How Often Should you Have Eye Exams

Sight is undoubtedly one of the most valuable senses of any person. However, losing your sight is not uncommon owing to many factors. Since prevention is better than cure, taking proper care of your eyes is crucial.

One sure way to promote and maintain eye health is to go for regular eye exams at your local healthcare facility. For those who do not have any eye conditions, knowing how often to go for a check-up is important. Those who have signs of diseases or conditions will be more inclined to seek help often for obvious reasons. So, how often should you have eye exams?

The frequency of going for eye exams can be determined by several factors. First, people who already have eye conditions will be advised to go for a check-up often; at least twice a year. This is in a bid to manage or monitor their progress. For babies, eye exams are part of their routine when they are taken to the pediatrician who monitors their growth. Therefore, doctors will be in a position to catch problems at their onset. Babies will be taken to the hospital several times a year before the age of two and this is an ideal way for them to be monitored.

People who suffer from chronic ailments such as diabetes and hypertension will need to go for eye exams more often than others – generally at least twice a year. Failure to do so can be detrimental to sight. For adults who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, visiting an optometrist or an ophthalmologist once a year is good. However, for people who are in perfect health, seeing an expert for an eye exam at least once in three years is advised. This will help catch any problem early. This way, treatment can be more effective.

If you start to experience subtle signs of problems like dry eye, itchiness, and pain, it is essential to book an eye exam immediately. Many people often ignore such problems which can turn into bigger problems. Some people suffer from mild conditions that affect the eyes, like styles. All in all, see a doctor immediately and at least once a year to ensure proper progress. For older people, eye exams become more important because with age comes eye diseases. The top diseases that come with age are glaucoma and cataracts.

The good thing about eye conditions is that when caught early, they can be treated effectively. Therefore, visiting an expert for an eye exam once in a while will be to your advantage. Do not take chances or ignore problems; they can get worse. In general, the more times you visit an eye specialist, the better your chances for perfect eye health care. Take time once a year to get checked even when you are not suffering from any condition. Your doctor will also guide you on how often you should have eye exams depending on your health state.

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