6 Ways to Get Rid of Garbage Easily

Waste products from homes and industries are a major source of pollution to our environment. Apart from degrading our surroundings and damaging ecosystems, waste material can be a real danger to our health. While some waste will naturally decompose, waste material such as glass and some kinds of plastic in the garbage can take tens or even hundreds of years to decompose completely.

While many places have designated landfills where garbage is taken, the rate of garbage production often exceeds the rate at which this waste is managed, leading to piled dumpsites. Especially in urban areas, the latter can be a huge health hazard to the people living nearby.

To protect the environment and ourselves, this is why households and commercial entities are advised to properly manage their garbage, ensuring that it is safely disposed of. It’s also why you see the garbage collectors sorting out the garbage to separate items that can be repurposed, recycled, or incinerated. Back to the ordinary household, however, managing waste can sometimes prove to be a real hassle. 

Especially where there are 3 or more family members, keeping up with the trash bin can be a real struggle. For inspiration’s purpose, here are 6 ways to get rid of garbage easily.

Get the right rubbish bins

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the garbage from your homestead is to get several trash bins for different parts of your home. You can also get bins in several colors for different types of waste; say a red, green, and blue bin. You can use the red bin for decomposing waste, the green one for plastics and glass, and the blue one.

Nonetheless, this will largely depend on the kind of waste we’re talking about, and the same case applies to bin sizes. If you produce quite a huge amount of waste, you may want to have a bigger, movable bin or dumpster. If you have a renovation or construction project within your home, dumpster rentals can be a great option for you. The movable bin will make it easier for the garbage collectors to pick up your trash without spillages and messes once they come to collect it.

Get involved in a waste recycling program

As earlier mentioned, some items don’t usually decompose easily, and these can sometimes be problematic to dispose of. For instance, we at times have home parties and find ourselves with so many glass bottles of our favorite drinks that we don’t know where to take. We pile them up in one corner, hoping to do some DIY projects with them, only to forget about them sooner than later. You can always get involved with a recycling company to help handle such messes. All you have to do is search for a recycling company near you, call the company to pick them up, and you’re all set. What a simple way to get rid of a mess you’d have stocked for a long time!

Avoid plastic bags

For many years, plastic has been a major concern around the globe as far as pollution is concerned. Both from domestic and commercial sources, plastics have been a major mess in drainage systems. When a plastic bag gets its way into your drainage, it blocks a water passage, and the next thing you know, floods are all over the place. In some countries, plastic has been banned for the small devil it has been.

Avoiding plastic bags and replacing them with reusable bags is believed to be the simplest way to “cure” the garbage waste pollution menace. Many countries in the world nowadays encourage people to carry reusable bags in their cars to avoid buying plastic bags when shopping.

Learn to repair rather than discard

It’s not uncommon to find yourself lazing around about calling a repair technician when you discover a damaged item in your house. Maybe not, but most of us are victims of disposing of such items or replacing them with new ones. But why waste your money when you can repair the damaged item and return it to its normal functioning?

Also, discarding items because they are spoiled will only end up filling the litter bin, contributing to larger piles in dumping sites. This contributes to pollution. We are also advised to invest in high-quality items so that they can serve as long instead of buying cheap stuff with a short lifespan. The next time your drum container tears up, find someone to repair it rather than disposing of it for a new one. You will have saved Mother Earth its space and beauty. You will also have less garbage to deal with.

Stop using disposables!

We all love merry-making, fun, and good food, but washing dishes is never a fiesta for most people. Therefore, many people resort to outside catering services when it comes to meals, their favorite beverages. As a matter of fact, you can order a quick lunch online these days and it is delivered in minutes. Well, most of these treats are wrapped or packed in disposables.

They make celebrations easier, but, on the other hand, if not discarded correctly, they increase environmental pollution and can pile up very easily. For instance, plastic bottles used for water and other beverages are quick garbage fillers. By cutting back on the use of disposables, you can minimize the garbage you generate, thus being a better friend to the environment.

Start composting

Have food leftovers you cannot take anymore? Don’t worry, science can be rightfully applied here and all you have to do is turn your waste into manure. If you know how to go about it, composting at home can be a straight win for you, like killing two or even three birds with one stone. Put the waste that can decompose in one place and return it to the earth. Use it in your kitchen garden to enrich the soil with nutrients and grow your vegetables. You applied something you learned in school and also saved some money. You are no longer buying vegetables at the store, you are having yours fresh and nutritious!


Finally, garbage collection and waste recycling can be easily managed by having a programmed pick-up schedule. By reducing, reusing, and recycling, you will have less trouble dealing with garbage. The above are just a few tips on how you can easily get rid of rubbish in your home.

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