Best Portable Printers for Business & Personal Use

Who said you have to be traditional? With the increasing use of WiFi networks and cellular data, you don’t have to stick to a stationary printer to copy documents.

So, companies have decided to design and manufacture portable printers. It’s very useful for professionals on a business trip, contractors who need to print invoices for clients instantly, and a businessman handling a conference or business meeting in a hotel for printing paperwork.

With many designs, specifications, and brands on the market, we decided to try and make a list of the best portable printers.

Canon Pixma iP110

Canon Pixma iP110 is one of the most popular portable printers with excellent connectivity and specifications. Canon Pixma iP110 is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry. It allows you to print on the go, at home, and in your office.

It’s a well-rounded portable printer to print from using wired USB connectivity, compatible mobile devices, and cloud servers like Google Cloud, Airprint, or the Canon Print apps.

It comes with an optional battery and a 12V AC adapter to use in vehicles. You’ll get flawless-looking documents with a max DPI of 9600 x 2400.

Before printing, you can edit your documents through the PhotoPrint+ application as long as you have an internet connection. Not only can you print regular documents, but you can also print envelopes and glossy photo paper to finish any project.

Why Get It?

  • Compact and light.
  • High-quality photos.
  • Connects WiFi or USB, including Canon’s equivalent WiFi Direct.
  • 50-sheet paper capacity.
  • Optional rechargeable battery.
Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer

Polaroid ZIP

With its compact and lightweight design, the Polaroid ZIP is a printer you can take with you wherever you need it. It doesn’t matter if you have Android or iOS; the Polaroid ZIP portable printer comes with an app that is compatible with both.

It’s easy to work with once you have a steady NFC or Bluetooth connection. Also, you’ll get beautiful smudge-proof and 2×3 full-color papers.

The Polaroid ZIP works just fine with zero ink papers and produces terrific photos without using ribbons, toner, or cartridges.

Why Get It?

  • Great compact size.
  • Free Polaroid Zip app with a lot of features.
  • Uses ZINK “Zero Ink” paper.
  • Connects to smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Rechargeable battery.
Polaroid ZIP Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

HP OfficeJet 250

It’s an all-in-one device! Why? The HP OfficeJet 250 allows us to print, copy, and scan with the automatic paper feeder up to 10 pages at a time. So, it makes a great portable printer for people who need to do more than just print.

Also, the HP Office Jet 250 is terrific for mobile workstations. You can fit it in your backpack, small workspace, car, and comfortable traveling. It comes with a lithium-ion battery and an AC power adapter to last for almost 90 minutes and maybe longer.

With a stable WiFi or Bluetooth connection, you can print wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet, and laptop with the HP ePrint app. The HP OfficeJet portable printer comes with a 1-year limited hardware warranty to cover malfunctions and dead-on-arrival units.

Why Get It?

  • Portable, light & compact.
  • Fast photo printing.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Scans and copies.
  • Prints quality worthy of a desktop inkjet.
HP OfficeJet 250 All-in-One Portable Printer

Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Portable Printer

With the new laser exposure system technology, the Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2 Portable Printer prints in as fast as 10 seconds. The INSTAX SHARE app is compatible with Android and iOS. So, you can easily print your files and documents using the app via WiFi.

Also, you can print photos directly from Facebook and Instagram. You’ll enjoy minimized printing noise for the best experience ever along with its terrific printing quality.

It’s unique for its “reprint button,” a feature that most portable printers don’t have yet can be handy at times.

Why Get It?

  • Quick setup.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Printing app with basic editing tools.
  • Chemical printing process.
  • Black-and-white and sepia print options.
Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer

Epson Workforce WF-100

Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, Epson Workforce WF-100 is one of the lightest portable printers. It’s also one of the smallest since it measures 12.2 inches wide and 6.1 inches deep. It’s easy to set up in your home office and comes with its software, all its cables, and ink.

It ensures smudge-free photos and documents with its quick-drying inks. Moreover, you can command Amazon Alexa to print any document through the Epson Workforce WF-100. You can easily recharge it through an AC wall adapter or a USB wired connection thanks to its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. For automatic shipments of ink, the Epson Workforce WF-100 features Amazon’s Dash Replenishment to ship your ink whenever you need it.

Why Get It?

  • Super light and compact.
  • Supports printing from mobile apps and email.
  • WiFi and WiFi Direct.
Epson Workforce WF-100 Wireless Mobile Printer

HP DeskJet 1112 Compact Printer

With such an easy setup, the HP DeskJet 1112 gives you excellent quality printing anytime. It’s an easy-to-use portable printer without the hazards of technology, iOS, Android, cloud, and complicated things.

Despite its high output performance, it’s very efficient in power consumption, and, therefore, it’s ENERGY STAR certified. For free, you can refill your toner and ink cartridges. HP loves to promote an eco-friendly environment when possible.

At an affordable price, you’ll get fantastic printing functionality and superb quality. It’s compact, which means it’s easy to carry and doesn’t take much space off your desk. So, if you have a small home office and need a printer, the HP DeskJet 1112 Printer will do the trick.

Why Get It?

  • Compact, handy, and straightforward in its operation.
  • Refillable ink and toner cartridges.
  • Energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Rugged and built with output efficiency.
HP Deskjet 1112 Compact Printer

HP OfficeJet 200

It doesn’t matter whether you’re connected through WiFi, Direct Wireless, Bluetooth, or the HP printing app, the HP OfficeJet 200 mobile printer will give you great-looking documents and pictures. You can print documents and photos from your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or cloud servers smoothly.

This portable printer was built with telecommuters and mobile professionals in mind! You’ll love its automatic wireless connectivity and the quick and easy setup for your business, home office, or traveling.

Like the HP OfficeJet 250, it comes with an AC adapter and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It has a 2-inch display with intuitive and simple controls for printing files and pictures. Also, the battery charges in just 90 minutes for when you most need it.

In just one minute, you’ll print 10 pages and it has a 50-sheet input capacity to handle any project. You’ll enjoy a 1-year limited hardware warranty on the HP OfficeJet 200. Typically, the warranty covers dead-on-arrival units and malfunctions.

Why Get It?

  • Compact and portable.
  • 50-sheet input tray.
  • Fast photo printing.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • Output quality is better than several desktop inkjets.
  • Prints from USB thumb drives.
  • Connects through WiFi, WiFi Direct, and USB.
HP OfficeJet 200 Portable Printer with Wireless

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Ever wanted to copy physical photos or documents from your smartphone or social media? HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer makes it easy! You can easily connect your phone to the portable printer and enjoy the smooth, quick, and flawless printing of your copies.

You can also install the HP app designed for editing and customization of the photo or document with text, emojis, or borders you wish to print.

Not only that, but you can also get creative and create adhesive-backed photos for photo albums, collages, and any inspirational project you have in mind.

Moreover, it can easily fit in a pocket or handbag since it only measures 2.95 inches wide and 4.53 inches long. So, you can easily take it on meetings, family gatherings, vacations, and more.

The Sprocket comes with a 1-year limited warranty and 24/7 online web support. Also, you’ll get a setup card, ten sheets of HP ZINK photo paper, a USB cable for charging, and a regulatory sheet for easy use as you unbox it.

Why Get It?

  • Very easy to use and maintain.
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Good print quality for a pocket printer.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • An app to access quirky image-tweaking and AR features.
  • Special paper eliminates the need for ink or dye cartridges.
  • Directly printing bright and glossy photos from social media or your smartphone.
HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Stop being traditional because the world is evolving, and you should too. Get a portable printer for your business, home-based business, or personal use. Enjoy what technology has to offer at such affordable prices.

Do you have a favorite portable printer? Share it with us, and let us know what you liked about most. Also, we’d love to hear which one is your favorite from our list.

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