AAE Files: What You Should Know About Them

We all love making memories and sharing them with our friends to preserve our lives’ best or even, worst experiences. One way of doing so is by shooting and editing photos to make our friends and family relive those moments with us. But what happens when you face challenges when transferring your most memorable moments in life? If you are an avid iOS, Windows, or Mac user, you most likely have encountered file type with an aae extension attached to them. But what does this file extension term mean in the world of photo transfer? What does it mean when you try opening these files only to get error messages indicating these images are not valid picture files you can open?

If you are a Windows user, you probably see a response indicating that the operating system can’t open the files while suggesting you search the Net to get an appropriate application to open these image files. It is even more distressing for Microsoft users since naturally, Windows conceals aae file and other types of extensions thus making your photos appear as generic blank icons. So, what goes on here? The remaining portions of our post will answer all the questions of this section. Remain with us as you discover more.

What is an AAE File?

Before learning more, it is necessary to define aae files. In short, an aae file extension is a form of sidecar format present in Apple devices running on iOS 8 and above. The format is used to transfer non-destructive modifications in photo editors between different operating systems and applications. Moreover, the format is based on XML.

Who Can Use AAE Files?

As indicated, only users with apps running on iOS 8 and above can use this image transfer format. You can use it to import your pics from iOS to Windows. When doing so, you will transfer your JPEG images without the changes you had made. Also, you can open them using various text editor applications such as Notepad for Windows users. This means that how to open the file in aae format should not give you headaches.

How do I Delete an AAE File?

aae files

But can I delete an aae file? Yes, you can. You can delete these files without deleting your pics. However, you will lose any edit made to the photos before deletion.

Are you an iOS, Mac, or Windows user who loves shooting and editing photos? Do you love sharing your photos between your iOS devices and other smart gadgets without having difficulties viewing them on the other platforms? If yes, this post has shared insights that have opened your eyes to the reality of aae file. We hope our comprehensive coverage of what these file extensions are, who uses them, and what happens when you delete them has enriched your understanding. We believe you are now in the best position to make the most out of your photo editing and transfer processes.

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