Facts You Should Learn Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation

When a woman decides to opt for breast augmentation, her priority does not stick to getting her ‘Mister Right’ only. The problems of having small and shapeless breasts are way beyond just those relationship problems. Having shapelier and firmer breasts is one reason why a woman can regain self-confidence and self-esteem.

Her fears and insecurities go away, and so do her psychological problems associated with them. If you have decided to undergo an augmentation procedure, here’s presenting the facts and facets before choosing this cosmetic therapy.

The Science Behind ‘Breast Augmentation

Science defines the term as augmentation mammoplasty. It’s a surgery that gives volume to your droopy and wrinkly breasts. By increasing its size, it rebuilds the breasts for a multitude of conditions. If you are deciding on undergoing augmentation mammoplasty, it is the right time to talk to a surgeon. But before that, learn the quick facts and facets concerning cosmetic surgical therapy.

Some Quick Facts

If you consider undergoing augmentation, first and foremost get all the facts right! So much information is available on the Internet, but if you aren’t factually knowledgeable, undergoing surgical treatment leads to difficulties. So, here’s the list of factual things to learn about the surgery:

  • Augmentation is a surgical name for enlarging the breasts, and it is practiced by licensed surgeons
  • Age is a major criterion for opting for the process and is appropriate for women after 20 years of age
  • There will be a scar, and its size entirely depends on the process
  • You are not supposed to wish for unrealistic results (sagging is natural, and it happens as you age; augmentation helps in making the appearance better)
  • After-care treatment is a vital part of the recovery period (if you do not take care of it, the chances of risks associated with augmentation increase)
  • Augmentation includes certain risk factors, including scar tissues distorting the shape, breast pain, infections, change in the appearance of nipples, breast or nipple sensation, rapture or leakage
  • If it is required, you might need an MRI scan
  • Augmentation isn’t guaranteed to last for a lifetime
  • The process is performed in an accredited hospital or surgical center

Women Who Should Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery

Before you decide on going under the knife to make your breasts look shapelier and firmer, you need to see whether you are eligible for the surgery. Let’s check it out!

Women with small breast sizes usually opt for augmentation procedures. Generally, women with macromastia (a condition causing underdeveloped breasts) are the perfect candidates for this surgical treatment. By undergoing surgery, women acquire the confidence to wear whatever they wish.

Plus, it also gives them a sense of relief from the embarrassment of having the smallest cup sizes among friends, ever since their school days. Breast enlargement allows women to get the feminine silhouette alongside a wardrobe with curvier clothes!

Underweight women who have recently put down a lot of calories can opt for this procedure. Given that sudden weight loss can lead to skin pockets around breasts, it results in minor sagging.

Women losing a lot of weight can undergo the augmentation process to acquire a more prominent chest area. And since she is going to have a smaller waistline (thanks to her weight loss program), it will give a more aesthetically pleasing contour.

When pregnancy takes her curvier self-esteem, she gets a chance to restore her presentable appearance through augmentation. Opting for cosmetic surgery is always considered a mommy’s go-to option. And, if she worked so much to bring her infant onto the planet and raise the child by offering her milk, why can’t she think of herself and her curves?

After all, curves are a woman’s possession. And if she thinks she should give her drooping boobies a volume, breast augmentation becomes a safer bet. If the woman has drastically sagging breasts, she can perhaps go for the combination method of breast lift and augmentation.

Women undergoing mastectomy can also think of going through this process. A woman knows that some battles aren’t fought on the battlefield. Fighting with cancer is one of them, and so is undergoing mastectomy.

When mastectomy leaves her with drooping breasts, she can decide to go for augmentation and feel healed emotionally and mentally.

When she is utterly dissatisfied with the appearance of her breasts, she does not need any other reason to undergo augmentation. When she thinks her boobies are too small to complement her favorite bikini or they are disproportioned, she can consult her surgeon.

Lack of self-esteem not only affects relationships but also hampers their way to making more significant strides in careers. Breast augmentation offers perfect body shapes, and thus, it helps women gain confidence in their appearance.

When she’s aging and losing the youthfulness of her breasts, she can consider opting for breast enlargement. Aging will lead to lost elasticity as well as volume. As a result, a woman witnesses sagging breasts. This makes her look even older.

Augmentation offers the safest results to get back the youthfulness of her appearance. It also helps in restoring the perky & bubbly shapes of her breasts. In this manner, she regains her curvy self once again.

A woman with noticeable lopsided breasts can also undergo breast augmentation. Uneven breasts not only make her feel comfortable about herself but also make it prominent for others to notice the drastic difference between the sizes (if it’s chronic and noticeable).

The best way to feel confident and choose perfect-sized bras is by undergoing the surgical method. Augmentation makes you curvier and bubblier, and this is the reason why most women experiencing an imbalance in breast sizes undergo this process.

Who Shouldn’t Undergo the Surgery?

Attaining a flawless figure with perky and beautiful breasts is every girl’s dream. But to speak of undergoing breast enlargement surgeries, not everyone is a good candidate. The ideal candidates who can go for augmentation surgery are the ones who do not come under this range:

A girl under 18 years of age is not an applicable candidate to undergo surgery. Teenage is a time of physical and mental development. And during this age, your breasts are not fully developed. The mammary gland continues to develop until a girl steps into her 20s. And, until the breasts aren’t completely developed, augmentation is not supposed to be considered. Opting for surgery before the complete development can result in deformation because the growth is going to continue.

A pregnant woman cannot opt for enlargement surgeries because of valid reasons. Given that the augmentation procedure is voluntary, women who are carrying their infants in their wombs should never think of taking such a drastic step during pregnancy. Surgical methods like augmentation include making changes to tissues that are responsible for secreting milk. And during pregnancy, a woman is not supposed to undergo such surgery.

A woman nursing her child also should avoid thinking of breast augmentation. Again, during breastfeeding, the mother is supposed to help the child through the glands that secret milk during and after pregnancy. Breast augmentation makes changes to tissues that secrete milk. So, breastfeeding moms are supposed to wait for around six weeks upon weaning before they think of going for the surgery.

A woman fighting an infection shouldn’t go for this surgery. It is noteworthy to say that cosmetic surgery involves a significant procedure. And this is why a woman fighting an infection is not an applicable candidate for augmentation. Good health is a prerequisite, so unless you heal completely, you will avoid thinking of breast enlargement. Your active infection will only complicate the overall healing process.

Someone who does not want to learn about the process isn’t eligible for this surgery. It’s a significant surgical procedure that includes a recovery period for complete healing. No wonder, there are risks associated with the surgery too. And anyone who doesn’t pay attention to these factors might end up with negative outcomes. The pre-surgery plan is as important as post-surgical after-care. And, a woman needs to understand it before she thinks of flaunting her curves by opting for such surgical treatments.

A woman who desires to get unrealistic results should think twice before undergoing the process. Unsurprisingly, cosmetic surgery can initiate significant changes in the mammary glands. However, someone who expects unrealistic outcomes requires an understanding of the facts and facets associated with breast augmentation. Going through this procedure with impractical expectations might have permanent consequences for psychological and mental health.

Surgical Preparation Before Undergoing the Surgery

If you’ve decided to opt for the process, then it is imperative to take a couple of surgical preparations. Let’s find out the plan before it’s too late.

  • Getting a blood test is a prerequisite
  • Adjusting current medication is important – you can even take additional medications for the purpose
  • Before anything else, you should understand that smoking causes further complications – so quit it (at least 2 weeks before the surgery)
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs are not considered; they increase your blood pressure
  • Quit recreational drugs too

Factual Factors to Consider While Preparing for the Surgery

When preparing for cosmetic surgery, the first step you need to take is to consider a couple of things. On that note, here’s presenting the factual factors before you consider undergoing surgical treatment.

Selecting a competent surgeon is the first thing you’d require to consider. A talented and trustworthy surgeon can show you the place where the implant is supposed to be placed. Your clear communication with your surgeon will ensure the choice of the right implant size.

The professional will help you check for a perfect size that can complement your physical personality.  Given that the best augmentation treatment combines the art of both art and science, the right kind of implant will prevent rippling and wrinkling problems. And, a talented plastic surgeon does the job appropriately on that front.

Ensuring the right preparation for the consultation is also fundamental. Global health authorities have been working on breast implants under microscopes to decrease the chances of possible risks post-surgery.

Therefore, a word-to-word conversation with your surgeon will ensure picking up the right type of implant (saline or silicone gel). Determine to understand the things included in the surgery. Experienced surgeons will help you know the procedures and methods accordingly.

Expecting realistic results is another crucial factor to consider before undergoing treatment. Cosmetic therapy helps in changing the size and shape of your breasts. However, you should always keep the expectations realistic.

Planning for recovery is a major and predominant factor when it comes to ensuring the right breast augmentation surgery. The recovery period is crucial. Therefore, you need to take proper care of yourself. Follow the instructions as said and instructed by your plastic surgeon.

You need to perform a couple of things post surgery to avoid the potential risks post surgery. Ensure that you are doing it in the right way so that you do not get complications in the future.

After-Care Phase Post Your Surgical Solution

Every woman’s breasts are unique, and so is their recovery time. It takes around one week to get fit and fine for surgeons to assess the overall health. The first 3-4 days are comfortable. Returning to the daily errands or desk jobs will require a week. You’ll be prescribed painkillers for that reason. Here are the tips for a smoother recovery:

  • Expecting swelling and soreness is not unrealistic, for that reason, you can buy a couple of recovery or surgical bras
  • Wear your surgical bra all day long
  • Ensure you get full rest for a couple of days
  • Be extra cautious about your sleeping postures
  • Applying a good moisturizer to prevent dryness of your skin

Ready to Flaunt Your New Curves!?

Breasts are a woman’s god-gifted organs that enhance her overall appearance. And, if you want to restore feminine beauty to a beautiful state, consider consulting an experienced surgeon today!

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  1. My sister has always been insecure about her breasts’ shape which is why she’s thinking of trying the breast augmentation procedure. Well, I also agree with you that after-care treatment is very vital. It’s a good thing that you shared here that a scar could appear after the said surgery.

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