Temu: How to Follow a Shop or Seller

Avid shoppers everywhere have been abuzz about e-commerce newcomer Temu, as the platform offers the best deals on high-quality goods, merging the superior quality of retail shopping with the affordability of wholesale prices.

The US-based platform aims to elevate online shopping with highlights and features that streamline the shift into the digital economy. 

One of the highlights of this new online marketplace is that users can follow their favorite shops and sellers. Users can view information about the shops and merchants on the platform, and follow the sellers that fit their preferences.

Temu enables consumers to engage with these sellers directly, allowing them to communicate with each other for optimized digital shopping experiences.

Following a shop provides updates on any new product listings, sales, and restocked items within the store, which will allow shoppers to stay abreast of the latest bargains. 

How to Follow a Shop in Temu

How to Follow a Shop in Temu

Following a store in Temu is simple and straightforward. Simply tap on the merchant name in any product listing, and click follow. Temu streamlines the online shopping experience for all consumers, and its Follow features allow shoppers to customize their online purchases. 

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to follow a seller in Temu. Any user can do this on the Temu app, or on the official website:

  1. Log in to the Temu Account.
  2. Locate the Seller/Merchant/Shop one would like to follow. 
  3. Click on the Merchant name. This will redirect users to the seller’s profile page, where they can view information about the shop such as what products the shop sells, how many users follow the shop, and the shop rating from verified buyers.
  4. Click on the “Follow” button at the top of the page. The heart icon should turn orange, signifying that the user is now a follower of the shop.
Temu Account

By following the store, users should get notifications of any new activities of the seller. Users can also choose to unfollow the store if they no longer want to receive shop updates. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Temu account.
  2. Go to the personal profile, and find the tab that says “Followed shops.” Users should find a list of all the sellers they follow on the platform.
  3. Locate the shop one would like to unfollow. Click on the name of the merchant. This should redirect users to the seller’s profile page. 
  4. Click on the orange heart icon that says “Following.” When the heart icon is orange, it means that the user is currently a follower of the store. Clicking on the icon should turn it back to white, which signifies that the user is no longer a follower of the store.

Everything You Need to Know About Temu

Temu is a Boston, Massachusetts-based online retail marketplace offering wholesale prices on a wide assortment of consumer goods.

It is a member of the multinational commerce group, PDD Holdings, and taps into the extensive sourcing and fulfillment capabilities built up by the Nasdaq-listed company.

PDD Holdings serves 900 million active buyers worldwide and has an 11-million-strong merchant base. Its portfolio of businesses includes Temu, the Boston-based digital commerce platform offering retail buyers a carefully edited assortment of merchandise at wholesale prices.

Temu works closely with PDD Holdings’ network of suppliers and manufacturers to create products tailored to the needs of consumers.

Through the group’s pioneering Next-Gen Manufacturing approach, Temu enables manufacturers with key market insights that they can use to respond to shifts in consumer demand. 

This allows the e-commerce platform’s shoppers to enjoy wholesale prices on a wide selection of merchandise on the site or app, without having to make bulk purchases or pay annual fees to join as members. 

Temu firmly believes that its customers’ satisfaction with the platform should be the sole key performance indicator used to gauge its overall success and performance, and allowing customers to follow a shop or a seller is only one of the many ways that Temu aims to uphold this value.

Visit Temu’s official website or download the mobile app today to find high-quality products sold at low and affordable prices. And if you’re looking for some ideas for your next great purchase, then you can check out Temu’s official Youtube page!

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