15 Exciting Travel Accessories Every Traveler Should Embrace

The strength of global tourism has been on a relentless test in recent years, with various factors threatening to derail the steady and confident growth of the traveling trend. From economic turbulence to security issues and natural disasters, there’s been a lot to deal with, yet somehow the travel industry overcomes everything. Why? Because with almost 50,000 routes and over 100,000 flights served daily, today almost every corner of our beautiful world is reachable. Traveling and tourism have been on a steady rise for years, continuously introducing new destinations to explore and admire. And we all know how liberating, fun and magical traveling is! Whether it is a two-week vacation or a gap year to fulfill the adventure of the lifetime, sometimes all it takes is just a few clicks of a mouse to start it all. But as easy and comfortable it is, the journey itself still presents various challenges along the way, therefore giving birth to many exciting and helpful travel gadgets.

Heading into the year 2020, travel accessories strive to encompass everything at once. From fashion and beauty to innovative technology, high-quality characteristics and features that will aid travelers in delivering them their hard-earned travels as smooth as possible. Whether its the simplicity you are seeking in everyday movements, safety in buzzing megacities or directions on adventurous trails, good quality travel accessories can go a long way to prove themselves truly valuable on your next trip. Let these 15 exciting and brilliant travel accessories showcase the potential to become your next favorite travel companion!


Reliable Multi-Function Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack Multi-Function

In our journeys, the backpack is just as important as the trip itself. Keeping and protecting all we have, it eventually becomes our second home. Whether you‘re a digital nomad, hiking enthusiast or a city explorer, this multi-function travel backpack comes in strong, to aid in any travel affair.

A stylish and large capacity backpack is enchanted by versatile functions and can serve for hiking, luggage, sports, laptop with bonus features such as computer interlayer, cell phone pocket and more.

For that cherry on top, add its super lightweight and durability that is hard to match and results in one reliable backpack!


Awesome & Portable Digital Luggage Scale

Portable Digital Luggage Scale

We‘ve all been there. Guessing and estimating the weights of our backpacks aimlessly. Especially in long-term travels where the content of our backpacks tends to change a lot.

Forget about paying overweight luggage fees and all the hassle, because this electronic and portable luggage scale will become your next favorite travel gadget in a heartbeat!

Not only easy to carry around with a size of a palm, but it will give you valuable weight information allowing you to pack, buy and take precisely what you need, without throwing anything away.


Luxurious Travel Pillow + Eye Mask

Luxurious Travel Pillow + Eye Mask

Pillows have been around since as early as 7000 BCE, but travel and airplane pillows became very important just recently. Traveling today is easier than ever, but the element of comfort comes in as a vital part of enjoying it to the fullest!

With the Sleep Easy Travel Pillow, you will instantly notice a difference between this luxurious travel pillow and a standard one piled up in every other shop. Providing amazing neck and shoulder support and made with memory foam it blends in softly with your neck, singing you to sleep.

It also folds beautifully into any type of travel bag and can be washed easily with its removable cover. This is that travel buddy you have been looking all along. Goodnight!


Stylish Passport Cover for Women

Passport Cover for Women

Stylish design, security technology, and safety are just a few words of many that describe this unique passport cover. And its ability to keep your essential documents safe is undeniable.

Attention to detail and eco-friendly leather gave birth to elegant characteristics to the exteriors of the wallet while the priority for travel safety takes the crown after all.

The hidden magnetic clasp will make sure your document cards and passport remains fastened, while RFID blocking feature will keep those RFID signals away to keep your personal information safe!


Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag

Waterproof Anti-Theft Bag

Ready for another fantastic backpack? If yes, stumble upon this lovely and intelligent bag with many tricks up its sleeve.

Its multi-purpose composition allows for unique and very handy features to thrive. Think of a spacious laptop compartment with soft flannel, invisible back pockets for your keys, wallet or phone, anti-explosion double zipper and more.

And how about that smooth and secret zipper on the backside delivering an extra 50% of space? Whether its the high-tec waterproof material, built-in USB charging port or comfortability coming from its convenient structure, it is simply perfect for shorter travels and everyday situations!


Kangaroo Baby Travel Carrier

Kangaroo Baby Travel Carrier

Traveling with kids can be a challenging experience, but rewarding and bonding as well. It all comes down to an approach you take, and here is where Kangaroo Baby Travel Carrier comes into help!

Made with environment-friendly materials, it boasts awesome features. Small side pocket for essential items, 15mm thick cushion for ultimate comfort for your baby, fabrics that are easy to clean, rotary buckle design to provide freedom and flexibility and beyond.

Easy, comfortable and safe for both the parent and child, this baby travel carrier will become your favorite item in no time.


Modern Cross-Chest Bag

Crossbody Shoulder Chest Travel Bag

Constantly on the move through crowded city areas? Or maybe pickpocketing became one of your concerns? Look no further than this modern, yet old-school fashion looking and waterproof chest bag!

This cross-chest bag combines the vintage look and classic feel with today‘s modern needs of our everyday lives in an elegant way.

Spacious storage will fit everything you need to take with you, while features like USB socket will deliver power on the go to keep you connected all the time. Take your fashion game to uncharted territory with this intriguing and useful messenger cross-chest bag.


Stainless Steel Manicure Set

Travel Stainless Steel Manicure Set

While comfort and safety are no doubt essential parts to keeping your travels going, hygiene and looks have to stay sharp as well.

This portable, professional and multi-function manicure and pedicure set will be game-changer in your travels.

Not only it is gorgeous and fashionable, but as helpful and as high-quality as they come. Surgical grade stainless steel provides excellent quality to keep your hygiene and looks in top shape while eliminating risks such as infection. Great for both men and women!


Travel Dinnerware Set

Travel Dinnerware Set

Forget one-use plastics that are damaging our planet furiously, and embrace something that is eco-friendly, durable and completely safe and healthy at the same time. The stainless steel travel dinnerware set!

Stainless steel means longevity, compact size makes it super portable, while its versatility will be that final punch in the composition of an excellent travel dinnerware set.

Whether its adventure in the mountains, picnic on a charming meadow or multi-day trek through wild trails, these top-quality utensils will make sure not to leave any harmful traces on nature and keep you fulfilled at the same time.


Crucial Travel Survival Kit Set

Travel Survival Kit Set

Designed and put together by outdoor experts, this one if for those adventurous souls out there! And it is a survival kit that will adapt to any kind of traveler’s needs.

One of the smartest survival kits on the market wasn‘t designed by accident, rather carefully composed by to deliver an unforgettable journey backed up by safety, knowledge, and preparation. Not only it is compact and discreet, but super durable, waterproof, lightweight and goes in almost anywhere effortlessly.

And how about more than 1000 uses combined within this Survival Kit for any kind of situation or emergency? Wow!


Elegant Jewelry Case

Elegant Jewelry Case

Jewelry defines who we are. It makes us shiny and stands out, and it delivers confidence as well. But the small and fragile jewelry needs to be stored and protected well, especially when traveling.

Stumble upon this elegant and sophisticating travel jewelry case that will make your life that much easier.

Compactible size, beautiful design, and high-end materials speak for themselves. But a chance to get rid of those tangled up necklaces, earrings and damaged rings only arrive with this charming container equipped with a mirror, multiple hooks, and other fantastic features!


Universal Travel Adapter

Universal Travel Adapter

 Its time to sweep another inconvenience away with yet another helpful and awesome accessory that will come in handy. No doubt!

This universal travel adapter will make you get rid of separate wires, charges, and all that mess, that is borderline annoying! Certified and safe, this all in one adapter will be your companion in any country or continent that there is.

From Asia and Europe to the United States or Australia, take all of its diverse plugs, USB ports and ability to charge 3 devices at once with you, in one compact and lightbox.


Anti-Theft Door Stop Alarm

Anti-Theft - Super Door Stop Alarm

No more anxiety or fear when staying in most remote locations or with a host that seems suspicious. The world is big and unpredictable, but one thing is sure, we all want to be safe, in any kind of situation and location.

This door alarm is easy to use and install on any surface out there and provides peace of mind and security in any place you might end up.

No wires, no hassle, and it will not only scare the intruder away with a powerful 120-decibel alarm, but its high-quality stainless steel design will stop the door from opening as well! Embrace new ways of safety, and travel without any anxiety.


Fantastic Travel Coffee Mug

Travel Coffee Mug

One of the most beloved beverages on the planet deserves some love too, especially when we travel!

By getting this Liquid Hardware’s Aurora Travel Coffee Mug you‘ll never have to miss out on a hot and heart-warming sip of coffee, whether you are on the highest peaks, longest trails or unknown streets.

Easy to clean and leak-proof characteristics provide a strong start in getting to know your next favorite coffee mug, but its vacuum insulated technology will keep that nose-tickling aromas and tastes either boiling hot or icing cold. All up to you!


Portable Toothbrush Cup

Portable Toothbrush Cup

We couldn‘t forget one of the most used everyday travel accessories out there – a toothbrush!

But its not all about toothbrush here, as it gladly shares space with other essentials like paste, shampoo, shower gel and more in this versatile and compact capsule.

Made from high-end materials, it ensures safe and hygienic space for your toiletries. Besides that, you‘ll have an opportunity to enjoy its lightweight, durability, portability, unique design and other features that will keep this portable toothbrush cup in your backpack for years to come.



There you go! Join the global tourism community and traveling hype train by being prepared more than you thought you can be. Anything from hygiene to anti-theft technologies and keeping you sharp and elegant, this travel accessories list goes to combine all the necessities one might need on a holiday or a long-haul journey. Many of these travel accessories go well with any type of trip and are thriving in versatility while keeping it simple, compact and fashionable. Watch how even the most modest and simplest item can make your day better. Allow travels to enrich you even more. Travel smart, light and safe. Enjoy!

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