Six Tips on How to Choose Profitable Products to Sell on Amazon

These days, many people opt for Amazon as a place to sell merchandise and get monthly revenues. Such a big platform makes it attractive for both experienced sellers and beginners to earn money by trading goods. However, your task as a seller is to pick up commodities that can help you make bigger profits with the smaller competition.

Since the success of activity on Amazon largely depends on the quality of decisions you make, you may face the challenge of being alert 24/7 and getting informed of hourly market changes. Here are some tips for you to make relevant business decisions and gain impressive profits.

Acknowledge yourself with Amazon research software

As you may already know, selling on Amazon is all about conducting a thorough market analysis and discovering a competitive edge. Moreover, it is about finding out which products are worth selling. Most likely, it is impossible to decide on which product to sell just by your observations.

To make sure you make a correct analysis, you may turn to software designed especially to do product research for Amazon. Such a tool is a brilliant helper when it comes to analyzing competitors’ products and tracking price changes. Additionally, such software can assist you in identifying market patterns, and thus finding the best selling products with high-profit rates.

Use an FBA calculator to estimate profits

To calculate potential profits from product sales, you may freely use an FBA calculator. Although doing so may take some time, the result will be worth your efforts. For instance, you can find the top ten best-selling goods on Amazon by utilizing an Amazon product analysis tool. After that, you may take each of those ten products and calculate potential profits by using a calculator.

The latter allows you to mention the product’s measurements and indicate all the costs to find out what fees Amazon will charge you with. Such fees include transportation, storage, and other Amazon-related costs. Overall, this approach will let you understand which products will guarantee you the highest profits possible.

Read reviews to realize what customers want

The trick that always seems to work is a thorough analysis of customers’ reviews to find out the weak points of the product. The thing is, when customers leave reviews, they often mention what could be improved.

If you have some time, dedicate it to reading various reviews on Amazon. After you have read, for instance, a hundred of them, you will get an idea of what customers want. Afterward, you may use this idea and sell products that customers will immediately love. Consequently, such a strategy can bring you decent profits, because customers will buy from you thanks to a unique selling proposition.

Research niches

Using specialized software, such as product tracker Amazon, you may not only find products but come across the entire niches. You just need to come up with a couple of keywords associated with the product you want to sell. The software allows you to input these keywords and identify whether the competition in the niche is high or low. The right niche is the one with sufficient demand, multiple products, and great monetization potential.

The practice of exploring niches might help you significantly, since even seemingly profitable products may be associated with high-competition niches.

Research products that interest you

Proceeding with this step may be especially useful if you want to narrow down the spectrum of potential products. For instance, you may refer to Google Trends to get an idea of popular products. The way it works is simple: you just need to insert the subject of your interest, and you will instantly get useful information regarding its popularity across the world. Overall, researching popular topics will give you an ultimate understanding of which particular product is sold the most actively.

Go for selling gated categories

Gated Categories on Amazon imply specific products, selling which is restricted. These are clothing brands, accessories, collective stuff, and other goods that require the merchant’s expertise. Gated categories can be assumed as the right section of products to sell due to the low competition they have. Since the right to sell such commodities is sharply restricted, getting one of such categories can bring you lots of profit! But you need to be experienced to unlock them.

In a nutshell, the size of the profit strictly depends on the relevance of the products you sell on Amazon. Yet, you have a chance to carry out research and use various software to make the most accurate decision. Following all the tips above will let you get multiple ideas of products that sell the most.

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