How To Clean A Leather Fossil Watch Strap

Watches have come a long way: from being a time-telling machine to now a part of your

attire. They change the look, feel, and elegance of dressing. There is no one watch for all

occasions as we all have a different set of wristwatches to match with a variety of apparel. There are multiple brands with a wide range of wristwatches.

One such classical type is the leather wristwatch, which suits you in both formal and casual outfits. The sturdy but classy material makes it a desire for everyone. Although

leather is durable, yet, is a delicate material. It is sensitive to sunlight and also a few liquids. Therefore, you should maintain your leather band for it to look neat and tidy.

It is advised you clean the Fossil watch straps consistently. In day to day use, there is a lot of dust and dirt that gets accumulated on the wristband, which fills it with odor and also causes wear and tear. To maintain worth, one thus needs to be often careful with it.

Leather Fossil Watch Strap

The Right Way To Care

Are you looking for the right way to clean your Fossil Watch Strap? Well, you are in the right place. The following are a few steps that are a sure shot way to keep your leather band stays smart and classy!

Step1: Detach the Watch Band

You should remove the belt from the watch. It helps you save the dial and case

from further damage. Be cautious while you remove it.

Step 2: Clean the watch band with a dry cloth

Moisture and dirt can easily get trapped between the belt and your hand. You are required to clean the strap to remove any dust or dirt before involving any other liquid. Be gentle in cleaning it to avoid any scratches. Also, choose the right kind of cloth, soft, and preferably a microfiber to be effective. You need to remove all the debris with care before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Let It get some Air

Next up is to keep the band in the open air for some time. It ensures the proper evaporation of moisture content that may be trapped in the fossil watch strap. Make sure that it does not come in contact with direct sunlight or water. Let the belt breathe!

Step 4: Scrub it

This one is a crucial step in the process. It is recommended to use a soft cotton/jewelry cloth here. Soak the fabric in water and remove the excess so that the material is damp. Clean the wristwatch belt with the cloth. Next up is rubbing the belt with mild soap foam. Apply the foam on the s for a minimum time and clean it with the fabric. Harsh soap material can damage the strap.

Step 5: Condition it with a leather conditioner.

Once the strap is dry, conditioning is essential. Check out the best leather

conditioners and use the prescribed amount of drops on the wristband. Conditioning helps the leather retains the shine and look and makes it long-lasting. Be cautious while choosing the conditioner as harsh one might affect the belt. With the above-said steps, you can easily keep your fossil watch strap clean. In case there is an excess odor, the detached band can be kept in a polythene bag with two spoons of baking soda in it. After 10 hours, you can follow the process from step 3.

We hope this guide to keeping your fossil watch strap clean and sturdy will be useful to you.

Ideally, try to follow this process once a week. Be gentle and avoid harsh products.

Happy to help!

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