How Do You Tell If A Cat Is A Norwegian Forest Cat?

Though cats have a reputation for being sassy, these animals are actually kind, loving, and loyal to their owners. People often found them to be difficult animals to handle due to their independent nature.

Unlike most animals, cats are usually not fond of cuddling or being handled by people. They love their freedom and would fight claws and all to enjoy it. It’s up to you how you’ll address the situation, but we advise you to leave them on their own, so you can earn their trust and experience the everlasting love of a cat.

What is a Norwegian Forest Cat?

You might have noticed the posters that say, “Norwegian forest cat for sale” on your nearest local stores and on some websites that you stumbled upon before wondering what kind of cat is being sold.

To put it simply, a Norwegian forest cat is a breed of its kind that possesses a majestic long coat and has been associated with Norse mythology for many years. The myth has it that the two white forest cats are the animals pulling the chariot of Freyja. Still, its real origin is unknown despite being introduced to Northern Europe for hundreds of years.

How could you differentiate a Norwegian Forest Cat from its peers?

This breed has a similarity with the Maine Coon breed, though there are still some differences. A Norwegian forest cat, for example, has a symmetrical triangular face shape. Moreover, they also have a double coat, wherein the top layer is 4-6 inches long and is known to be waterproof, but the measurement of their coat is longer between their legs and ruff.

They also have tufted ears that resemble lynx ears with long, wispy hairs that help them easily block the harsh, cold winds. Additionally, these creatures are blessed with the ability to climb trees with little effort, all thanks to their legs.

One particular physical trait that you could notice among Norwegian forest cats is their longer hind legs, which help them tread on the snowy ground and climb trees with ease.

Aside from this, you could see that, unlike its peers, a Norwegian forest cat needs 5 years to fully mature where the males could weigh between 12 and 16 pounds, while females could have a weight that ranges from 9 to 12 pounds. Regardless of their sex, these cats are naturally muscular enough to climb even rocks and go down from a tree in the blink of an eye.

Their tail further adds grace to their features. It’s described to be bushy and long. So you could expect them to wag those tails around when they’re walking. On the other hand, their voice is generally quiet and low and will only increase in volume if they live with dogs. Possibly to assert their dominance.

In total, you could expect a Norwegian cat to live between 12 to 16 years, depending on its overall health status. It’s important to know that though they look gorgeous, their species are prone to heart and kidney diseases, along with a rare illness known to be hip dysplasia.

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