Home Office Setup – Find Inspiration for Designing a Home Office!

A home office can be essential for anyone, especially for those who work from home most of the time. See what a home office requires and get yourself the setting you’ve always dreamed of.

A properly arranged home office is an important aspect that was proven to increase one’s productivity if all needs and comfort requirements are met, so you can finish your work early.

So, let’s see exactly what needs to be done to effectively set up a home office.

Choose the Optimal Space for Your Home Office

If you have a limited amount of space available for creating a home office setup, then you will need to get creative and find the optimal room for letting your home office setup ideas run wild. If your schedule requires you to spend a lot of time stuck at your home office, then you might want to consider a room with a better view.

For most, the best home office setup is just an entire workspace that is behind closed doors, for a more private atmosphere. A good example of how to set up a home office in a small space would be to use an armoire; a printer, computer, and chest of drawers to put your papers will complete the setting.

Make a List of What You Need

It is always a good idea to plan and list all the things that you will need in your vicinity so that you can work efficiently and comfortably in your brand new home office. This is a reasonable step to do before you sketch the home office design, as you want to know what objects and furniture are to be included.

Among the most important things would be a proper temperature control system and a lighting system, followed closely by a hardwood floor. You will most probably move around pretty much with your chair, so the floor should be resistant enough, at least in the area near your home office desk. If you are lucky and have a window near your desk, then we would like to advise you to get window blinds to control the light intensity in your home office.

The Writing Surface

The writing surface might be the most critical part of your home office design. No matter whether you have a futuristic custom-designed piece of the desk or just a large door over two file cabinets, everything should be of the right height for you and large enough for your actions. In case you have limited space for your home office inspiration, then a good idea that usually works is to draw on graph paper and play around with the shapes until you get the most efficient home office setup. You can also try to add some easy to reach shelves behind your working space for books and other supplies.

Sit Comfortably

One more thing to pay attention to when designing a home office is a comfortable chair that can provide the proper arm and back support, depending on the type of work you have to do. A good home office idea is to put a small footstool right beneath your desk (shouldn’t be higher than 10 inches).

A sliding holder for the keyboard could provide the right height for your arms and wrists to sit comfortably while you’re typing. Our strong advice is not to go shopping around until you have done a little bit of research about the ergonomic office furniture that is required for your home office needs.

designing a home office

Proper Lighting

To reduce eye strain, you must have appropriate lighting in the room where you set up your home office. Enough light over your computer area and behind you is mandatory for reducing eye damage and keeping any reflections off your monitor. Make sure your chair is at the right distance from your desk, so you don’t have to use reading glasses or squint to read the text on the screen.

Add Personal Touch

Adding color and personal touches to a home office will make it more inviting, and ultimately you will enjoy working from home even more. When your working space is decorated and organized in a way to expresses who you are, you tend to enjoy and appreciate it more as you have the perfect place for your activities.

Add patterns or furniture that will show your style, such as window treatments, when you outline your design. For example, you can even store your supplies in cover boxes or decorative baskets that have quality stylish fabrics.

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Take Visitors Into Account

Someone’s line of work might imply clients visiting a home office, so naturally, you would want to keep it as professional as possible (A bad example would be for your client to walk past a pile of dirty dishes in your kitchen to get to your office). It will be best to install comfortable seats, have proper lighting, and maybe even add magazines or literature that will help your visitors pass the time. All in all, make sure you consider the privacy of your work.


Working from a home office setup can be a blessing for a lot of people, so if you’re going to work from the comfort of your house, be certain of maximizing the outcome. Plan and list all your expectations and needs when creating the project design and do not underestimate the power of comfort and how it can increase the levels of productivity.

What ideas do you like the most, and which of them are you already using? Feel free to share your experiences regarding your home office setup.

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