Buyer’s Guide to the Best CBD Oil for Dogs – What to Consider

When switching to an unknown digestive product, especially for your pet, there might be some pretty concerning questions. CBD has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. With the legalization of cannabis and hemp, many products have surfaced claiming to have great natural benefits to mammals’ health.

Even though this is true, you must consider a variety of factors before purchasing CBD oil from an online dispensary. Some scammers are posing to be selling high-quality products when they are selling low quality at competitive prices.

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of CBD oil and what it is, read this for some extra information.

To make informed decisions when purchasing CBD oil for your pet, consider the following key factors:

1- Licensing and Certification

Because marijuana was once illegal, you must make sure that you buy a healthy product from a shop. Cannabidiol products that are allowed to be sold in online dispensaries have to pass a specific certification from authorities. This certification is known as the COA (Certificate of Analysis).

These tests analyze the content of the CBD products. Certified products will have almost no traces of THC or at most a percentage of only 0.3.

THC is the property that causes psychoactive effects, commonly known as the ‘weed high’. Dispensaries should provide products that don’t have any traces of THC and only CBD.

If you’re uncertain of the dispensary or shop, then ask for their licensing and certification. An accredited store like honest paws won’t have anything to hide and will be informed about the legal documents that they have to provide.

2- Recommendations and Reviews

With the increase in CBD oil pet’s popularity, many of your friends might have resorted to using it as an alternative to modern medicines. It’s advised that you consult your colleagues to find a dispensary that has been tried and tested.

Distributors that have a passion for cannabis products will transfer their passion to their clients. Credible dispensaries will most likely have an active online presence and legit online reviews. You can head over to Holistapet to view some quality CBD products for your pets that come highly recommended.

3- Emulsion Type

Just like with foods, there is a certain quality standard that should be met in the creation of CBD oil products. An easy way to determine the quality of the product is to consider the process by which the cannabidiol was emulsified.

The emulsion type indicates the potency, strength, and quality of the CBD oil. There are three main types of emulsion:

Nano-Sized Emulsion: It has the best absorption into the system through the blood. This is because the particles are extremely small. This is the highest quality and only a few brands produce products with nano-sized emulsion. Be prepared to pay a higher price for this product too.

Liposomal Emulsion: It has good absorption into the bloodstream. A liposomal emulsion type doesn’t have as small particles as a nano-sized emulsion, but it’s smaller than other cheap oils. And is also a great affordable product.

Standard Emulsion: The standard emulsion CBD oil has large particles and is definitely of very low quality. Not recommended by knowledgeable practitioners as the absorption is poor. The use of this product will guarantee no effect at all.

CBD Oil for Dogs Guide

4- Check the Price

When looking for a good quality CBD oil, the first indication is the price. At the moment, the industry is extremely competitive. Quality distributors won’t lower their prices, because they know that they are providing a high-quality product.

While other dispensaries will offer great deals, discounts, and extremely low prices for low-quality goods. When a company is selling CBD oils at low prices it should raise a red flag with the consumer.

5- Choose Organic

You wouldn’t buy an apple juice that came from a tree growing in a toxic environment, would you? In the same way, you should always consider buying a CBD oil that comes from an organic hemp plant.

Hemp will pull toxins from the ground that it grows in and will transfer these toxins into anything made from its leaves and flowers. Make sure you check the label for organic.

It might take some looking around to find a good quality dispensary and provider. Once you find a trustworthy online shop, you’ll be able to build a valuable relationship with them.

As long as you always consider the above-mentioned factors. As well as making sure it’s full-spectrum, high-quality, without any traces of THC, and that it is licensed. Always check the label, then you’ll be able to find the best CBD oil for your loving pet.

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