7 Tips to Manage Your Employees in a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have become very popular in various industries. They allow people to come together in a productive place and work on their projects. Usually, these spaces provide you with networking opportunities but that also means that there are a lot of distractions. In such a people-centric environment, a lack of guidance can have a notable negative impact.

What can save you from lack of productivity, quarrels, or disagreements is good management. Effective management habits can maximize your productivity and ensure top results. It is up to managers to navigate others towards an enjoyable work environment. The following tips can help you raise motivation and eliminate distractions in a coworking space.

1. Evoke a sense of community

The ability to connect and cooperate is essential in a coworking space. This will encourage employees to do their best and don’t let anything distract them.

Coworking Space community

Ellen Larsen, head of support at the company that does editing service reviews, shares her opinion: “When employees truly believe in your business, their work won’t be just for money. It will be for overall progress. They will aim to see the company reach success”.

Respecting each other and creating a connection will turn you into a community. You won’t be just a bunch of people doing what they must. You will be a team that supports each other to achieve a shared goal.

There are several ways in which you can evoke a sense of community:

  • Team building activities
  • Spending time outside of the coworking space
  • Organizing fun and special events
  • Setting up creative challenges

Getting to know each other on a more personal level will help you to have a deeper understanding of one another. As you will spend a lot of time in a limited space it is better for all that you get along.

2. Have a One-On-One Talk

Not everyone feels comfortable enough to openly speak in front of everyone. If there are many people in the shared space, the wall they build will be hard to break.

Coworking spaces can be crowded which can increase the tension. Since no one wants to argue in public they will keep the tension within. The problem is there is a limit to how much you can take before you explode. Prevent this from happening by talking to everyone individually.

Conflicts can turn out much worse if you don’t act on them on time Additionally, you can’t force anyone to feel comfortable in the new group of people. Show an understanding of employees’ differences and issues by having one-on-one talks.

Set aside some time for each employee. One-on-one talks have the purpose of encouraging people to open up about their thoughts, worries, or problems at work.

This will allow you to tackle any issue before it becomes even bigger. As you have to work together daily, it is up to a manager to keep their team working as one.

Employees could also have some amazing ideas but they don’t want to seem arrogant by proposing them in front of everyone. By dedicating some time to speaking to your employees you might find out many ways in which you can improve your project.

3. Share Progress

Coworking Space Share Progress

By having an insight into how you are progressing, employees will be more motivated to keep up the good work. Do a weekly analysis of the project’s progress, look into deadlines, and upcoming challenges, and share the results with the team.

Ongoing feedback is critical. According to a report, 89% of HR leaders agree that regular peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes.

Create some healthy competition by tracking attendance. You can reward those who are giving the most effort by naming them the employee of the week or giving them bonuses.

Keep up with statistics and regularly share them with the team. Send them via email, or during weekly meetings.

What’s crucial is that you aren’t too critical when someone makes a mistake. Simply specify what needs to be worked on more without calling out anyone. Additionally, when someone is doing great make sure that you praise them. The employees should know that extra effort is highly appreciated.

4. Be Actively Engaged

If you aren’t present in the coworking space, you won’t be able to manage people properly. Managers sometimes find that their daily presence isn’t necessary. That’s not true. You need to set an example for others.

Even if you are always ready to answer all the questions remotely, you should also go to the coworking space regularly. It is best when you can answer any inquiries and solve any problems in person.

The presence of managers motivates employees to work harder. There is no need for strict discipline. Simply your presence will encourage them to do better.

Being present in a coworking space shouldn’t be just to control what your employees are doing. You can have complete trust in them, but if you aren’t there you won’t know if that coworking space is a good fit.

Coworking spaces can have different policies, options, and various people present. The only objective way to assess the suitability of the space is to be there regularly. Your active engagement will help you determine whether some policies need to be adjusted for higher productivity.

5. Have a Break Space

Have a Break Space in Coworking Space

A devastating fact is that 61% of employees are burned out at work and 31% of employees report extremely high levels of work stress. Don’t allow that to happen to your employees.

Coworking space can sometimes be overwhelming. If you are in a bigger coworking space with lots of people, the stress levels can be even higher. That’s why you need a break space.

Taking time to relax is key to keeping productivity at a satisfactory level. Ensure that there is a space or corner where people can take a break. A quiet time will help employees to recharge their energy and reestablish their focus.

Some coworking spaces already have break rooms while others allow you to reserve a private office. Turn that office into a relaxing space. In case there is no such option, you should tell the employees that they can put headphones in and relax for a while.

Tight deadlines aren’t an excuse for no break time. Remember that intensive work habits lower productivity and focus. Decide a time limit that employees have to relax. Since they might need the break at different times, let them choose when they want to pause the work.

6. Raise Brand Awareness

Employees need to understand the value of your brand. Feeling proud of the brand they work for will make them more united.

Raise brand awareness by stating your goals and getting them to exist about building a brand. Let them understand your vision. More importantly, let them be a part of that vision.

Their energy will be at a high level when they believe in the brand. Boost their excitement by decorating the space with recognizable brand elements. For example, put up your brand’s logo, print out the campaign message, find and share motivational quotes, and similar.

Together you can turn a small business into a well-known brand. Your employees should understand the importance of teamwork in brand building.

Keep the team members’ attention on the brand. Specify your goals and boost their energy by being excited about your brand. Decorate the space with your brand’s logo, campaign message, and similar. Visuals help people visualize their goals. Not to mention that decoration will make the space more pleasant to work in.

Maybe you don’t have the freedom to decorate the office but you can still get creative. They can make a brand’s logo as their wallpaper background or you can create a visual chart of your goals and share it with everyone.

7. Get Flexible with Schedules

Coworking spaces don’t have strict time limitations. It is one of the best things about them. Usually, they are open from morning to evening, and sometimes they are available to you 24/7. Use this to your advantage and give more freedom to employees.

The offices mostly allow people to work from 9 to 5 or have a similar timeframe. The set time probably doesn’t work for everyone but they don’t have a choice. Coworking space does give you and your employees options.

If some employees have inevitable obligations adapt the work schedule to their needs. They will be thankful to have a manager who understands them. The statistics show that 96% of employees believe that showing empathy is an important way to improve employee retention. Employees do have a life outside of work and managers who show understanding will be more respected.

When someone has an errand to run they should be free to leave. As long as they do their work and consider deadlines, a flexible work schedule should be applied.

The only important thing is that they all are present during the meeting so that they can keep up with the plans and goals. Having a certain amount of control over their schedule should motivate employees to be more productive. However, you need to keep an eye on productivity and set some limitations when necessary.

Final Thoughts

Coworking space has many benefits for business growth and improving your company’s ratings as an employer. It brings the team together, provides you with the necessary equipment, gives you networking opportunities, and much more. All of that will be in vain if you don’t manage your employees properly.

That’s why these tips can completely turn the situation around. Remind your employees that teamwork will lead you to mutual success and satisfaction.

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