Looking for Nice but Affordable Wigs? Where to Find Cute Cheap Wigs Online

Wigs are back. Everyone is wearing a cute pink wig under a beanie or a cool aqua wig for a night out. However it’s worn, the possibilities are endless when you can change your hair to whatever you want.

Synthetic or human, there are dreamy wigs out there that don’t have to cost a lot.

From cosplay to made-to-look-real extensions, we found the best places to find cheap wigs online – for men and women!


For trendy yet inexpensive items, Gamiss is making big waves in online commerce. The company offers in-style options for people who want to save money but still look stylish.

Gamiss offers affordable clothing, jewelry, bags, shoes, and hair products including wigs.

For example, they have this wig that looks so nice for under $20. It has an accent color that comes in red, purple, pink, or green.

Affordable Wigs

Another one is this one that lets you sport a beautiful and playful synthetic blond style. The realistic gradient color looks natural and feminine.

playful synthetic blond style wig

So glam!

Though Gamiss has great deals all the time, there’s usually a Gamiss promo code or two floating around the web. These low prices place Gamiss first on our list.


One of the best places to find cheap wigs is Amazon. They feature great discounted companies that sell neat wigs through the online e-commerce giant.

Pink hair is huge right now, so this wig is a popular choice.

Pink hair wig
pink wig

Since the wigs from this company are so cheap, feel free to snip and chop and experiment with how they look with your face and style.

This is an Instagram worthy look, especially with a black beanie like we mentioned before!

Another choice is this one if you want to don the Seapunk look. Aqua is very chic right now as you’ve probably seen on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram.

green wigs


Another deep discount website is Rosegal. This site sells the cheapest dresses, accessories, and everything else around.

Their wigs are no different.

snazzy wigs

Look at all these snazzy wigs.

This one is so adorable. Fluffy and wavy, Rosegal sells this wig for under $20. Transform your whole look by wearing this!

synthetic wigs

Their synthetic wigs look real, but they do offer real human hair wigs as well.

Get this gorgeous blonde wig for $60, which is fantastic for human hair!

cheap wigs


Another factory price company similar to Rosegal in name and products is Rosewholesale. They sell cheap wigs online at the prices you’re looking for. They stay in touch with current styles while selling you the alternative to all the big expensive brands.

seductive purple wig

Take a look at this seductive purple wig that you can get for $14.28! It’s unreal.

hair wig

You can literally get a wig along with an entire outfit including shoes for under $50. It’s a challenge worth taking!


Cheap retail companies are becoming more and more successful so a lot is hopping on. LightInTheBox is a newer known company that sells discounted but in-trend items.

At LightInTheBox, you’ll find wigs of all types.

womens wigs

These wigs are a tad more expensive than the others on the list but they’re still seriously cheap for the market.

Not only will you find great women’s wigs, but you’ll find an impressively large assortment of toupees for men.

wigs for men

They have half wigs, human hair, synthetic, and everything else you need to get your hands on.


SammyDress is another online retailer that sells cheap wigs. They’re a global wholesaler where you can find anything from clothes to children’s toys.

Cute wig
Cute, cute, cute!
Divatress wigs

There are tons of beautiful options at unbeatable prices.


This next brand is unique in that the main focus is wigs. Divatress offers accessories and other beauty products but wigs are their game.

Divatress offers thousands of black hair care products and brands from Batik, Indi Remi, and the Vivica A. Fox Collection.

wigs Divatress

From wigs to weaves and everything else, you’ll find it at Divatress.

celebrities wigs


To get the look celebrities have.

Dresslily cheap wigs

Dresslily sells wigs that copy the same trends you see on Instagram but for a fraction of the price.

No need to spend all that time growing your hair out and keeping it healthy. Get the super popular long straight black hairstyle for under $20 and wear the look whenever you want!

cosplay wigs

You can even find cosplay wigs for costume parties or comic cons.

Jessica Rabbit wigs

Get that Jessica Rabbit looks for only $18.66.

Screamin wigs

See what we mean? Screamin’ deals.

Find men’s wigs and toupees as well that range from costume to casual wear.

Banggood wigs


A retailer from China, Banggood aims to offer the “best bang for your buck,” providing electronics, apparel, and other things at very cheap prices.

The online shop offers wigs for less than other stores.

fantastic wigs

Shop at Banggood and read reviews from customers who’ve bought the product you’re thinking of purchasing.

fun cosplay wigs

Browse fun cosplay wigs along with wigs that you want to incorporate into your style.

Oriental Trading

For the last on the list, we’re going to end it on a funny note.  Known as a party and event supply company, Oriental Trading sells wigs as well (and for cheap).

Oriental Trading wigs

Find your goofiest wig and get it from Oriental Trading. They’re a trusted company that sells quality items for cheaper than many other brands.

These might not be the wigs to wear when you’re just trying to look nice, but they’re awesome for funny outfits and costume parties! Prepare for Halloween early and start browsing these hilarious wigs.

Halloween wigs

Wig Out!

Now that you know where to go, get the wig you’re looking for and debut a whole new you.

For everyday wear or a special event, pick the one that speaks to you, and enjoy a refreshing change without hurting your budget.


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