How to Move Dropbox Data to MEGA Account Efficiently?

Every Dropbox free user can possess 2GB of storage space, but since we are now facing tons of data every single day, it is certainly not enough for our daily uses. Either we can choose to upgrade our account or we can use other cloud drives with more storage like MEGA, which offers 15GB of free storage for us.

However, how do we handle the old files stored in Dropbox? How do we migrate the old files to the new cloud in a quick way? MultCloud, a multiple cloud storage manager, plays a very important role in this cloud-to-cloud migration.

What Is MultCloud?

MultCloud is a free app that allows us to combine all of our clouds into one and transfer/sync files between different clouds. Basically, we can consider it as a channel, the files will be transferred from one cloud drive to another one directly via MultCloud and MultCloud will not store our data at all.

In my opinion, the highlight of MultCloud is that it supports so many cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Box, pCloud, Flickr, Google Photos, and more. Also, it supports FTP, MySQL, Amazon S3, WebDav…


Roughly speaking, it has three commonly used features, which are the cloud transfer feature, the cloud sync feature, and the cloud explorer feature. With these three features, we can migrate our data across clouds effortlessly.

Except for what I mentioned above, MultCloud also has other unique features:

  • Email Notification
  • Offline Migration
  • Schedule Cloud Transfer
  • Cloud Transfer Filter
  • Public and Private Sharing

Three Ways to Move Data from Dropbox to MEGA

Solution 1. Move Data via Cloud Explorer

As we all know Windows Explorer is the file management application in Windows. Similar to Windows Explorer, the cloud explorer feature of MultCloud also has functions that can help us manage our files stored in the online storage.

In that case, we can simply add our cloud storage accounts into MultCloud first and then copy the files from Dropbox to MEGA.

Solution 2. Move Data via Cloud Transfer

With the cloud transfer feature, we need to create a task before transferring files.

Move Data via Cloud Transfer

It is actually a pretty easy operation, we just need to choose Dropbox as the source path and choose MEGA as the target path, then press the “Transfer Now” button, and all done! The migration will run automatically in the background.

Note: Cloud Transfer supports multi-selection when we choose the source path, which means we can transfer files from several cloud storage to one destination at a time.

Solution 3. Move Data via Cloud Sync

Similar to the cloud transfer feature, we also need to launch a task first.

Move Data via Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync is a little bit different from Cloud Transfer. When we use the cloud transfer feature to migrate our files from one place to another, the files will usually be transferred to the destination with the root folder.

However, when we use the cloud sync feature to migrate files, only the files in the root folder will be synced to the target path, the root folder itself will not be included.

Note: Cloud Sync supports multi-selection when we choose the target path, so we can transfer files from one source path to multiple destinations. However, it is a premium feature.


For those users who don’t have much data to transfer, the free plan is enough to use, because MultCloud offers each free user 30GB of data traffic every month.

In addition to the free plan, MultCloud has other three premium plans, including the monthly plan for $9.9, the quarterly plan for $24.9, and the yearly unlimited plan for $119.9.


MultCloud Will Not Store Our Data and Files

When we access our cloud storage accounts via MultCloud, a connection will be built up automatically between the two servers of MultCloud and the cloud storage. It works as a channel and all the files and data that we visited via MultCloud will not be saved on the MultCloud server. MultCloud can only be allowed to access our cloud storage with our own permission.

Data transfer Using 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL

MultCloud applies 256-bit AES Encryption for SSL in data transfer. It is advanced encryption that can effectively protect our data from being tampered with, intercepted, and cracked.


MultCloud – a multiple cloud storage manager can play a very important role in our daily lives, we can transfer our files across cloud storage easily by using it. We don’t have to download and upload files again and again, with this web-based tool, it is a relief that we can migrate our files from one cloud to another simply by clicking a few buttons.

Except for the features that I mentioned above, there are a lot of other unique features waiting for you to explore, have a try and enjoy it!

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