Love Quotes For Her: The 100 Quotes That Will Make Her Heart Beat For You!

So, you’re one lucky guy to have a girl who is now living now nowhere but in your heart! And, now you’re searching for love quotes for her to make her heart beat a little faster.

When you share with her something as simple as love quotes for her, this could definitely strengthen your relationship. Believe me, when I tell you, the simple things make a world difference with the ladies. Even to us guys, this could seem naive or nothing, but it means a lot to your girl.

Needless to say, each girl is unique in her own way, but some things are common between them all.

Now, I’m going to tell you how to show your love to her to make your love glow every day.

Here Are 5 Romantic Ways To Shower Your Girl With Love:

1. Compliment her with the sweetest things:

Practically, everyone likes to hear a compliment every now and then. There’s no doubt that it boosts self-confidence and makes us feel good about ourselves.

Now, multiply how good a compliment makes you feel by ten times and that how a woman feels when you compliment her!

Basically, one of the ways which you can use to express love is through verbal expressions. In simpler words, I mean you need to speak the right words to your girl and compliment her. But, you need to know and feel what you’re saying and make your compliments sound realistic!

Quick love tip:

You can simply stretch a smile on your face and let it grow slowly as she approaches you. Then, when she gets close to you, take a moment of silence, look at her from head to toe, and softly tell her “you look beautiful”.

2. Motivate Her:

So, words are a good way to express your love through compliments, but it’s definitely not all. You need to encourage your girl with actions to prove that your words are true. A woman always likes to feel appreciated and loved as her man’s actions speak louder than words.

3. Ask For Her Opinion:

Yes, I know that you’re the man, you’re tough, a big boy and you don’t actually need to take someone’s opinion on what you want to do.

With that said, I want to tell you that as much as you would love her to take your opinion, you should ask for hers too. Undoubtedly, when you ask for her opinion, you’re actually telling her indirectly that she’s important to you.

4. Do Some Chores Around The House:

It’s time to stop being lazy and get rid of the concept of women are the only persons who should do house chores! Wake up early in the morning ahead of her and prepare her some breakfast. If you make some eggs, it won’t take 15 minutes but it’ll mean the world to her!

5. Share Our 100 Love Quotes For Her:

so, this is what you came for in the first place. I know! But, it was really worth taking a minute to talk about how to show your love to her in simple ways other than love quotes for her.

With that said, it’s time you knew the 100 love quotes for her.

Romantic Ways To Shower Your Girl With Love

100 Love Quotes For Her That Will Melt Her Heart:

  1. “Your smile is all I need to have a great day”
  2. “I never knew why I was born, until I met you. My soul is born & designed to love only you”
  3. “I almost lost hope but suddenly I knew how bright life was when you brought your love into my life”
  4. “You trust me with your beautiful soul and I promise you I’ll keep it safe until my heart stops beating”
  5. “God sent you to me to love you like no other and hold you in my heart forever”
  6. “I thought my life was complete. But, when I met you, I realized how empty my heart was”
  7. “My arms are made to hug you tight and hide you from this cruel world”
  8. “I promise to keep you safe and hold you close to my heart forever”
  9. “There are millions of girls out there, and my heart is only beating for you”
  10. “You may think you’re not beautiful, but to me, you’re the most precious diamond a man could ask for”
  11. “I couldn’t help but think of you every second of the day because you’re my everything”
  12. “When people ask why I’m smiling, I’d say it’s because of your love”
  13. “I don’t care where we are. as long as you’re next to me, that’s good enough for me”
  14. “Finding you was just like finding a needle in a haystack. You’re a miracle that I intend to keep forever by my side”
  15. “I never understood why people always say that words can’t describe love. Now, I can totally relate to that”
  16. “Actions speak louder than words. But, that will never stop me from saying I love you every day”
  17. “I’ll treasure your heart forever and I promise to never leave you no matter what happens”
  18. “There are rough times that could have set us apart. Fortunately for me, it made our love grow stronger”
  19. “I thought I was a man who had everything. It all changed when I fell in love with you. Now, I literally have everything; I have you”
  20. “Your unconditional and undying love is what keeps my heart beating when I feel I have nothing to look forward to in life”
  21. “I don’t care where you go or where you want to be. All I know is that I’m complete when I’m with you, so I’m coming along with you.”
  22. “As a man, I’m most fortunate to say, that you’re the queen of my life and the ruler of my lands”
  23. “Just let me hear your soft voice whispering I love you and I’ll forget the world ever existed”
  24. “Every kiss we share is exactly like our first. it’s passionate and tells you how much I deeply love you”
  25. “Every time we meet I can’t help but stare at you for you’re the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever seen”
  26. “Share with me your insecurities & don’t be afraid. I’m your all time protector and lover”
  27. “When you said YES, my soul was on cloud nine and I was the happiest man on earth”
  28. “I never thought anything could be of ultimate importance in my daily life. But, you’re my every morning sunshine”
  29. “Out of the million girls, you’re the only girl who won and got my heart forever”
  30. “I thank God every day to be where I met you when I met you. Because if I wasn’t there, my life would be empty right now”
  31. “I know sometimes you get on my nerves and annoy me. Still, my love for you grows every day”
  32. “I know sometimes you get on my nerves and annoy me. Still, my love for you grows every day”
  33. “Girl, you came into my life and melted away the darkness in my heart with your soft, caring and gentle touch”
  34. “You’re my favorite camera girl! I love to give my best smile every time I see you”
  35. “I never knew that my heart, my brain & my entire soul can fall in love with you”
  36. “I’m no poet, I just love you. I want to give you a red rose, and kiss you.”
  37. “Tick tock, times passes, and I’ll always love you”
  38. “I never thought I could love the sound of my name until you said it with your soft loving voice.”
  39. “You know how much I love getting drunk. I thought this was the thing I loved doing the most, till I fell in love more with you”
  40. “Although I love spending times with my friends. Time with them will never be as precious as my time spent with you girl”
  41. “I love how you tightly hold my hand when I feel angry at the world.”
  42. “Your love, girl, made you see beyond my eyes and understand my silence and embrace my faults”
  43. “The only thing that can take my breath away is looking at your beautiful loving face”
  44. “I never thought of watching how beautiful the sunset is until you came into my life and showed all the beautiful things I was missing.”
  45. “You boost my confidence when I’m feeling low and that’s because you truly love me”
  46. “With me, and I promise I love you no matter how your skin ages”
  47. “No matter how you look girl, I’ll always see the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world”
  48. “You’re not only my girlfriend, but, my best friend, my sister, my daughter & ultimately my everything.”
  49. “When I’m asked what does heaven mean to me, I say being in your arms is my heaven on earth”
  50. “You’re my diamond shining brightly in a world full of sand & dust”
  51. “Ever since I met you miracles started to me and to my soul. I was purified from all the hate and your love took its place”
  52. “I never thought that I’d see an angel walking on earth and love her with all my might”
  53. “You stole my attention from the crowd & now stole my heart to be yours forever”
  54. “You gave a reason for my heart to beat, and a reason for my soul to live”
  55. “The touch from your caring soft hands brings joy into my life and just makes my day”
  56. “For the first time in my life, I’m actually not afraid to be committed because I’ll be committed to you”
  57. “You warmed my heart with feeling and passion I never felt before I met you girl”
  58. “Many come and go in our lives, but you’re definitely a keeper because you mean everything to me”
  59. “My life before you, my lady, was okay. But, after knowing you, my life couldn’t be any more perfect”
  60. “The only thing I regret in my life is not meeting you earlier to share most of my life with you”
  61. “When I hear you say I love you, I know that we are meant to be together for a lifetime”
  62. “It seems like yesterday when I first saw your beautiful face and said my first hi and we drank our first drink together”
  63. “Before I met you, I never felt as masculine as I do now when I’m with you”
  64. “The only thing I’m entirely sure of is that I want you to be my queen for the rest of our lives”
  65. “For the first time ever, I know why I was born, and that is to love and protect you”
  66. “I know that you’re not perfect, & we are all humans. Perfection to me means loving you and you loving me”
  67. “There’s one thing I don’t you to doubt and that is I can take a bullet to save your life my queen”
  68. “I don’t care how distance parts, as long as my heart is still beating, it’ll only beat for you”
  69. “ Girl, call me crazy, but I’m insanely in love with you”
  70. “You saved me from the world full of hate and brought to your fairy land, where love only exists.”
  71. “I love the crazy nights, the lovely mornings and the daily events we struggle through together to grow stronger.”
  72.  “I never thought my heart will beat fast nor love until my heart met you!”
  73. “My only reason why you’ll find me smiling for no reason is that I’m thinking of you”
  74. I love the little girl inside you who shows up when you’re only with me”
  75. “I thought sitting on a hill & watch the sunrise would be boring. Until I tried it with you and I couldn’t believe how breathtaking you are as the sun rises.”
  76. “I could never picture myself without you, not even for a second. You’re actually the reason why I’m here.”
  77. “I love how you used your soft words, touch and passionate love to turn me from who I was to the great man I am today”
  78.  “I only hope I made your life better the way you made mine with your endless love.”
  79.  “As every fight ends, I kiss you to know that I’m willing to make everything better just for you.”
  80. “My one and forever goal is to keep you mine, be your man and protect you from the world.”
  81. “I never thought that I’d want to be a day until I fell for you deeply. I just know I want to marry only you.”
  82.  “I’ll never get bored of loving you, for are the queen of my castle and the ruler of my heart.”
  83. “I know how strong I am when I’m with you & without you, I won’t know what to do.”
  84. “Seeing you is like seeing an angel sent to me from heaven.”
  85. “I always try to plan our day, but once you come along, you make it way better than what I had in mind with your craziness.”
  86. “Love means only one thing to me, and that’s cherishing you for as long as my heart beats.”
  87. “Your gorgeous smile is the reason why my face glows in the morning & I’m motivated to live the day.”
  88. “When you drop a tear, my whole world stops, for my queen needs her king to shelter her from all harm.”
  89. “To my one and only queen, who was born just for me, I just want to say; I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”
  90. “I never thought I wanted to be a dad until I realized that you’ll be my babies’ mother! Now, I can’t wait to have babies with you!”
  91. “Every day I drown into your love and get lost in your vast loving heart.”
  92.  “If I promised to be your forever king, will you promise me to my precious queen?”
  93. “Maybe I don’t know words of love. But, you can put your hand on my heart and listen to my heart beating love for you.”
  94. “My sweet girl, I just want to tell you today not to fear anything, because I’ll always be here to love and support you.”
  95. “I never thought that a man could meet the girl of his dreams, in reality the same way I met you.”
  96. “I vow on this glorious day to always love you and cherish your heart until life part us.”
  97. “You’re always and forever be my sweet sugar, no matter how old we grow together.”
  98. “The moments we spend together cannot be replaced with a  million dollars my precious darling”
  99. “You have a face of an angel that I love to start my day with your smile and I know my day will be great.”
  100. “I was never a complete man until I had you in my heart and loved you with every inch of me.”

Now, you have 100 love quotes for her. So, next time you feel like you don’t have any words that can express your love for her, just grab a love quote for her from this amazing collection we made for you. Frequently, you need to let your queen know how much you love her.

Believe me, things as simple as sharing love quotes for her can make miracles. But, you shouldn’t count 100% on just words. As we mentioned earlier there are other ways to express your love to your girl.

express your love for her

Basically, every girl is emotional, they are not like us. They appreciate things we don’t, like a cute little red rose, or a small or big cuddly teddy bear! We don’t care about these things, but, to them, it’s really important.

If you really think about your girl, you’ll realize that she is releasing her inner little girl when she’s with you. By the way, this little girl is looking out for a man, who should be you, to protect her and pamper her at the same time. So, always keep in mind to treat your queen like the lady she is and the little girl she loves to be when she’s only with you.

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