Get Paid Taking Pictures – How to Get Paid Uploading Pictures

Your Step by Step Guide

The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But now, with this guide, a picture you took could be worth a thousand dollars! By the time you finish this guide Get Paid Taking Pictures, you’ll see exactly how to do that, and feel like that figure is low!

Almost everyone has a Smartphone with a built-in camera, or at least they have access to a regular point-and-shoot camera.

Because of this, it is easy to take great pictures that can generate significant profits. If you’re ready to cash in on this billion-dollar industry, then this is your roadmap to success!

Taking pictures to stay connected to family and loved ones is a popular pastime; and with all of the different social media platforms that are available, even your grandmother knows a thing or two about things like Facebook and Instagram.

What if your snapshots, even some of the most bizarre and random ones, could put some cash in your pocket? In a world that is full of technological advancements, it is shocking how little some people know about the money-making opportunities that await them simply by using their cameras. What’s more, these people have no idea how easy the process truly is.

This comprehensive guide is going to walk you through the process of taking your everyday pictures and turning them into a never-ending stream of income, making it very easy for you to earn extra money without any previous experience!

So, buckle up, and get excited about what you are about to discover!

How To Use This Guide To Make The Most Money

It always happens. I’ve never seen it fail. No matter how much time I spend trying to put information together in the absolute most optimal sequence for learning and making money, somebody will jump right into the middle of it — or even skip almost all of it and go straight to the end of it — and then be confused or even upset because they “couldn’t follow” what I was explaining.

How to take photo

Maybe it’s because they “already know that part,” or they’re “not planning to do it that way,” or just that they are super excited and highly motivated to “just get started.”

But whatever their reason is, those “jumpers” and “skippers” seem to wind up confused and frustrated. Too often, the next step is that they conclude that “this just doesn’t work for me” and they give up on a whole new idea without ever really giving it a fair chance to work for them.

I don’t want you to be one of those somebodies — so please just read it through.

Still, I know that many different people with many different needs and goals are going to be getting paid for taking pictures. So I’ve put this manual together to make it as efficient as possible for you to get all of the information you need that will help you the most as you start turning your pictures into money.

A New and Better Way To Earn Money

Every single day of the year, in every city, in every country, people get up when their alarm clocks pull them out of their peaceful sleep, stumble through a quick shower, walk the dog, get the kids and their lunches ready, maybe start a load of laundry, grab whatever is handy and can be eaten while driving, and after what feels like half a day’s work already done, head out the door, and go to work.

And, sadly, the vast majority of those people are forced to work for someone else, and usually do something that they don’t enjoy. Unfortunately, this has become the norm. But not for everybody . . .
There are always those people you see out and about during the day who never seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere. It’s as if they have all the time in the world.

And here’s another thing about those people — although they are always casually dressed, you can tell that those casual clothes weren’t cheap!

And have you ever noticed that when they eventually leave Starbucks after a couple of hours of pricey coffees and gourmet pastries, they stroll over to a high-end car?

Have you ever wondered how the heck they do it?

Odds are they are part of the select few who have learned how to work from home via the internet. That’s exactly what I’m going to show you!

Thanks to the internet, we can research, open, operate, and grow a home business that brings in incredible income from our bedrooms, basements — or even a treehouse if you are a true free-thinking individual!

For many people, the days of having to commute to work are long gone, as more and more people are beginning to make a very nice living within the comfort of their own homes.

Whether performing freelance work or being an hourly employee of a reputable company, those who work from home tend to live much happier lives than those who commute to work.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could find a way to “stop and smell the roses” — and still pull in a reliable (and large!) paycheck!

Now you can do exactly that — and when you stop to smell those roses, also take a picture of the dew on the petals and turn that picture into cash.

Why Would Someone Pay For My Pictures?

Here’s the answer in two simple words: the internet. ?

In 2013 over 52 Million NEW websites were created. That’s over 1 million new websites created EVERY WEEK! And that’s without counting the bazillion blogs that are always being created. And that is great news for you and me because . . . drum roll, please . . . they all need photos to use on their websites and blogs.

Even better, those websites and blogs cover every imaginable topic. So . . . they need pictures of every imaginable topic. And it’s not just websites and blog editors who are constantly searching for photos either.

Why Someone Pay For Pictures

Who else needs pictures? Practically everyone — product owners, illustrators, all kinds of advertisers, scrapbookers, eBay sellers, teachers, business owners, writers, travel agents, real estate offices, event promoters, and the list goes on and on!

So you’re always going to be able to make money from simply uploading your photos until we stop being such a media-dependent society… which I don’t ever see happening!

How Do I Make Money With My Pictures?

The whole idea actually is very, very simple. Here’s a diagram of exactly how you make money taking pictures.

how you make money taking pictures diagram

The point is, every industry needs photographs and the demand keeps increasing and increasing as we continue to evolve in this media-centered world.

And while there have always been experts who get paid very well for the photographs they churn out, amateurs like you and me are able to make great money doing this too!

You can go out right now with your Smartphone or digital camera and start snapping pictures that can make you incredible money . . . And I’m going to show you how.

This guide will give you all the tools you need to get started. Ready to enjoy your life on a whole new level? Then sit back, relax, and let me show you how you can make money with your Smartphone or digital camera.

What Do I Need?

You are going to absolutely love the answers to that question! Just keep reading and see exactly how easy it is to start turning your pictures into cash.

Do I Need Any Special Skills or Experience?

No. You simply need to have the insider knowledge that I’m about to share with you.

This guide is meant to show you just how simple it is to turn your pictures into a never-ending stream of income. We have so many options available to us with photographic technology today, and more and more of them are becoming money-making opportunities for regular people like you and me.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

No. Simply having a Smartphone or simple point-and-shoot camera is all you really need to get started making money! Since you never know what will be considered valuable and what will not, it is best that you try snapping as many pictures as possible. You can’t ever really tell what you will catch, nor can you predict how valuable the picture will end up being.

Will I Be Competing With A Zillion Other People Doing The Same Thing?

In a word, No!

Everyone has their own way of doing things. And that is precisely why making money with your pictures is not a competitive business.

No two pictures will be exactly alike, and they don’t need to be. For example, a subtle difference between the look on someone’s face in two otherwise similar pictures can convey completely different feelings.

Those unique photographs and feelings will catch someone’s eyes and provide exactly what marketing managers look for when scouting for new images.

Case Study: Right Time Plus Right Place Equals Cash

Here’s a perfect example of having your camera on at the right time in the right place!

Right Time Plus killer whale

My sister was visiting Sea World in Florida quite a few years ago. It happened that she was filming when a baby killer whale was born.

She captured a special moment in time that Sea World people missed, and the executives at Sea World ended up offering her $10,000 for her video!

She received $10,000 for hanging out with her friends and watching the whales!

Of course, not all of your photos or videos will have the same success story that my sisters did. But looking at the other side of the situation, some of your photos may produce an even better payday!

Quick Start Path

Just a quick comment before we get started — this approach is designed for people who: • Already have a lot of pictures on their phones or camera

• Want to get started uploading pictures immediately

• Don’t want to learn about more advanced approaches right now

Review Your Existing Pictures

Go through your gallery and “Star” your favorite shots you’ve taken. Don’t be picky. Completely shut down that little voice in your head that keeps saying things like, “Who would like that?” or “No one wants to see that.”

You will never know who will be searching for what kind of picture. So if you give in to that little voice, you will be putting unnecessary limits on the money you can make from your pictures.

Identify “Pictures That Pay”

Let’s just say that one day you took a spur-of-the-moment (but very cool!) picture of a nasty cut on your toe and got a great close-up of all the black stitches and dried blood.

You might be surprised (and very happy) to find out that a horror website is using it because of the amount of blood and guts mixed with the reality you captured in your picture.

They might pay a chunk of money for that picture of your poor toe with all its blood and stitches to use in their marketing efforts for a zombie page!

YOU NEVER KNOW! So do not close yourself off to opportunity simply because you personally would never pay for a picture of a bloody toe. You never know!

Ignore “No Cash Pictures”

Whether you are taking pictures of your kids, your neighbor’s dog, or a park at sunset—you must keep the photos clean. “Clean” in this sense has nothing to do with soap and water, or without nudity.

Clean means without trademarks, or anything else that would infringe upon someone’s legal rights if the photo were used for someone else’s commercial purpose.

Everything from team names to stuffed animals—if it is registered to someone else to make money, you can’t use it commercially (to make money).

This is why when you’re watching a Reality TV show you’ll see then blur out the brand names on hats, drinks, etc.

It is theoretically possible to get legal permission to use a trademarked image for your commercial purposes, but the process is so long and complicated — and so unlikely to be approved — that the best approach is just to avoid trademarked images.

You should also keep this in mind as you take pictures in the future.

Upload Your Pictures

Go to the chapter titled “How To Convert Your Pictures To Cash” for instructions on uploading your pictures to the various photo sites that will pay you for the use of your photos.

Please remember that you are skipping over some very useful information. As soon as you are ready to take your cash for pictures business to the next level, come back here, review what you have already read, and then carefully go through the material you are about to skip for now.

I promise you that you will be glad you came back to this guide and read the additional tips on making money with your pictures!

How To Take Pictures That Will Make You Money?

A Short Walk Down Memory Lane

The cameras that come on cell phones have gotten increasingly better as the years go by. When I bought my first professional-looking digital point and shoot camera it was only 8 megapixels but was considered the top of the line for the time. Mind you, this did not fit in my pocket, nor did I enjoy carrying around a separate carrying case; but it was a good camera, and I loved it.

Today, a cell phone camera is all you need to get started, but if you are feeling more advanced than most, feel free to upgrade to a nice camera.

By the way, have you seen the recent commercial for the 41-megapixel cell phone camera lately? Too funny! The parents at a school play are beating each other up to get closer to their child on stage to capture little Johnny in the best light.

While those parents are practically fist fighting to get a good picture-taking position, two other parents sit comfortably in the back, able to crop their masterpiece to perfection because of the amount of power that little camera phone holds! That’s amazing! 41 megapixels!!!

What Makes A Good Picture?

You already know that you can make money with your pictures, so now let’s talk about what a good picture is and how you can improve your skills.

Whether you are using a digital camera, point-and-shoot, camera phone, or a top-of-the-line digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera, businesses want your photographs!

For this lesson, let’s assume that you are using your Smartphone or simple point-and-shoot camera to take pictures since everybody is walking around with one nowadays.

First Things First

Before you forget! Wipe the camera’s nose, for goodness sake!

Wipe the camera nose

I learned this lesson the hard way after a long, beautiful day hiking the sand dunes and wandering through nature with the family.

I was taking pictures of the majestic sights to behold and was feeling rather accomplished at all of the beauty I managed to capture. I took angled shots, still, life shots, funny shots of people, a great family shot . . . you name it, my camera was filled with it!

“Great memories!” “I take great pictures!” I silently congratulated myself as I tucked my camera away each time, feeling like a professional happiness maker!

Uhh . . . not exactly.

That night, I realized that my camera had a smudge right in the middle of the lens, and every single picture had a spot that looked like a nasty nasal drip, right down in the middle!

Learn from my mistakes. Always use a soft cloth to clean your lens before you snap your first shot. Bring the cloth with you too, in case of rain, humidity, or sticky-fingered little companions. Peanut butter does not add to the beauty of a colorful fall tree.

Set Your Camera Resolution to “High” or “Fine”

The next most important step before you snap your first photo is to change your camera settings to the highest resolution possible. This is basically the amount of detail your camera takes with each picture. Remember, you want the highest quality photo you can create.

You can do this by simply setting your resolution to “high” or “fine.” Every phone is different, but most of the time this is found under “camera settings.” Consult your phone’s user manual if you have questions.

Or just Google “camera name and model set resolution.” There’s a pretty good chance that you will find a YouTube video that shows you exactly how to do it.

What About Those Fancy Camera Filters?

These filters are not bad — they can be fun and exciting. Play around with them and create some funny framed portraits to enjoy with your family and friends.

But be aware that most of these will not make you money. All too frequently, filters make your pictures look like you just stepped out of a $3 photo booth. Nothing is wrong with that, but it is a $3 photo booth look.

I value myself and my pictures at more than $3. So I take enough pride in my pictures to avoid unnecessary filters and special effects.

There are filters and options that make the photos more aesthetically pleasing, but many times editors want the photos to be original when uploaded, just so that they can do the specific editing themselves.

Nearly everyone who has a phone has played around with the colorizing tools or frames but camera phones aren’t advanced enough to make these filters look professional. So just don’t use them.

You are better off taking a good photo and not having to worry about editing.

There is an exception to this rule. If you are selling your photo as a piece of art, go ahead, change the black and white filters, and be creative. There is a market for everything.

Selling pictures of feet is a legitimate and surprisingly common endeavor. Don’t be fooled by its apparent peculiarity, as this niche market can offer an opportunity for easy, practical, and profitable ventures. Embrace the uniqueness and explore the potential within the latest feet pictures.

Just always remember the purpose of the photo before you adjust the settings too much.

Should I Use The Zoom?

Unfortunately, as you zoom in, your picture quality downgrades significantly. Don’t believe me?

Try it—take a picture of a flower at normal zoom. Now zoom in to get closer and see what features are blurred, or changed in some other undesirable way.

Every camera has a selling point of having a great zoom feature—but it’s just a selling gimmick. It won’t help you make more money with your pictures.

It’s much better to just walk closer to the object in your picture, because when you get home and look at the zoomed picture- you will be cursing the blurred lines. Save yourself the heartache.

This rule also applies to “zooming by cropping.” You want to make your subject the focal point in your photo as much as possible. Cropping is an easy fix, but sometimes if you crop out too much of the background, it can change the look of the picture and cause several different problems.

Will I Need A Tripod?

Not if you can stand still.

On the other hand, if you are one of those ultra-high-energy people who even have trouble standing still waiting for the little green “walk” guy to appear at crosswalks, yes– maybe you would like to use a tripod to capture your best picture.

However, most people have good success without any stabilizing accessories. But this does not mean that you can just grab your camera and snap!

There are ways around a tripod, but you still have to remain… well, still!

A good posture for taking photographs is not difficult but it may require better posture than you are used to.

Stand straight and still with your shoulders back. Hold your phone with both hands equally sharing the weight and finger on the button.

Prop your elbows up on your rib cage or rest them on your stomach, whichever is more comfortable for you. This will stabilize your arms, in place of a tripod.

If you have a balcony or railing in front of you, it can be used to not only prop you up but also steady your elbows.

If you feel unbalanced, find a nearby wall to balance yourself against and then use the same hand posture.

To put it simply:

• Stop walking

• Stand straight

• Position yourself in the correct posture

• Use a railing or any other unmoving object for balance

• Concentrate on staying still

It is not rocket science, but it will make your pictures look much nicer.

Do I Need An External Flash?

No. You don’t need to purchase expensive flash and lighting equipment. But it is very important to use natural lighting to the best of your ability.

When you are taking landscape pictures, use the sun to your advantage.

Speaking of landscape pictures, many people try to take fantastic landscapes through car windows. Unfortunately, usually, they fail.

So just make it like a tourist, and pull over and park. Stop by the cool sign and take its picture. You will be happy that you did when someone is looking for a clear, pristine shot of that cool sign and you just uploaded one. They may not like your dirty windshield as its backdrop though.

Plus the fresh air will clear your creative channels and allow for better pictures all around.

Just keep in mind—lighting is always better when it is natural unless you are specifically looking to create artistic flair with colors, light patterns, and shadows.

But The Picture I Love Is Inside!

Sometimes you must take a picture inside. Maybe you are in a museum and an exhibit just strikes a chord with you. Don’t skip the photo opportunity because of the lighting. Figure it out!

If you must photograph inside, be sure to set up near a window or other natural lighting source if possible. If that’s not possible, does anyone else in your party have a Smartphone that could project a flash to light up your subject for you?

Make every effort to face your subject in the light. You should be between the light and the subject of your picture.

Unfortunately using the camera’s flash will not always help you, because a camera phone’s flash is not always sufficiently bright. Also, it is small and can create glare or whiteouts. Natural light is the best!

If you find yourself taking lots of dark setting pictures, check into portable lighting systems. You can get tabletop lights, and even handheld ones. The amount of equipment you purchase for this depends on your comfort level, skill level, desire for different artistic options, and — of course — your wallet.

I Want Money, Lots And Lots Of Money!

The best way to start making money with pictures is to start taking them.

Sometimes it is hard to take that first step. We often talk ourselves out of amazing opportunities simply because of fear. Do not let a lack of confidence hold you back! Please.

Too many times people miss out on opportunities because they don’t feel they are good enough. If you desire to be good enough, you are good enough.

There is a reason why you are reading this book, and it is to get you all geared up to make some extra money with your pictures.

We offer the tips and solutions you need. The only thing you need to bring is your camera.

If you find yourself very interested in this idea of making a living taking pictures, yet you can’t seem to get yourself unglued from your seat… Imagine yourself in these situations.

You are traveling with your family, taking pictures where you go. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if those pictures paid for the vacation?

Or maybe your child needs braces (always a major expense!) Take a picture of the braces! Who knows what orthodontists in the world might be looking for in that braced smile?

It does not matter how expensive your camera was, what college degree you have, or how much money you currently have in your pocket. What matters is that you saw something interesting and captured it with your camera.

The world is a beautiful place and we need to step out into it in order to take advantage of all the pictures it teases us with. Explore, enjoy, and don’t forget to click!

What To Take Pictures Of

Basic Information You have your camera set now, ready to snap pictures of the next interesting thing you see. But what will that be? How do you know what to take pictures of? Do you already have some ideas? Below I will give you a lot of examples to help get you started making money right away.

Keep in mind that these are just examples and you should be creative and come up with some of your own ideas, too.

Because the pictures you are going to upload are going to be used by virtually every industry, there are endless opportunities to take pictures of everyday activities and materials.

Even simple things, such as a picture of the clouds in the sky, can make you a LOT of money.

Cloud in the Sky picture

Don’t you think you could snap a picture like that?

Will The Photo Show Someone’s Face?

If you have photographed a person’s face, you will need a signed release form from that person giving you permission to use the photo. It’s really basic. You simply have them sign something.

Adults can sign releases for themselves.

If you photograph a child, you need to get their parent’s permission in a signed release giving you permission to use their child’s picture.

It may sound silly, but even if it’s your own child in the picture, it is wise to cover yourself by completing a signed release form for all the pictures you plan to use.

Be sure you do get written releases.

What You Should Take Pictures Of

The more detailed sections below will give you a lot of ideas on what to take pictures of. To get your mind rolling though, let’s talk about a couple of places that have plenty of photo opportunities, without requiring much extra effort on your part!

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to make money uploading your pictures. Is this possible?

First I tell you not to buy any equipment, and then I tell you not to leave your house. Next, I’m going to tell you that you can just photograph your kids and get rich.

Well… let’s back up a second. First off, yes you can take pictures of your kids and make money with them! Plenty of marketing materials require cute kids playing or laughing with each other. These cute, warm photos fill their space and entice their readers with warm fuzzies.

The reality is that a picture of your child playing outside may get you that next vacation you’ve been wanting to go on!

Kid With dog

Your Garage

I’m serious.?

Say you are on your way to take some pictures at a local park. Before you leave the garage, stop and take a few shots of:

• toolboxes

• wrench lined up

• hammer and nails were strewn about

• oily rags and engine work

• saws and hardware

If you see it in the garage, take a picture of it.

Other Places Around The House

Housework photographs are very popular, too.

Don’t forget to get pictures while you are gardening. Dirty hands and knees are required.

We want these pictures to look authentic, not staged.

Farmers Market

There are always some great natural photographs begging to be taken at a farmer’s market.

Be sure to capture the colors of the fresh produce.

And what about the look on the face of a child holding his first Halloween pumpkin?

Farmers Market

Around Your Town

As you walk the streets of your downtown — take pictures of the construction going on — new businesses being built, roofs being replaced, etc.

These types of photos can be used for start-up construction firms. Men who build houses don’t always take great pictures of their work. If they can buy a picture that portrays what they do and create a website around it to attract more customers, they are all over it!

Many towns have festivals, such as “Taste of Cincinnati” or “October Fest.” There are plenty of photo opportunities here — everything from a cool picture of an accordion to seniors polka dancing.

Traveling BBQ carts offering their goods to happy locals make great personal shots.
Don’t forget to take pictures of the food! Foodies are very popular now, and they all have blogs.

Bloggers know about your type of photos, and dedicated foodies frequently use multiple photos in a single blog posting.

Street Food Photography

On The Streets

Photograph the public transportation system and the process of using it to get around town.

While you are walking through the city, snap the street signs above you. Get the popular ones that everyone knows, as well as the funny named streets, and the signs that have gang tags on them. All of these have character and can be used to depict a variety of meanings.

Think about all the photo opportunities that a city offers:

• city streets

• skyscrapers

• ethnic neighborhoods

• birds on the sidewalk

• local restaurants

• events such as parades and various festivals

• well-known landmarks

• parks and playgrounds

• department store windows decorated for the holidays

These are all money makers!

You should never look back on this guide and say that we didn’t inspire you to make money with your camera!

In Your Community

Start off by taking pictures of the skyline that is most popular in your city—these create a sense of pride and passion for the city.

These are great for websites that promote travel and tourism. Both government tourism agencies and private travel agencies snap these photographs up quickly. Happiness sells!

At Your Workplace

If you work in an office, you have a ready-made, endless supply of photo opportunities — snapshots of computers, keyboards, office supplies, etc.

Don’t forget break time and vending machines… especially a snack that got stuck! What an awful break time woe — capture it!

You can photograph the phone lines ringing off the hook by looking at the switchboard and the flashing red lights.

If you work in a different setting, there are just as many — or even more — opportunities for you to get money-making pictures. Just think about the unlimited photo ops you could see in the various construction specialties.

Wouldn’t you just love to be the person who snapped this now-famous photo of workers having lunch 840 feet above the ground while building the RCA building in New York in 1932?

Extreme Weather

I don’t have to tell you that pictures of extreme weather are in constant demand. Think back over the last couple of years — a huge proportion of photography on The Weather Channel came from local photographers just like you and me.

However, be sure to use good sense here. If the local authorities are warning people to stay inside, stay inside!

History In The Making

Have you attended local government meetings? Gone to a swearing-in ceremony for newly elected officials? Watched the groundbreaking for a new building? Been lucky enough to see a Shuttle launch or Air Force One land?

Gone to the last performance before an old theatre closed? Been there the day a big new section of freeway was opened?

All of these, and hundreds more are great photo ops. There are untold numbers of bloggers who write about these things — and they all need good pictures!

Any Unusual Situation

I grew up in a beach town, and about every five years or so, a dead whale would wash up on the sand. Without getting into tacky details, dead whales on beaches create a number of “interesting” issues. Anything like this can provide a lot of photo opportunities.

But it doesn’t have to be nearly so dramatic as the whale example.

We also had a freeway underpass that flooded (like 3-4 feet deep) every time it rained — only a few times each year. Every time we got rain, someone (usually driving a VW bug) would ignore the “underpass flooded” signs, and drive right into the water, thereby becoming trapped in a floating car. And every time, someone else would take a picture of the whole scene and it would show up in the news.

Holiday Celebrations

No matter what holidays you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), there is a constant, insatiable demand for pictures of holiday celebrations. Just take a few minutes to make a list of the celebrations that you see, and you are already on your way to making money with holiday pictures!

One special, very important note. Of course, you will be respectful of all people and their celebrations. If pictures are not allowed in some places or ceremonies, don’t be the disrespectful clown who ruins a precious moment by setting off a series of flashes.

At The Zoo

There are so many great shots at the zoos that you will need to take breathing breaks to catch up! Take all the pictures you can, and pay particular attention to those rare special moments you can encounter.

How many people get to see a baby monkey being bottle-fed, a turtle being given medicine, or a peacock with his tail on full display? These are the money shots—take plenty!

Family takes a picture with peacock at the zoo
The family takes a picture with a peacock at the zoo

Animals make great photographs because they are beautiful, intriguing, and full of surprises.

One time, my cousin and I went to the farm exhibit at the local zoo. We were walking our kids around when all of a sudden her 7-year-old son asked, “Mom— why is that donkey trying to climb over the other one?”

We had walked in on a little bit of bedroom time for the donkeys! The kids didn’t know what was going on, but the adults all had cameras out, fingers on the trigger!

Giraffe at Zoo, Sydney. Australia

That was a fantastic (and totally unexpected) photo op, and my cousin was able to sell that to a comedy blog that LOVED the natural shot of animals in action.

You never know what you will come across, but be prepared! Surprises happen, but they happen quickly, so don’t delay in having your fingers ready to click!

I gave you tons of ideas to help you get started. Just keep in mind that you should snap pictures of anything that stands out to you. Never stop shooting!

Examples Of Money Made

These are the actual dollar amounts earned for these pictures. As you can see, there is a huge potential here to make an incredible amount of money.

Examples Of Money Made Pictures

Keep in mind that these are just examples. There is a demand for virtually every type of picture that you could imagine.

Keep your eyes open, and don’t limit yourself to our examples.

The world around you is full of opportunities for you to take unlimited pictures that can be turned into money!

Special Report

Want even more ideas on what to take pictures of?

Check out our Special Report

111 Things You Can Get Paid To Photograph!

How To Convert Your Pictures to Cash

Now that you understand what to take pictures of, let me explain the many ways that you can make money with them. As I have mentioned earlier in this guide, there are plenty of outlets for every type of picture. In this chapter, we will discuss the methods and options for making a living with your pictures — and more importantly — show you how easy it is done.

Upload Pictures To Stock Photo Sites

One of the best ways to make money with your photos is to upload them to stock photo sites. When you upload your pictures there, anyone who wants that type of picture can buy it and download it. When they buy it, you get a percentage of the fee.

You’ll get paid over and over for the photos you upload here!

What Are Stock Photos?

Stock photos are images that are not taken for a specific product, company, or service. Rather they are a generic or “stock model” that can be used for a variety of purposes and a lot of times for more than one purpose.

The main benefit to a company using stock photos rather than setting up a photo shoot is cost. Only very large businesses have the budget for hiring a photographer and setting up a photo shoot.

For example, a large hamburger chain like McDonald’s might set up its own photoshoots for its products, but a smaller local business would probably choose to purchase some stock photos to use in its promotional items.

Stock photography sites encourage professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists alike to upload their photos. These sites get almost all of their photos from individuals just like you.

Stock photography sites supply the business world with their creative tools to finish their projects, without having to hire expensive photographers.

As I mentioned earlier, if a company wants a specific shot in their brochure, it is often easier, faster, and cheaper for them to spend the money on a stock photograph than it is to hire a photographer and models and schedule a photoshoot.

Stock photographs are saviors for these types of situations, where a photo shoot is just not feasible. And remember that you get a percentage of the price that the company paid for all that simplicity, speed, and convenience.!

Who Buys Stock Photos?

The majority of industries require photos for a number of reasons. Web designers need them for the never-ending stream of websites they design for clients. Businesses need them for marketing purposes. The media folks thrive on photos to highlight news stories.

Magazine editors obviously need photos. If you can sell a photo for a magazine, depending on how big it is, it can be a very nice payday. Capture a candid shot of a celebrity on your Smartphone and you could find yourself holding a jackpot in your hands.

Are Stock Photos Just One Of Those Short-term Fads?

Absolutely not! The fact is, there will never cease to be a demand for new photos. Advertisers and marketers know that the proper photos can create a bond with the customer and can make them feel more at ease about buying whatever they happen to be selling.

So you’re always going to be able to make money from simply uploading your photos until we stop being such a media-dependent society. Frankly, I don’t ever see that happening!

Here are two little gold nuggets of information that I learned a long time ago about starting a new career:

• Never underestimate how much you don’t know

• Do not carry old assumptions and thought patterns into a new content area

Just because you would NEVER dream of buying a photograph, does not mean that it is not a profitable option for other people worldwide.

Remember, you’ll earn a percentage of the revenue every single time one of your pictures is downloaded.

While that may not seem like much money for each download, it really adds up when you realize that photos can get downloaded thousands of times.

This is what I like to call “Set and Forget” (or residual) income. You do a bit of work setting it up, and then the money just keeps rolling in with no additional effort on your part.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these stock photography sites so that you can decide which ones you want to use.

Where To Submit Your Stock Photos

Now you have a camera, and you have taken some great pictures. You are all ready to upload them online, so those picture-hungry webmasters and other business leaders can happily pay to use your pictures.

It’s time to review some stock photography sites where you can upload your pictures and make them available to photo buyers.

You’ll find that different sites accept different types of photos, have different pay scales, etc. This guide is to help you choose the ones that are right for your needs.


Dreamstime has a proven track record. It gets thousands of people every day looking to pay for the photos that people like you and I have uploaded there. When you submit your photos, you make a hefty commission on each of the images that are purchased.


Fotolia is an excellent choice. By uploading your files to Fotolia, you are presenting your photos to millions of image buyers around the world, 24/7, 365 days a year. You have the potential to earn thousands of dollars every month.

The commission you make is 20% to 63% on each downloaded.


Shutterstock can provide a pretty hefty paycheck once you are approved to upload your photos there. Do not be alarmed or discouraged by the fact that they have an acceptance process. It’s actually very simple.

To be accepted by Shutterstock, you must send in ten photos and have at least seven of them accepted by a review team.

Please don’t be intimidated by their approval process. Just check out their guidelines to ensure the best results.


iStockPhoto is one of the largest stock photo sites. Getting your photos on here can earn you a huge long-term payday. They pay 15% – 45% commission on each image downloaded. They also have some excellent resources to help you get started.

Room The Agency

Room The Agency is not only a regular stock photo site but actually specializes in iPhone stock photos. You should definitely check this one out. You’ll receive a 35% commission on all of your photos that are downloaded here. Room The

The sites listed above are the main stock photography sites that most people use to make money by uploading their photos. However, new sites are popping up all the time and when they do we’ll add them here to the members’ area.

Even More, Ways To Maximize Your Earnings

Look at the photos that other people have submitted to get ideas of what’s working best.

If you want to make the most money possible, you should look at those who are successful. Most of these sites will allow you to see the photos that are most in-demand, the ones that have been downloaded the most, and therefore the ones that have earned the photo uploader (like you) the most amount of money!

This information can give you the hints you need to know what to upload for the maximum residual income.

The ideal move for anyone who is serious about making money by uploading their digital photos is to submit your photos to any sites you come across. That way you stand to get much more exposure, and it also allows you to test different photos to see which ones people like the most across several different platforms.

How can you make sure that your photos make the most amount of money? It’s not a tricky process, and the sooner you start uploading your pictures, the sooner you’ll get the hang of it, and start collecting your picture paychecks.

You can really get ahead of the game if you seek out one of the stock photography forums where experts and amateurs alike gather to share tips and tricks that will maximize your income.

Print on Demand

This is another excellent way to earn money from your photos or other creative ideas.
Have you ever gone to a tourist town and seen the endless supply of “funny” T-shirts available for purchase? What about those custom mugs that people have on their desks that depict their most recent vacation?

Many of these types of products are in very high demand and are currently selling on eBay and other popular online marketplaces.

The sites in this category allow you to upload your photos so they can then be printed on demand onto virtually anything — tee shirts, hats, aprons, blankets, purses, coffee cups, calendars, posters, bumper stickers, mousepads, iPhone cases, invitations, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

With this system neither you nor the print on demand services hold inventory. All you need to do is upload your photo and they will handle the rest. Whenever someone buys one of your items, they simply print that item as it’s ordered.

They will then send you payment for the items sold. This is a hands-free process. It has win-win written all over it and has been VERY successful for me!

Thanks to today’s technology, you can create just about anything you can dream of with your photographs.

I recommend that you check out these sites and let the ideas come to you on how you can make it big: and

Besides making money with the sites, they also allow you to make some of the best and totally customized gifts for friends and family. You can see examples of customized gifts here.

You can make your own personalized gifts with their easy design tool which gives you the ability to add photos, text, images, etc. You can even create designs from scratch.

There are countless ways to make money by uploading your pictures to these sites. You can upload your interesting pictures and have them printed on demand for people who visit their sites. You can also list your items on eBay and have them shipped directly to the customer.

Another easy strategy that works very well is offering to take pictures for local businesses and get those things printed for them onto whatever they want.

Here are a couple of starter ideas

• coasters for a bar that have their business picture or logo on them

• a calendar for a company to sell or giveaway, with each month having pictures related to their business.

The ideas are endless… these are just a couple of them. Once you look through these two sites above, you’ll start to see what’s possible!

It’s so simple to do this that I highly recommend that you try it out. Keep in mind that you have to try something before you can say it doesn’t work for you.

Don’t be one of those people who pass by on huge opportunities because you essentially convince yourself that it will not work for you.

Freelance Sites

Another excellent way for anyone to make money with their photos… and any other skill they have, is via Freelance Job sites. These are sites where people and companies alike post over 100,000 projects every month for people like you and me to do from their homes.

Here’s how it works. You create a free account at these freelance sites, and then you can get paid to take pictures for people. Here are just a couple of example jobs that are currently listed:

Freelance Photographer Hourly Rate: $20 – $30

Need Pictures of People Working Out Pay: $500

As you can see, you can make a ton of money doing this on these freelance sites. You could even get paid to travel and cover special events.

The best part is that you get paid every week and you’ll usually keep doing future projects for the people that you interact with. This starts to compound itself and you can build a huge income stream from this approach alone.

It’s not only limited to pictures either. At any given time there are literally hundreds of thousands of projects waiting to be completed by people just like you. This by itself is a gold mine for you!

Millions of people have quit their jobs and made a full-time income just doing freelance work! I’m sure you have skills that are in demand (and maybe you didn’t even know it yet). I HIGHLY recommend that you take some time to surf through the projects that people have posted on the sites below.

Recommended Freelance Sites

There are multiple freelance sites. My favorites are:


Upwork is the largest and most popular freelance platform for businesses looking to hire and work with freelancers just like you and me. Over 500,000 businesses and 2 million freelancers in more than 150 countries use Upwork.

Each year more than 1 million freelance jobs are completed through Upwork, and to date, the freelancers have earned over $800 million!! Check out Elance and browse through their projects to see the ones you could do.


You have the skills, oDesk has the job. With almost twice the freelancer earnings of its largest competitor, oDesk is a smart, secure place to get to work!


This is one of the easiest places to make money from home. You can create a free account at Fiverr. com and then offer to upload pictures of whatever someone needs. You’ll get paid directly by Fiverr for each of these projects (called “gigs” on Fiverr) that you complete.

It’s quick, it’s simple, and it can really add up to a huge income! This is truly a unique site and idea, it is definitely worth a couple of minutes of your time to register and try it out.

A Special Bonus

I’ll let you in on another aspect of Fiverr that makes this one of the quickest and easiest ways to start getting a continual flood of income no matter where you live. Not only can you offer to take pictures of whatever they need, but you can also offer ANY other thing that you can think of and get paid for it.

The job market is always changing. Thanks to the internet and the increase in online social activity, endless new opportunities for people are constantly opening up as more and more people realize that traditional jobs are no longer their only career options.

More and more people are making Fiverr their go-to place to kick start their journey to financial independence. With Fiverr, they are able to turn their skills and passions into an income, on their own terms.

What’s interesting to note is that 14% of Fiverr providers report it as their primary source of income!

The variety of things that you can do and get paid for on Fiverr seems to be virtually unlimited!. Check out and scroll through the listings. These are all people like you and me who are going to get paid to perform those jobs.

Celebrity Spotting

Now listen closely, no one is telling you to go chase around your favorite actor and become his stalker in order to get a picture worth a million dollars.

On the contrary, I am telling you that if you happen to be at a local zoo, and an A-Lister happens to be enjoying the day with his or her family as well… snap the picture! Or a couple of pictures!
Those photographs are like gold to the entertainment industry.

Obviously, do not invade privacy and respect the same boundaries you would like respected if it were you in the limelight—but they are famous and they are photographable.

Snap the picture! Those pictures could pay you thousands of dollars!

Celebrity Spotting

If your photos are worthy of big news headlines, you can contact tabloids and entertainment television shows or magazines directly. They pay good money for the valuable proof behind their stories.

Newspapers, magazines, online celebrity blogs, and local news channels — many people will pay a fee for a good photograph of someone famous doing something they care about.

Everyone is hoping for that, “He cheated with WHO?” photograph that will make them hundreds of thousands of dollars. This isn’t always the case, but you never know who you might run into.

Smartphone Apps To Earn Cash!

In addition to uploading your photos as we mentioned in previous chapters, there are many other ways that you can earn money using your Smartphone. Here are some of the top ways we and our members have found.

Get Paid Taking Pictures Apps


Foap is a great site for iPhone and Android users. You simply snap pictures with your Smartphone and upload them to their site.

You earn $5 every time someone gets your picture. You can also join in on their Photo Missions where you take pictures for a specific company and earn cash for each picture they use.


Gigwalk is another great way to make money with your Smartphone. You simply download their iPhone or Android app and then it will show you the gigs in your area. You’ll earn money for simply taking pictures of various things.

Someone might post a Gig wanting you to post pictures of their business, or how clean the inside is, or being a secret shopper. It’s definitely something that I recommend you check out.


Scoopshot is another great phone app. Once you install their free iPhone / Android mobile app, you’ll be able to see what photo projects are being requested. Simply snap pictures of whatever you see around your town and get paid cash!

Another way to make money with scoop shots is if you just witnessed something that would be newsworthy e.g. an accident, fire, etc… If so, you can simply upload it via their iPhone or Android app and get paid cash for it!

Get Paid To Shop Apps

Swag Bucks

Swag Bucks is an incredible program that PAYS YOU to shop, watch TV, search the web, play games, and MUCH MORE. Swagbucks allows users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day. is the only place on the web to get what you want without ever having to spend a dime. Check out


Ibotta is another great Smartphone app that pays you to shop. You’ll also get a $10 bonus just for signing up. Check out


Shopkick is a really cool Smartphone app that will pay you to simply show up at different places. It’s really that simple. You should definitely check out


Now, you know everything you need to start making money by uploading pictures. This is where you decide what you want out of life, what your financial goals are, and what you are good at producing to accomplish those goals. The smartphone in your pocket is truly the first step to your success!

This is a fun and easy way to make money from home. It is also a pathway that could potentially be very profitable for you, and allow you to accomplish your dreams and desires without having to slave away at a 40-hours-per-week job working for someone else!

The future of your business and professional career is in your hands. You have the tools, the desire, and now, hopefully, the confidence to start making money.

Now the reins are in your hands, and it is time for you to start improving your financial future.

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