6 Benefits of a Home Watch Service

With the advent of the digital era, most property owners now rely solely on CCTV cameras. Although this is a good thing to have, it doesn’t give your home the full protection it needs. Having good neighbors who can check on your property is also a nice option, but this article will explain why that is not the best choice for your home. If you are a regular or seasonal traveler with a vacant property, this post is for you.

As the Action Properties team advises, most people need to be aware of the benefits they can gain if they hire a home watch service. Below are some of them.

1. Help prevent water damage when you are away

One of the things you don’t want to experience is returning to see that there is water damage in your home. While you are away, small leaks may occur. These leaks may damage your baseboards, cabinets, walls, floors, furniture, etc.

Sometimes, your sump pump can fail, leading to basement flooding. It is also possible that stormy weather can damage your windows or roof while you are on vacation. All these sources of water damage will cause molds to spread in the home.

If you were relying on neighbors to watch your home, they would not know when water damage is occurring inside. Having a CCTV will not stop water leaks. The only proven way to prevent this is by hiring a home watch service. They will visit and inspect your property regularly to check for hidden leaks, sump pump failures, or property damage after a stormy weather. If the home watch notices any of these, they will inform you and get it fixed to prevent further water damage.

2. Deter intruders

Deter intruders

A vacant property is inviting to burglars, squatters, and other intruders. These intruders quickly notice an unoccupied property. It can be distressing to discover that burglars or squatters accessed your property. The damages incurred can exceed the amount you would have used to hire a home watch service. However, the home watch will establish a human presence at every time. This will deter intruders from considering your property as an easy target.

3. Prevent pest and rodent infestation

Pests and rodents notice quiet environments. They know such properties do not have human presence, and they can invade it without disturbance. If your property is vacant for a long time, you may return to meet it occupied by numerous unwanted pests and rodents. They can invade your home to the extent that they render it unfit for habitation.

However, when you hire a home watch service, pests and rodents will avoid your property. Their human presence will scare pests away. They can also help you prevent pests and rodents by recommending pest control services if they notice any vermin on your property.

4. Handle failed appliances and electrical system faults

Handle failed appliances and electrical system faults

While you are away from home, the electrical system, HVAC, or other appliances can develop faults. These can cause extensive damage to your property. Powerful thunderstorms can flip off electrical breakers to cause power outages. That means your appliances that need electricity will cease to function. These may include your refrigerator, HVAC, CCTV, internet devices, alarm systems, etc.

Sometimes, such system failures can lead to a breach in your home’s security system. However, you can prevent this from happening by hiring the services of professionals to provide a watchful eye on your home. The home watch will help to flip on breakers and call for repairs of faulty systems where necessary. They will also help you conduct scheduled maintenance on essential systems like HVAC and electric appliances.

5. Answer alarm calls

You may have various alarm calls when you are far away from home. Your flood, smoke, or intruder alarm may act up, and you cannot visit home to assess the situation. That is where the home watch service comes into play. They will immediately respond to the alarm calls to prevent extensive damage from occurring in your home.

6. Reduce insurance policy risks

If you have a home insurance policy (which is a necessity), then you will need a home watch’s services, especially when traveling for more than 30 days. That is because most homeowners’ insurance policy providers deny claims when the home is unoccupied for over 30 days. However, hiring a home watch service will prevent the 30-day rule from applying. 

When you are away from home, you may keep thinking of the situation on your property. Such thoughts can prevent you from focusing on the trip or enjoying your vacation. But a home watch service will help you enjoy your vacation. They will consistently provide you with all the essential updates that you need. With their services, you can have peace of mind.

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