How to Monetize your App – 5 the Most Essential Ideas

The amount of mobile apps installed is more than 5,5 billion for now, while the total number is more than 12 billion. This digit will look more impressive if we compare it with the initial quantity of several thousand in 2008 – it has grown exponentially.

The area seems to be overcrowded now, however, the growth of up to 20 billion apps is expected by 2020. The point is that not only professional companies publish apps, but amateurs as well. And the problem of monetization is even more difficult for them as surviving in such a buzz is more than just a challenge.

How to Monetize your App - 5 the Most Essential Ideas

You have nothing to worry about if you have just published your app and are thinking about getting some income from it – Adsmediabrokers is just here to hint at how it can be done without too much effort.

Top-5 ways to monetize your app with the utmost ease

Join app advertising network or platform

Advertising is the first thing to come to mind.

Of course, you can study the market to see the most relevant products and apps to your product and write to them directly with advertising opportunities – it is called direct advertising.

A quicker way is to join a place where everything is already organized and you can start earning money by inserting various forms of advertising.

Make your app paid immediately

It seems to be the easiest method to get money. But people are very reluctant to spend money on a famous brand without realizing, we may say, touching, what can be offered. Let’s do it in a bit different way.

Shareware software

It means that a user will have free access to a paid program. There are the following variations:

freemium apps – it is an often case in advertising both for companies and private owners: a basic software is offered to everyone, while payment opens doors for a set of extra functions, generally necessary to have full enjoyment from the app;

nagware – these apps offer full access to program features, but for a limited period of time, after which the use of it is impossible.

adware – in fact, your user will have full access to your app, but he will have to watch the ads in it. As a variant, you can ask for a little payment not to show them. There is one more variation of it mostly happening in the gem industry: a player will have the extra skill of his character after watching an advertisement;

donationware – the app is absolutely free, but a user will see a notification with an offer to donate something to the developer.

Make friends or partner with another influence brand

There are certainly other companies and brands with their apps that work in the same niche as you do. Ask them to mention you as their partner – users will immediately see it and come to you to get acquainted.

Depending on wants and popularity, such partnerships can be free (for some service in return) or paid.

Work on your website

We hope you have it, don’t you?

The point is that before downloading your app, people would like to know who you are. They will google about the service you offer. And your website is like a house where guests can be hosted. Tell them about the history of your app – what has pushed you to create it, when the updates are expected, what has changed in comparison with previous versions, and so on.

In fact, it is like a microblog with a link for downloading. The mobile version of your website should be as convenient as possible.

Besides, you may launch various quizzes there: starting from how your app improved users’ lives up to the best achievements done with the help of it – if you have a fitness app.

Additionally, if you have organized decently work and offer updates regularly – why not collect emails and inform people when they are published? There are so many tools to make emails personalized. Encouraging of sharing personal data can be resolved with a discount coupon to get some weapon or extra function in the app.


You can see, that it is not difficult at all, but requires time and effort. Money is quite a sufficient reason to continue your work, but users’ recognition and trust may mean even more. Mind it, before undertaking any activities.

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