How to Start a Fashion Podcast to Grow Your Business

The fashion industry is growing and changing every day with new trends and people coming up with new styles to showcase. It is no wonder that you want to get a piece of this $2.5 trillion business by starting a fashion podcast.

If you do things the right way, not only can you create a strong army of podcast followers, but it’ll also help you to grow your business further. We don’t want to waste any more of your time because, as we stated, you’ll want to stay in the know about the latest trends.

Read on for everything you need to know to get your fashion podcast started today.

Check Out Other Podcasts

We do recommend that you jump straight into launching your podcast before you do some research. One of the best ways to gain some extra knowledge about broadcasting is to listen to other podcasts.

When you listen to them, you’ll get some insight into pieces of other podcasts that work and parts that you’d like to emulate in your podcast. You’ll also gain some critical insight into things that you don’t want to make a part of your podcast.

As you’re listening to these podcasts, take note of how the podcasters connect with their listeners. Connecting with your listeners is key to building and ensuring that your podcast remains strong and profitable.

Find Your Place

Now that you’ve collected research and listened to various podcasts, it’s time that you find your place in the podcast world. Meaning it’s time that you figure out what your niche is going to be. What’s going to be the main focus of your podcasts?

Many podcasts talk about the clothes that everyone is wearing, but what are you going to talk about that sets you apart? Are you going to have a podcast that features designers to be on the lookout for? Or are you going to speak with trendsetters that will change the way people wear their clothes?

The niche you select should fill a need. Don’t follow behind everyone else. Do something that’s going to set you apart. Trust us when people begin listening to your podcast and be grateful that you’ve not chosen to go into another night that’s been done numerous times.

Even if you do choose a niche that’s been done numerous times, we recommend that you find a way to take a different angle on the topic and approach it with new and fresh ideas.

Create the Podcast Structure

Again you can’t jump on the air and hope that everything falls into place as you record your podcast. Before you turn on the microphone and your streaming equipment, you need to take the time to create the structure of your podcast.

The format that you use for your podcast is going to help you flow from point to point without skipping a beat. It’s also going to help you stay on topic as you work throughout your show.

You’ll also need to decide on some show specifics, including:

  • How frequently you’ll air episodes
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Length of each episode

Knowing all these things is essential to the running of your podcasts. It ensures that you remain organized and have what you need to run a successful and compelling podcast. When you’re deciding on the format, you’ll also be able to think about the tone you’re going to use during the podcast.

Purchase Your Equipment

You can’t record a podcast without having the right equipment. That’s why you must take the time to look over all the equipment needed to run a successful podcast and purchase the things you need.

One of the most essential pieces you’ll need is a microphone. Not just any microphone you’ll need one that cancels out all surrounding noise.

And when you’re streaming live, your followers will be able to hear that and wonder what the noise is. Have you ever listened to a broadcast and heard a pin drop? Or hear someone drop something during recording time?

You don’t want to be the podcaster that’s notorious for not having clean recordings, and that’s why you need to have the right equipment from the beginning.

Select a Platform

Now that you’ve gotten everything else figured out, your next move is to select the platform you’re going to use to release your podcast. When you select a platform like Motion, you won’t have to worry about your podcast structure because they’ll help you with that.

All you’ve got to do is focus on building your brand and establishing a voice for yourself in the podcast realm. And once you become established, you’re going to be full steam ahead, releasing all the fashion news you find. When you build a brand, it will help you connect with your target market.

Starting a Fashion Podcast: It’s Time to Hit the Main Stage

Starting a fashion podcast can be rewarding when done the right way. But we do recommend that you take the time to focus on each piece of our guide that we’ve listed for you above. Things that include finding out what niche you’re going to fill and thinking about the platform you’re going to use to release your podcast.

Tons of people are waiting to hear what you have to say, so what are you waiting on? But, before you get started, check out some of our other posts who knows you may find some more useful information to help you launch your podcast.

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