How to Cancel a Timeshare Contract with Holiday Inn Club Vacations

What Does a Timeshare Denote?

A timeshare is a shared model and system of ownership rights for several individuals for a particular vacation spot. It is a resolution and judgment that an individual takes. They allocate and use a specific and pre-decided amount of money. The individuals do so to book and plan trips to any vacation spot, resort, property, or estate they choose. 

A timeshare is a deed or agreement that offers numerous choices of residence. The contract signers can avail of these lodgings at any time of the year. In other words, the individuals who opt for and buy a timeshare get the opportunity and chance of staying at accommodation from the various options that a company provides.

The resorts and estates follow a unique system and pact of ownership. Typically, the overall proprietorship rights vary with several parameters and factors. They remain associated with the business that offers the timeshare. 

In general scenarios, a particular piece of residence or accommodation gets dispensed and apportioned to more than a single group or party. This distribution happens simultaneously. For that reason, each of the involved people gets assigned a non-negotiable and fixed duration of stay. In conventional timeshare contracts, the period does not surpass a week.

What is a Holiday Inn Timeshare?

Holiday Inn is a chain of hotels with its headquarters in Denham in Buckinghamshire. Based in Atlanta in the United States of America, it is a brand under InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). The company was initially established as a motel chain.

However, throughout the years, it has developed and grown to be one of the most famous hotel chains all across the globe. Holiday Inn owns over a thousand active hotels and more than 214,000 rentable accommodations. The statistics state that as of 30th September 2018. 

InterContinental Hotels Group announced the establishment of a distinct timeshare brand named Holiday Inn Club Vacations in September 2008. It provides resorts, suites, and villas for families and individuals in America. The membership to the brand functions via means of a flexible timeshare contract. The timeshares that the company generates are Holiday Inn timeshares. 

Any individual may opt for a timeshare with Holiday Inn Club Vacations. Next, they can select a piece of property or vacation spot in America. The timeshare owners can stay there during their trip. In addition, they can enjoy various amenities under the timeshare contract for the specific duration of residence.

What are the Diverse Ways to Cancel a Timeshare Contract with Holiday Inn Club Vacations?

An individual may want a Holiday Inn timeshare cancellation. They may wish to do so at any time. They can do so via any of the following methods:

– Utilizing the Recession Period

All timeshare that Holiday Inn Club Vacations generate has a particular grace or recession period. This time or duration allows them to cancel the contract without legal recuperation and hassle. The individuals merely need to send a cancellation request with all necessary documents to commence the application. 

– Requesting the Company Past the Recession Period

Holiday Inn Club Vacations may accept the request to cancel their timeshare past the recession period. In such cases, the individuals have to send documents and an application. They are the same as the ones they need to give for cancellation before the end of the grace time. However, it is entirely up to the company’s discretion to cancel the timeshare. 

– Selling the Contract

An individual can cancel their timeshare by selling their contract. In such instances, they do not have any further ownership rights over it and can get rid of it for good. 

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