11 Modern Home Office Desks Designs For Your

Having a desk is one of the main components when buying home office furniture. Choosing the perfect desk for your home office can be confusing at first. With our guide, you’ll know all the types of desks for home and business offices. Depending on your needs and work nature, you can wisely choose the right desk.

Before knowing the types of desks, you need to know some tips on how to choose them right now…

How to Choose the Best Home Office Desk?

Choosing the right desk can make your work at home smoother and easier. However, if you pick the wrong one, you’ll waste your energy, time, and money on something you weren’t supposed to get. When it’s time to buy your office desk, consider these important tips in choosing the ideal work desk.

  • Will the desk meet your job needs and workstyle?
  • Will its size fit well within your office or workspace?
  • Can the desk’s surface withstand the daily-use demands?

These are the most common questions that you need to answer before purchasing the desk. So, we put together a list of tips to consider to make it easier for you to choose the right desk. Make sure the desk accomplishes your work tasks in a productive, ergonomic, and comfortable manner.

1. Quality and Durability

  • The Desk’s Drawers

Firstly, the construction of the drawers often shows what the desk is made of and the desk’s quality.

Wood Desks: You can find a high-quality wood desk that’s assembled with a dovetail (interlocking) construction. It provides stronger draws than drawers that are stapled or glued together.

Metal or steel desk: Metal suspension rollers have a firm suspension. So, drawers will easily open and close while bearing weight. Ideally, the drawers should slide out to their full length for full and easy usage of space. Also, look at the drawers when they’re closed. The desk isn’t designed right if there’s a gap where the drawer meets the desk,

  • The Corners and Edges

Next, you should check the edges and corners of a desk. Don’t purchase a desk that has any fraying.

  • The Desk Warranty

A desk that comes with a warranty tells a lot about the life expectancy, quality, and durability of a particular desk. Usually, desk warranties range from a one-year warranty to a lifetime warranty.

2. Ergonomics and Space

  • Leg clearance:

Desks with 29 to 30 inches of height off the floor are suitable for most users. Make sure the desk you’re purchasing gives clearance to your legs to work comfortably.

  • Spacing:

Ideally, you should have at least three-and-a-half feet of space when sitting behind your desk. Also, you should have a minimum of three feet of space between the desk and other home office furniture.

  • Computer Users:

If you use a computer or laptop a lot for your work, then it needs to be a comfortable height. Why?

Because, when you have the laptop or monitor at a level higher or lower than your eye level, it causes muscle soreness and discomfort. Moreover, if you’re going to purchase a computer desk, make sure it comes with a keyboard platform for comfort.

  • Functionality:

It’s best to purchase a desk that best suits your needs and makes you reach everything with ease. Ultimately, you can be more productive and focused when you have enough space and do not overcrowd the desk surface.

  • Wrist Pads

Sometimes, desks may have a sharp edge. So, you can solve it by placing a wrist pad along the edge. Why? To prevent any pinching or pressure on your inner wrist and allow you to work for long hours comfortably.

3. Know The Purpose Of The Desk

  • Writing &Paperwork:

You’ll probably have lots of papers, books, and spreadsheets that need a spacious desk surface. So, it’s best to get a writing desk that can take everything without being overloaded. Also, for best functionality, consider getting a cabinet or installing shelves to take the papers and books when not used.

  • Computer & Freelance Work

If you use the computer a lot or are a freelancer, then you need to pick a desk designed for computer usage. Also, make sure to get a desk that has a compartment for the CPU if you’re using a PC.

Finally, the best computer desk will always have wiring channels or openings for the cables and cords. It’ll allow you to organize the cables easily without them tangling and have a neat looking desk.

  • Homework & Studying Desk:

Ideally, the best desk for studying is the “L”-shaped desk. The L-shaped desk is great when you’re sharing it or need to use your laptop or PC while studying.

4. Desk Surface

  • Metal or Steel

It’s the most durable desk you can choose for your home office. Steel or metal desks usually come at reasonable prices and are amazing if you need a long-term desk. You can assess the quality of the metal desk by checking its weight, and the drawers as we just mentioned.

  • Wood or Veneer

Wood or veneer desks are the top choice for people looking for an elegant touch. The veneer is a thin wood layer glued to an inferior base.

Wood and veneer desks are more appealing than other types of desks. However, they cost more and are considerably more delicate. So, the wood desks are a lot easier and aren’t suitable for rough or heavy use.

  • Laminate

Nowadays, a laminate plastic finish desk is the most common choice. Laminate desks are durable, affordable, and have longer life spans than wood or veneer desks. They come in many colors and wood grain patterns to match your home’s style. We’d recommend looking for a thick, high-pressure laminate desk to withstand daily use.

  • Glass

Last but not least, a glass desk that adds a modern taste to your home office. Usually, glass desks come with either wood or metal constructions. The glass just lightens and expands the visual space of the desk.

You can easily remove the desk glass for cleaning, moving, or maintenance. Also, it comes in a variety of designs that you can choose from.

Now, that you know what to consider when choosing a desk, we’ll discuss the different types of desks…

11 Common Desks Types For Your Home Office

After knowing the purpose of the desk, its surface, functionality, quality, and durability you need, you can wisely choose from the different types and designs of desks for your home office.

1. Computer Desk

Computer desks are the most common choice for home offices since they include a keyboard tray and a large compartment for the CPU. It is an efficient and simple desk with added space for your hardware components.

Recently, computer desks have been the most practical and functional type of home desk as they offer enough space for both a monitor and a computer tower. Also, some computer desks have parts and channels for cables, computer accessories, and peripherals.

Efficient Home Laptop Notebook Computer Desk

2. Writing Desk

It usually has the least storage space and desk surface and is solely designed for writing. When you write, you need to stay as focused as possible with the least amount of distractions on or around the desk.

They are designed to boost creativity and productivity. You’ll find it in many shapes, designs, materials, and colors to suit your room theme just fine. Also, it brings elegance to the room with its simple and minimal design, which makes it perfect for writing jobs sorting bills, or finishing some paperwork.

Small Computer Desk for Home Office

3. L-Shaped Computer Desk

If you love having a lot of room while working without overcrowding your desk, then get an L-shaped desk. It will be more functional and improve your focus and creativity as you work.

You can choose from different designs, finishes, styles, and materials (wood, metal, steel, or glass) for the L-shaped desk to match your room. For better mobility, find a desk that gives you ample legroom to move freely between the two connected desks.

L Shaped Desk Home Office Desk with Round Corner

4. Standing Desk

Lately, several studies proved that sitting for many hours causes back and neck problems. So, they designed the standing desk to prevent any health problems that come from sitting for long hours.

Three main types of stand-up desks

  • Mobile desks that you can raise and lower.
  • Static stand up desks that are always on a standing level.
  • A desk accessory that allows you to work while standing up.

Stand-up desks are simple in design and look. You can alter between sitting and standing at your home office to avoid any health problems.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

5. Roll-Top Desk

For a long time, the roll-top desk has been an antique looking piece of furniture that’s appreciated by many. Usually, you’ll find the desk hidden behind the rolled lid. You can keep your office products and mail in its organizational compartments when rolling the top back.

It’s great when you don’t want your home office shown all the time. Just roll the top down, and your desk is hidden while leaving an antique and classy piece of furniture behind to admire.

Roll-Top Desk

6. Floating Desk

The floating desk is one of the most modern-looking home desks that is mounted directly onto the wall. You can get creative by adding as many shelves or cubbies for extra desk functionality. It saves floor space and allows you to take advantage of the vertical space. The floating desk is ideal if you want to set your home office in your dorm or bedroom.

Floating Desk

7. Corner Desk

When having a tight space in the corner of the room, you need to be creative and use that space effectively. The corner desk makes sure that the corner of your room is occupied in a classy and functional way.

It provides enough space to have your laptop or PC and has a tray for the keyword to save desk space. Moreover, some corner desks come with drawers to store your supplies.

Corner Desk

8. Credenza Desk

As you can tell, the credenza desks are a combination of a desk and cupboard-packed credenza. Normally, this piece of furniture is reserved for living or dining rooms, and it’s loved for its elegance, modern design, and utility. Now, when you add a desk to it, you double its benefits by using it for your home office, storage, and décor.

Credenza Desk

9. Executive Desk

If you have plenty of room and want to be the king of your world, then get an executive desk. You’ll love the surface area, drawer storage, and huge footprint. It gives a majestic feeling with its carved wood designs, which make stand out from other desk types.

Executive desks are found in a wide variety of designs, styles, colors, and shapes including:

  • Rectangle desk,
  • Massive desk systems,
  • L-shape desk,
  • U-shape desk.

If you have a study room, then you can dedicate it to your home office and be the king or queen. We recommend pairing it with large leather executive desk chairs.

Executive Desk

10. Dual-Sided Desks

If you’re working at home with your partner or a family member and wish to utilize the space effectively, then get the dual-sided desk. Also, it offers a conference-type work environment at home if you tend to have client meetings. Dual-sided desks are best for those looking for a lot of room to work for dual chairs.

Dual-Sided Desks

11. Armoire Desk

Lastly, if you wish to add a more elegant and ornate style to your office, you can get an armoire desk. It’s a very functional unit, and you can hide conveniently when you don’t want others to see your office.

It’s easy to roll out the writing or the keyboard drawer, depending on what you’re doing. Also, you can put everything work-related on the armoire desk since it comes with shelves and cabinets. The only thing you might hate about it is the limited desk surface room you have.

Armoire Desk

4 Wood Home Office Desks Colors to Choose from

1. Natural

There are many shades of natural wood that you can choose from depending on your personality and style. The natural wood shade, whether stained darker or lighter, is the most popular desk finish. It offers a classic and elegant look, which makes it the number one choice today.

2. Black

Unlike the traditional natural wood style, the black desk usually adds classiness to the room. However, black gives a serious and more stately look to the room than other colors. Also, most metal frame desks come in black.

3. White

Recently, white-colored wood desks have become a modern choice for home office furniture. It lightens up the place and adds an elegant sparkling to any room and goes with most home décor and paintings.

4. Grey

If you’re a neutral tone and calm person yet want to enjoy elegance, then having a grey desk is the best choice. It’s brighter than black desks yet darker than white ones, so it’ll offer the right balance.

Can I Paint My Desk?

Certainly! There are many ways to paint your desk to match your personality and home. However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not that easy to achieve a high-quality coat without experience.

You’ll need to put a lot of effort into sanding and priming the desk to get a high-quality coating. Usually, people use oil-based paints for furniture and desk painting. So, it is a time-consuming process that can be complicated and tedious. We’d recommend getting a professional to do it for you so as not to ruin the desk.

What Are The Standard Desk Dimensions?

The most common measurements for desks are 30 inches tall, 48 – 72 inches wide, and 24 – 36 inches in depth. However, dimensions can vary from one desk type to another, depending on its purpose.

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