Baby Massage – Essential Tips and Benefits

Baby massage is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with your baby while also helping you bond. We frequently speak with and soothe newborns before they are able to grasp language. Caregivers, for example, will embrace, snuggle, or soothe a crying baby. Baby massage is a natural response to this want.

If you are new to this, you have no need to worry yourself as we will give you detailed guidelines on how to massage your baby. It’ll be a simple exercise that will help you form a good bond with your baby. Let’s jump right into it!

Start Time

Start Time

When it comes to starting a baby massage, there are no hard and fast rules. While a comforting touch can be offered from delivery, a professional, organized massage could be overly stressful for some infants in the first few weeks.

With an infant, it might be difficult for parents to schedule this on time or frequently. As a consequence, many parents tend to wait till their child is around six weeks of age when their pattern is more established and their behavior is more foreseeable.

So, you can take as much time as you need or start whenever you feel ready. There is neither no rush nor pressure to massage your baby.

Baby Massage Tips

Baby Massage Tips

1. Consider the Massage a Daily Routine

Consider the Massage a Daily Routine

Practice massaging your kid at the same time each day so that he grows accustomed to it and enjoys it. When is the best time to visit? There is no “better” time. Overall, pick a time when you are not overwhelmed like when you are preparing dinner, doing the laundry, or simply, getting your dishes cleaned.

Also, ensure that you pick a time when your infant hasn’t been fed. He/she will create a fuss and the whole experience will be overwhelming for you and them. When your baby is too full, he’ll probably wind up puking and you do not want that either.

2. Choose a Spot that is Convenient for Both of You

Choose a Spot that is Convenient for Both of You

The environment should be warm — at least 23 °C — so that your virtually nude infant doesn’t get a chill as he relaxes after your massage. You can massage your baby on your bed or their changing table, and remember to place a towel beneath them to prevent oil stains.

Also, babies have delicate skins and you do not want to give them a rush.  Use the opportunity to converse and sing to your infant or play some peaceful soundtrack but do not put it in large volumes.

3. Pay Attention to Your Infant’s signals

Pay Attention to Your Infants signals

If you’re not in the spirit to be massaged, no one enjoys it, and your kid is no exception. Save the therapy for another time if he looks away, scowls, or sobs when you put your hands on him/her. Also, don’t feel obligated to provide a replete message each time. It’s also fine if your baby feels he’s had adequate time after you’ve massaged his legs and feet.

You need to let your baby decide what they want. It may seem crazy but if you impose it on your baby he/she may never actually enjoy it, which means your quality bonding time will always stress out your baby.

4. Choose the Right Massage Oil

Choose the Right Massage Oil

You don’t necessarily need oil to massage your baby properly, but it will be extra comfortable for both of you and your infant so that your hands slide more freely over his or her body.

Coconut oil is a wonderful choice because it absorbs quickly into delicate skin and is easily digested when the infant suckles on his hands or fingers.  Use just a dab, and avoid using baby or mineral oil because they clog the pores. Also, avoid nut oils due to the possibility of allergies.

You can also switch to essential oils. Yes, you will need to mix up small portions to make a good mixture that works for your baby, but it will be worth the effort. So for your net massage for your current baby or the one due, you can contact essential oil manufacturing companies for good offers.

You will get good value for your money. If you know someone who just gave birth and you want to give them something, since you cannot get them something that affects the baby, you can make a good spray from essential oils. All that will be left is to grab yourself a wood box gift packaging and your gift will be worthwhile.

5. Do Not Apply too Much Pressure

Do Not Apply too Much Pressure

Brushing away from the heart is soothing and hence more suited for pre-nap or pre-bedtime sessions. Stroking along the direction of the heart is more engaging and ideally adapted when your infant is awake and active. You adopt a combination of the two.

Also, an essential tip to keep in mind is that you need to maintain utmost hygiene every time you want to touch your baby.

Benefits of Baby Massage

Benefits of Baby Massage

It may aid your baby with digestive difficulties and teething discomfort, as well as enhance his muscle growth, quiet him when he’s irritable, and put him to sleep.

All of your caressing and touching will help you bond with your infant. Furthermore, massaging your infant can assist you in finding your interior Peace. The benefits are countless.

The Bottom Line

Baby massages are quite essential. You get to have a special bond with your baby. It also helps you know your baby and note any changes in their body soon. Happy Bonding!

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