top is solid black. There is one front kangaroo pocket for storage.

Another unique feature on this scrub top is the instrument loops on the left sleeve. This stylish scrub top has a v-neckline. The fabric on this top has stretch and softness. What’s so great about this top is that you can wear it with black, gray, red, or white pants.


Disney Pixar Incredibles II Scrub Top

Next on the list is the Disney Pixar Incredibles II scrub top, this top is one of my favorites. The top is black, red, and yellow with the Incredibles characters on the front.

This top mixes style and functionality. There is black trim along the neckline. The backside of the top is solid black. The back slits provide extra room for a comfortable fit. There is a front kangaroo pocket for storage.

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