Exercise for Inner Thighs! Here Are the 10 Best Workouts for Inner Thighs

Like other parts of the body, exercise for the inner thighs is also critical for your perfect body. In our daily work, you can notice that our legs play an important role and very much focus is placed on our legs. But a lot of us don’t care about developing the legs.

Exercise for the inner thighs improves the explosiveness and stability of the lower body. Other than this improvement in the working of the body, it also gives you great looks. This exercise for inner thighs is not particular for women or men; both can benefit from this workout. You can also slim your inner thighs by doing high-intensity exercises.

There is no doubt that the well-toned inner thighs are healthy, reliable, and appealing. As indicated by most fitness coaches, working out of the inner thighs is not easy.

You will need a great effort to do it, so if you have decided to have attractive inner thighs, then you need to be serious about it and give your best to accomplish your goal.

There are many workouts for inner thighs recommended by fitness experts, but we have added the 10 best workouts for inner thighs.

1) Lunges


The lunge is the perfect exercise for the inner thighs. The reason why it is the perfect exercise for the inner thighs is that this exercise mainly targets the thighs of your body. In addition to its focus on your thighs, it also improves the function of knees and legs.

See the above image to get an idea of how to do this workout. Start this exercise without using dumbbells or anything like that, after regularly doing it for a few days you can do this workout with kettlebells or dumbbells, it will add resistance to the workout process and hence will give you a better result.

Can’t have access to a gym for these kinds of exercises? You should know that you can do this workout at home as well. In addition to this one, there are different workouts for women at home for different purposes.

2) Wall Squat

Wall Squat

The wall squat targets your inner thighs and builds up your adductor muscles, doing wall squats is simple. Here is how to do it: You just need to press the shoulders, back, and head against the wall. Then, modify your feet until they’re shoulder-width separated, and then walk them six inches before your body.

Now, slide down the wall, and lower the hips towards the ground side. And then finally stop this process when the back of the legs becomes parallel to the ground. Didn’t get it? You can see the above picture for assistance. In addition to its work for the inner thighs, this exercise also helps to lose belly fat.

3) Side Lunges

Side Lunges

Side lunges in one of the best workouts for inner thighs, it is because this workout is efficient at working out your hip abductors. Also, with the light weight, this is a very well inner thigh stretching exercise. The process of making side lunges is the same as the simple lunges, but in this process, you don’t come straight instead you come down from the side.

This workout forces the muscles of the inner thighs to move against gravity. It is better if you do this workout with kettlebells or dumbbells.

4) Plie Squat

Plie Squat

To do the pile squat, you need to stand up with legs wide separated and feet indicating outwards. Meanwhile, keep the knees straight. Then, lift the arms straightforwardly before your body, and stop when they’re parallel to the floor.

It is recommended to protect the knees; you can adjust the knees to the little toes as you lower the body towards the floor side. Stop this movement when the backs of the legs become parallel to the floor. Then again return to the standing point. Repeat this method at least ten times.

5) Leg circling

Leg circling

Leg circling is another great exercise for the inner thighs. Like the lunge exercise, this workout also gives the inner thighs great work. In doing the leg circling exercise, you have to lie back on the floor. Pointing out one foot, then you have to lift your one leg up to a ninety-degree edge if it is possible for you.

Once you have lifted the leg as much as you can, you need to trace the circle utilizing that lifted leg keeping the hips still. It will greatly work on your inner thighs.

6) Squats


Like many other benefits of the squat exercise, it is also helpful in the case of inner thighs. Yes, because it perfectly works on the lower body. Doing this exercise for your inner thighs also helps to develop your core muscles. Not only that, but it also maintains your general physical stability.

Also, you can make a wide range of alterations in this activity, so it can target diverse areas of your thighs and legs and you can experiment with all these squat styles to give inner thighs the perfect exercise. This exercise for the inner thighs is the best one to work on the inner thighs. It is a great toning workout.

7) Stretch for Inner Thighs


Stretching legs is another great exercise for the inner thighs. To do this exercise, you have to sit on the ground and then open the legs wide as much as you can. Twist towards the forwarding side carefully. There is not any problem if you do this process with the support of your hands.

It is important to keep yourself as low as possible while keeping the back straight. After getting in that position, you need to hold up for a few seconds.

8) Ball leg lifts

ball leg lifts

Ball leg lifts workout to focus on the inner thigh. You can add some flavor to the fundamental inner thigh exercises utilizing swingball. You need to lie down on the ground and fold your arms before the body.

On the off chance that you are not feeling good in this position, then curve your elbow and lay your head on the hand. Put the swing ball in the middle of your legs.

Gradually lift this ball towards the roof with the butt and hips. After doing this step, come back to the first position. Do this exercise for the inner thighs at least ten times.

9) Using Dumbbells

Using Dumbbells

Yes, dumbbells can be used to work on the inner thighs. To do this exercise, you need to extend your legs and keep the 35 pounds dumbbell in between the legs, keep the chest apart, and then sit in the squat position.

After you come up with this situation lift up to the dumbbell, then move the hips back, and then bring the dumbbell towards the downside. Do this squat and remain with a dumbbell in your grasp around 15 times.

Twist the knees and bring them straight again. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best workouts for inner thighs as well as amazingly working to strengthen bones.

10) Defeat Resistance

Defeat Resistance

It is another exercise for the inner thighs. In this process, you need to use the elastic band. Put your legs on the shoulder width and after that place this band about the mid-calf. Now, raise the left foot and move sideways, while beating band resistance. After doing this procedure get back to your starting point. Repeat this process 15 times.

Final Words

We have included the 10 best workouts for inner thighs. You don’t need to follow each of these workouts. Go with the one or two that best suit you and regularly do these workouts for a few days. You will have great attractive inner thighs as you want.

You need to be patient while doing these workouts because patience combined with the appropriate exercise can help you achieve the dream thighs. Also, the width and appearance of the thigh rely on your hereditary qualities and your body’s regular structure. It is not wrong if you expect attractive legs while doing these workouts.

At this point, you have understood the best workouts for inner thighs. Now, it is time to implement these methods practically because we have first stated that you have to be serious if you want your desired thighs. It requires your hard work. You may also be interested to learn about some more fitness tips, here you go! If you liked this information about exercise for inner thighs, share this information with others as well.

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  1. Great article! I’ve been focusing on improving my inner thigh strength, and these exercises are perfect additions to my routine. I appreciate how you’ve included a mix of exercises that can be done both at home and at the gym. I find that consistency is key, and these varied exercises help keep my workouts interesting. Thanks for the helpful tips!

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