Marketing Tools Every Real Estate Agent Should Use

Whether you’re a new or seasoned real estate agent, you know how essential it is to utilize the best real estate marketing tools to generate more leads. Here is a list of seven top platforms and techniques you can use to get the most out of each of them:



Marketing on Facebook begins by setting up a business page. This makes you look professional and lets you market to a target audience more efficiently than by using a personal profile. Use the cover photo to spotlight current homes you have for sale and create tabs to highlight featured listings. Create content that follows the 80/20 rule, which should be customer-focused 80 percent of the time and centered around you for the other 20 percent. Respond to comments promptly and use photos and videos whenever possible.

Adding content that focuses on local interests is an excellent way to relay information about your community to individuals who are new in the area. This content might include recent news about local schools or events that are happening in the community. Offering helpful tips can also be useful for your target audience. You could provide ways to decorate a new home or stage a home for sale. Including photos of eye-catching homes and satisfied clients can also attract the type of attention you want.


Instagram – IGTV

The first step when using this platform is to optimize your Instagram page for business. If you haven’t already done this, you can sign up for Instagram via your Facebook Page. This Instagram page should be professional and not include personal pictures. Upload high-quality images and videos that highlight each listing you represent. Use short stories to spotlight specific features in each of your homes that may pique your audience’s interest.

Utilize Instagram Insights to make sure you’re attracting the correct audience and discover the best times to schedule posts. Your bio should be engaging and create the type of first impression that will lead people to want to follow your account. This can include your niche, neighborhood you cover, business contact information, and link to your real estate website. Be sure to add a professional photo and let people know how much you love helping them find a home matching their specific requirements.



Begin by having a complete profile that includes a good headshot and beautiful background. Twitter should be used for engagement, replying, re-Tweeting, and exchanging information. Use images with your tweets to receive higher engagement and share local content that includes local hashtags. To get an idea of what type of hashtags to use, check out the profiles of popular real estate agents or local business leaders in your community. The content you share should vary and might include the following:

– Home-improvement hacks and ideas

– A snippet of your most recent blog post

– Suggestions on things to do in the area and places to eat

– Tips to help home buyers and sellers

– Local developments related to news and events that people might find interesting


Zillow Premier Agent App

Getting involved with Zillow is another great way to become engaged with prospective buyers. Using this real estate platform can provide you with a great deal of exposure across the platform’s network. Targeting specific zip codes and properties allows you to position yourself as the real estate agent who gets contacted first when someone has a question.

Using this platform allows you to study your competition. If you know that a competing real estate agent is crushing it in a specific area, you can view their profile on Zillow and see how they’re doing it. Create your profile by studying other real estate agents, but be sure to make yours unique and match your branding.



While utilizing email may seem like an old-fashioned way to engage with prospective clients, it is still a relevant real estate marketing tool that you should have in your arsenal. Using Mailchimp to market to prospective buyers has several benefits. You’re able to see the properties they view from the email campaigns you create, and potential buyers will only see properties matching their favored neighborhoods and price range. It also gives you the ability to track your most active prospective buyers.

Using the platform lets you create targeted lists, which might include current clients, prospective buyers you’ve met at open houses, or leads from networking events. You may even want to set up an opt-in page if you have a website or blog that receives traffic from potential buyers. When sending out email campaigns, be sure to use the recipients first name in the subject line. Doing so typically results in a higher chance of them opening your message.



People love watching videos, which makes YouTube another great platform to use for your real estate marketing efforts. Set up your profile by using a flattering picture and include yourself in the main image at the top of your channel. It can also help to create an introductory video that explains what you do and how you can serve a prospective buyer.

Creating content for your target audience can include inside home tours, information about your local community or tips, and tricks on what to look for when purchasing a home. Focus on features and offer stories to your audience. You can also send YouTube videos to existing prospects. Engaging with the clients in this way can help build a stronger bond and help build rapport.


Wise Pelican

Utilizing direct mail as a way to market your real estate agency can be a highly effective way to generate leads. Wise Pelican allows you to send a customized postcard that includes your picture, contact information, and images of current listings. Setting up a campaign is easy as you can choose from several different designs and templates that can be tailored to your specific image and brand.

You can use the platform’s list builder to focus on a specific area or upload your own list. The cost for printing, postage, and mailing each postcard is set at one affordable price. You’re also able to track each campaign and know when they’ve been delivered. Grabbing your target market’s attention and upping the quality of the techniques used for your real estate farming can be completed using this platform.



Utilizing one or more of these platforms should help you increase engagement with prospective buyers. Taking the time to work with a platform effectively should result in an attractive ROI.

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