Creative Small Home Office Ideas & Tips to Maximize Space

Working from home is fantastic! You get to control your work hours, and schedule, and work with ease and comfort. However, when you have a small space to set up your home office, things can be challenging.

So, you can use the space you have effectively using our tips and tricks. You can get creative with each idea you’ll find here to customize your home office how you like.

How To Maximize A Small Office Space?

Don’t get discouraged if you have a small home office. We’re going to help you make the most of the small space you have.

It’s essential to have an efficient working space, especially if you spend so much time working at your desk. With many freelancers and workers from home, the market has brought some creative and helpful solutions to make it easier for us.

1. Rely Less On Paper

It’s easier to organize the desk when you have less paper to sort and work through. So, it’s best to decrease your reliance on paper and, therefore, reduce the need for storage equipment and cabinets.

2. Use Wall-To-Wall Flooring

A small rug or carpet can make any space seem even smaller than it is. So, you should use one flooring material wall-to-wall to make use of the space you have. Also, it’s easier to clean and maintain an engineered wood floor, unlike rugs or carpets. It’s recommended not to use hard floor tiles since they make phone conversations challenging and create an echo and.

Wall-To-Wall Flooring
Wall-To-Wall Flooring – an engineered wood floor

3. Let The Light Shine In

No light will get your body and brain more motivated than natural light. So, if it’s possible, set your home office where you let in natural light. However, if natural light is not an option, use overhead downlighting.

Uplights aren’t the best since they light up the ceiling, and the shadows will dim your workspace. Also, you should avoid floor lamps, which aren’t ideal when you have a small space. We recommend getting a small metal LED desk lamp as well to maximize the light at your desk.

Home Office Natural Light
Home Office Natural Light

4. Think Vertically

Why not take advantage of the space you have on the wall to the ceiling? Many people forget to use vertical space, which is excellent for storage. You can easily install shelves for office supplies storage and decoration.

You can install sturdy pockets in the walls to store files you frequently access. Shelving above your desk is the best solution in rental spaces where drilling into the wall isn’t an option.

Home office vertical space
Home office vertical space

5. Label Your Cables

Using a black Sharpie on white cords or colorful cable tags, you can label both ends of all your cables. Why? It’s easier to keep your cables organized and labeled to access them when needed quickly. It’s frustrating when you unplug the wrong cable.

Cord cable tags

6. Make Your Monitor Mobile

When having a small desk, it’s smart to keep the monitor on an adjustable arm so you can easily move it when you don’t need it. For renters, the Ergotron LCD Arm makes a great option since it adheres to the edge of your desk. So, find the design or model that meets your needs since they come in several options.

Ergotron LCD Arm
Ergotron LCD Arm

7. Check Out Innovative Design

Frequently, young designers are bringing practical and functional ideas into the market. With an increase of in-home workers, the demand for home office solutions is increasing.

Here, we gathered five ideas and designs you can use to set up a small home office yet a practical one.

5 Ideas for Setting Up Small Home Office

1. Dedicate A Spot for Your Office

If you don’t have a room that you can dedicate to your home office, create your work zone. Just choose a sufficient space in your house; in your living room, under the stairs, guest bedroom, or hallway, and dedicate it to working.

Then, choose the right size and shape of home office furniture to suit the space you have.

Home office under the stairs
Home office under the stairs

2. Get a storage wall unit

So, you need to take advantage of the vertical space you have and install a storage wall unit. Also, you get some storage boxes to make it look neat and store your office supplies. Enjoy some decorations as well to make your office look more appealing and show off your personality.

Home office storage wall unit
Home office storage wall unit

3. An All-in-One Desk Office

When running short on space, it’s smart to get a desk that will fit yet be functional. You can easily fit it in the corner of the room, under the stairs, or in the hallway. Then, you can store all your office supplies in the drawers, cupboard, and built-in shelves. Thankfully, many folds up office desks can save you a lot of space as you fold it up after you’re done.

All-in-One Desk Office
All-in-One Desk Office

4. Get A Loft Bed

If you want to set up your office in your room, but don’t have enough space, then we recommend getting a loft bed. You’ll save some floor space and use it to put your desk, chair, and office supplies. It’s a creative idea for small rooms and kids’ rooms as well.

Loft Bed Home Office
Loft Bed Home Office

5. Think Outside of The Four Walls

It’s time to make use of underused space. Your office doesn’t have to be contained within four walls! When running short on space, you need to get creative and think outside the four walls. The unused area in the living room or next to the stairs can be sufficient to set up your home office.

You might find enough space to fit a desk, a chair, and office supplies. By adding a rug, color, and decorations, you’ll create a pleasant work environment.

Now, enjoy your new, small, yet effectively used home office! Get creative and productive at home using some tricks we shared previously. Also, don’t forget to download the apps we recommended for ultimate success!

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