The Pro-Ana Diet: 8 Different Meal Plans to Follow (Number 4 Is Super Effective!)

I’m sure a lot of you have always wanted to lose weight quickly and easily. It all begins with your diet! After all, one of the best methods to shed the pounds right start in the kitchen. One of the popular ways to lose weight is through the pro-ana diet, which is known to help you lose weight fast.

But what exactly is the pro-ana diet and how can you follow it? There are different types of these diets to choose from, but since it’s an aggressive diet, you have to make sure that you know how to do it correctly to stay energized and in good health.

So read on as I show you all about the different pro-ana diets and how to follow them.

Different Pro-Ana Diets for Weight Loss

Before anything else, let’s first delve into what pro-ana diets are. The pro-anorexia lifestyle is related to promoting and mimicking behaviors of those who suffer from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder.

There isn’t just one type of pro-ana diet for weight loss. There are different meal plans many pro-ana dieters and sufferers of the eating disorder follow. Based on my research on different pro-ana websites and forums, there are meal plans you can follow:

The Lunabelle Diet

The Lunabelle diet is a condensed version of the Ana Boot Camp diet, which is 40 days instead of the usual 50 days. It has more fast days and calorie variations. This is a more “doable” diet, as it comes with higher calorie restrictions, with days you consume between 100 to 800 calories. There are double fast days, though, so you have to prepare yourself for these. If not, you can consume 50 or 100 calories to stay safe if you aren’t able to fast this long. After 40 days, you will be able to lose up to 20 pounds or more!

The Rainbow Diet

The Rainbow Diet

This is a pretty interesting diet, as it entails you to consume one color of food per day, except for every Wednesday. Here is the meal plan:

Monday (white):
Breakfast: Half an apple
Lunch: Half an apple
Dinner: One cucumber

Tuesday (yellow):
Breakfast: One banana
Lunch: One banana
Dinner: Half a cup of corn

Wednesday: Fast

Thursday (orange):
Breakfast: Half an orange
Lunch: Half an orange
Dinner: One carrot

Friday (red):
Breakfast: Half a cup of strawberries
Lunch: Half a cup of strawberries
Dinner: Half a red pepper

Saturday (purple or blue):
Breakfast: Ten blueberries
Lunch: Ten blueberries
Dinner: Ten raspberries

Sunday (green):
Breakfast: Half a cup of grapes
Lunch: Half a cup of grapes
Dinner: One cup of lettuce

The ABC Diet

If you have been following the pro-ana lifestyle of quite some time now, then you’re familiar with the ABC diet, which is known as the Ana Boot Camp. This is one of the most popular diets to follow, as it’s extensive and incredibly useful. However, it’s very challenging, and not many people pass it.

This grueling diet will yo-yo between 50 to 500 calories a day, with a fast every few days. The extreme calorie restriction will have you lose at least 20 pounds once you are done with the 50 days. You can eat anything in this diet, but make sure that it sticks to your limit.

The Five Bites Diet

Think of it as a mental gastric bypass surgery, where people staple their stomachs to feel full after just a few bites. This will take a lot of self-control, though, as you will only be consuming five bites of whatever meal you have.

I recommend that you follow this diet:

Breakfast: Five bites of oatmeal
Lunch: Five bites of a sandwich
Dinner: Five bites of pasta

It’s best to consume a lot of water or zero-calorie drinks to stay energized and hydrated while doing the diet. Freshly-squeezed lemon juice can work great, too!

The Vegan Model Diet

The Vegan Model Diet

The vegan model diet is another effective and restrictive diet suitable for those who follow the vegan lifestyle. Think of it as the usual meal plan models would follow to get a flat stomach without any meat products!

Breakfast: One reduced-calorie bread and two cups of black coffee with zero-calorie sweeteners
Lunch: One large apple
Dinner: Eight baby carrots

The total number of calories consumed is only 200 calories. Follow this for a week, and you will be able to lose weight quickly. You can substitute meals with different fruits and vegetables if desired. Add your meal diet with some healthy powders. Check the green superfood powder to know more.

The Ana Atkins Diet

This is a personal twist on the Atkins diet, which is similar to the keto diet. Just make sure that you avoid any keto diet mistakes and consume too many carbs from fruits!

Breakfast: Three-egg white omelet
Snack: Baked white fish fillet
Lunch: Roast Chicken drumstick and a cup of salad leaves
Snack: 50 grams of prawns with garlic and chili
Dinner: Grilled Sirloin steak and a cup of salad leaves

You might think that this is a lot to consume, but it’s quite useful in burning fat quickly. By day three, you have less appetite, and your body is using ketones for energy.

The Russian’s Gymnast Diet

Irina Tschachina is a 5’6 Russian gymnast who only weighs 99 pounds. Wonder how she does it? Here’s a diet you can follow for ultimate weight loss and health. Those who follow this diet for a week can lose up to ten pounds!

Breakfast: A glass of apple or orange juice
Lunch: Fruit salad with a glass of fruit juice
Dinner: Green apple and a glass of non-carbonated water

Make sure that your fruit juices are freshly squeezed and free from any artificial sweeteners.

The Baby Food Diet

This is a pretty exciting diet, as it entails you to consume baby food, which is rich in vitamins and nutrients. I recommend that you purchase organic and vegetable-based baby food, which has fewer calories and more vitamins.

You can have baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or, you can have an average healthy breakfast and consume baby food for lunch and dinner. Make sure that you get the 80-gram jars, which are made for weaning babies.

But do take note that these are only short-term diets that should not be done as a lifestyle change. There are many different side effects to pro-ana diets, as you are consuming fewer calories than your body needs, which causes some health risks in the long run.

Bonus Tips on Keeping Up With a Pro-Ana Diet

Pro-Ana Diet Tips

Now that you’re familiar with the different pro-ana diets, what are other ways you can keep it consistent? Here are some bonus tips to follow:

• Make sure to always keep track of your calories by using apps or other online tools available. Don’t take in more calories than what you burn to ensure weight loss.

• It’s better to consume a healthy breakfast to have better-eating decisions for the day ahead.

• Water is one of the crucial parts of the diet, as it doesn’t only fill you up but keeps you energized when restricting your calories. However, you should avoid drinking water in a single session, since this causes water retention.

• Small meals are also recommended, which can have the body think that you’re eating enough to stay satiated and energized throughout the day.

• Like mentioned, these are aggressive diets, and you will be deficient in many nutrients from the calorie restriction. Because of this, it’s imperative to take in your vitamins. These will compensate for what you don’t consume.

• Sleeping is essential to gain energy and level out your cravings and appetite. If you sleep less, it can lead to a lack of energy and hunger, as well as a slow metabolism!

• If you want to stay encouraged while following a diet, then it’s best to find a diet buddy or to look in the mirror, which keeps you motivated.

• You can keep track of your macronutrients with online macro calculators to ensure you’re eating the right foods, in the right ratios, for optimal weight loss.

Wrapping It Up

The pro-ana diet may be a bit aggressive. However, it is possible with the right tips and healthy food consumption. That way, you won’t have a problem with keeping the pounds off in the long run.

Hopefully, this article on the pro-ana diet gave you an idea of what you can do to stick with your meal plans. So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these diets now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on the pro-ana diet, then comment below. I would love to hear the way you have to think.


  1. Hello miss pro Anna.
    My name is Skylar.
    I just love everything about your Pro Anna thin quotes & article’s & your pro Anna diets,
    Please keep posting them, as they help keep me inspired and motovated,
    As I myself am trying to loose some weight.
    I’m wondering if you also have a preferred favorite meal replacement drink that is low in calories and free from sodium, cholesterol, carbs sugars etc.
    I read labels on over the counter stuff like slim fast & keto ect, but there all to high in sodium & sugar, ect.
    Trying to find the best one.
    I’m am 62 years old, and my higth is 5′ 2″ tall.
    I have type 2 diabetes &
    insulin resistance that makes weight loss very difficult.
    I’d love so much to hear back from you and what you would personally recommend.
    Thank you.

  2. I’m anorexic and I would combine the vegan and abc diet, these are real”diets” that anorexics use and I honestly don’t think you should be posting them online. I’m guessing the person that did this is anorexic. None of these diets are healthy if you want to be healthy see a dietition and exercise. I’m so struggling with my anorexia.

  3. Im in my 40s and stress and work was the reason I gained 60 pounds. I was 130 and now im almost 170 pounds. I need to drop this weight. I never heard of these diets. But Im willing to try them. I dont watch tv or sit on my ass. So if anyone has a better way to drop pounds let me know. I dont go to a gym but I walk alot. more than normal people.

  4. I need to lose 50pounds Been trying for9 months. I can’t control my appetite. I need help losing this weight.
    Thank you for posting the recipes. Not sure which one works the fastest. You.

  5. 164cm and 91kg after being bedridden for months then suffering a traumatic brain injury. I’m supposed to have a high sugar diet to treat the cognitive effects of the brain injury. How can I lose weight?

  6. I didn’t think I had an eating disorder but reading this just makes me want to stop eating. I feel hungry but I don’t care. I’m not even fat.

    My sister forced her disordered eating on me I realize now, I think we were only doing 1200 calories a day and working out three times a day but since I wasn’t the one counting the calories and meal planning I didn’t think about it. But I did get used to being hungry.

    These thoughts will infiltrate my mind, I should close the internet and eat something.

  7. Since you are discussing a major caloric deficit which obviously leads to weight loss, you do have a duty to add in the side effects of this kind of dieting.

    Your diet recommendations also lack nutrient dense foods. If you’re focus is to promote pro Ana dieting, you should do your research in creating a 500cal diet with as much nutrition so people who are suffering from eating disorders can stay alive (slices of avocado, kale and spinach, chickpeas and legumes).

    You also have a duty to inform dieters on how neurological pathways will change in the brain, causing brain fog, insomnia, and reduced functioning. Or how the body will start shutting down different parts of vital functioning to stay alive. Or how this will inhibit the bodies ability to menstruate but women can still get pregnant. Or, the most important one, it destroys your metabolism and promotes nutritional loss.

    I had an eating disorder for way too long, and it’s wreaking havoc on my body now. Don’t promote crash-dieting.

    Also, eating disorders aren’t about weight loss, it’s about a loss of control over your life.

  8. Unfortunately, it’s everywhere. If you watch television and movies, you have the chance of becoming obsessed and brainwashed into thinking you need to “look perfect and change”. Same with social media, the internet in general, and magazines. Unless you’re actively trying to avoid it, it will be hard not to desire. That’s human nature, I think. I was not healthy for a long time and I realize doing this could put me back in that space, but that is my choice. At least this site allows for a discourse about it. I just think more loving, positive talk might be helpful. Rather than attacking the content writer (who very well could be suffering from anorexia herself), maybe we can have a healthy conversation with some other options and ideas for losing weight/better health.

  9. I felt this was good. I myself had an eating disorder that I overcame years ago and simply want to do a short burst of one to drop some excess weight. This is no different than the 700 calorie diet, or keto (which is also terrible for your health). This is a place people who like this sort of thing want to come. To the people who don’t like, please kindly walk away and go do something else. Don’t become obsessive and search for things you hate just to spread hate.

  10. It is odd that people are so judgy about this article. Believe me, online articles aren’t the only things people with ED’S got the idea from. In fact, many began exercising poor/dangerous eating habits without any external triggers. These articles aren’t going to disappear. Besides it’s not this writer’s fault people CHOSE to engage in their addictions and had awful outcomes.
    It’s a little more than online articles that cause ED’S, I’m afraid. It’s the lack within.
    If this writer wants to express themselves, they can. If people are offended then don’t bloody read it! Don’t seek out topics that are negative in your eyes.
    Like, I said, people can teach themselves to end up with an ED. Those disorders didn’t just appear when the internet came about.
    Like, duh!

  11. To anyone reading this, please don’t eat less then 1200 calories a day. Here is a simple plan to follow:

    Breakfast 600 calories
    2 slices whole wheat bread
    1 tablespoon peanut butter
    1 chai tea
    1 banana

    Lunch (400 calories)

    Small portion( about the size of your fist) of salmon or chicken breast
    Large bowl or field greens(spinach, arugula)
    Low calorie balsamic dressing
    1 apple

    Dinner(300 calories)
    Large vegetarian salad with low calorie dressing.
    Handfull of almonds(about 10 to 15)

    A simple diet like the above will help you lose weight and you will feel amazing.

    For liquids drink water or tea. You can consume coffee just watch your caffeine limit.

  12. The diet recommendations are just that. Each visitor to the site can see these are strong, albeit extreme suggestions to eating, i.e. no sweets, no carbs, no fats, and hardly any food. If the concept of these Pro-Ana diets presented are reviewed and consolidated they simply support several typical diet formulas, most importantly, control.

    A deeper look: When an individual has their whole world going crazy (for whatever reason) some times the only thing they can control is what they eat. The Pro-Ana diet gives them the illusion that at least something is under their control, eating. They find the diets suggestions comforting as nothing else can be controlled. Once this herculean task of self-controlling the quantity and type of food, feeling the real pain of hunger, and being able to control the hunger, it is often very self-empowering to that person. The pleasure of becoming thinner is a visible and real physical sign to them that they have control over one part of their life. The challenge for this person is to know when to stop as almost every diet has the three elements: 1) consume less calories via a variety of suggested foods, 2) exercise if possible, 3) control the quantity of what you eat.

    Yes, these diets are extreme but those of you on the outside or “window shopping” should not criticize the persons seeking help on this site as it is their choice and wish to lose weight. Yes, there are better ways to lose weight. Yet, quite possibly other reasons than just to lose weight are in the rationale of these persons to seek out this diet plan.

    For those of you choosing this diet route, look a bit deeper into the self-control issues of what exactly are you wishing to control? It may be deeper than losing weight.

    My love goes to you as you seek solutions to reaching happiness in your life. Good luck.

  13. Dear Mimo Varilla and Viralang
    My niece passed away from anorexia last week. We discovered that she started to put her life in danger from reading this specific page. You are promoting anorexia and you are putting so many young people at risk. I hope you have a really good lawyer because I will take you to justice. I will stop you taking more young people lives.


  14. a lot of people have deeply suffered from anorexia. obviously, if you’re healthy, you’re healthy – but marketing diets like these in such a way to such an audience is like russian roulette. you don’t know who’s taking the bullet for this kind of thing.

  15. Everyone complaining is dumb and worthless. Let people do what they want. I was pro ana in high school and in college I stopped completely. 5 years later here I am looking for tips to loose weight fast

  16. I once was anorexic with AFRID.
    I recently broke my pelvis and was immobile for 8 weeks and then COVID hit.
    I am also an amputee. I had a new prosthesis built, then I had a retinal detachment. All of this sedentary period I have gained quite a bit of weight. No matter how careful I tried to be. I know I have lost LOADS of weight before and it was through an anorexic diet.
    I plan to lose this chub quickly. I am a effing fat pig.
    Completely disgusted ? with myself.

  17. What made you think that posting something like this would be a good idea, i do not understand.

  18. Lol the fact people look up pro ana then yell at the post like don’t search it up if it makes you mad, definitely trying the rainbow diet

  19. what the fuck is wrong with you. this is not a way to lose weight, its a way to ruin your mental health and your physical health. you are literally making a trend out of anorexia. these “diets” either lack nutrients from a specific food group, or just dont give you enough. fucking fruit juice every day is deadly, not healthy. even the ones with more food, like the keto one, is not enough because you need carbs for energy. these diets will actually make you gain weight because your body will go into panic mode and retain fat from everything you eat. no matter if youre trying to lose or maintain, everyone needs at least 1500 calories, but if youre active, then closer to 2200. 100-800 calories a day with two day fasts will kill you. this is fucking disgusting.

  20. Thank you. I’ve had bulimia for 12 years… I want to stop and this is the only way.
    I want to lock myself in a hotel room for a week with nothing but water. I want to be anorexic now, bulimia hurts too much

  21. You should be fucking disgusted in yourself posting this crap. My daughter is currently recovering from a 3 week stay in hospital from an eating disorder and has a long recovery in front of her.
    Well done for helping ill people obtain this kind of shit on line. You make me sick

  22. I’m honestly beyond shocked rn. I thought I was just browsing another ana forum but this is an actual site. I’m honestly really surprised these diets made it out of the eating disorder online circle and into mainstream media, it’s honestly disturbing to see a big site promoting this stuff. Let me make this perfectly clear to everyone here, these are not diets made for those who are overweight to get to a healthy weight (I don’t even think I would call them diets), they are calorie limits made by Anorexics for other Anorexics, most of which (but definitely not all) are already underweight. Pro-ana is also not a category of diets but a bunch of people who encourage and romanticize eating disorders. You won’t lose weight following these diets, not because they don’t work but because you will most likely find it impossible. And if you do then that’s concerning in its self. that and you will never maintain on a diet like this if you’re looking for a way to get to a healthy weight and keep it there then I highly recommend going to your doctor. All I can do is promise you that this isn’t healthy nor will it work in the way you want it to.
    sincerely, a concerned anorexic

  23. I am 67 and can’t get my weight down. I speed walk 3 miles 4 times a week. I eat a normal healthy diet. I am very active. I quit taking medication I was on because it caused me to eat. These diet suggestions are tempting. But I will only use as a guide. I think obesity is prevalent in the US because of medication that increases appetite.

  24. No one can completely avoid sugar and should not also. Eating sugar in its natural form is still fine as opposed to refined sugar which is definitely bad for your health.

  25. EVERYONE can exercise, you literally can exercise anywhere anytime, or what’s the reason behind you not being able to exercise?

  26. Not everyone can exercise? And dieting doesn’t work for everyone. I’ve tried everything possible. Found out about these diets and they’ve worked! It’s not promoting anorexia. It’s giving people like me the help they need… If you are going to be so soft about it then maybe you shouldn’t search for things like this in the first place???‍♀️

  27. I’m sorry but you really shouldn’t be promoting this. Basically teaching people how to become anorexic. Anorexia is not some cute diet you go on for a month or two and then stop.

  28. E too. Cant wait to try and see if im strong enough to commit. Without suppressants though itll be hard.

  29. Thanks goodness I came across this blog. I have long been wanting to read something like this.

  30. pro–ana is not MIMICKING the lifestyle of an anorexic, it is being anorexic. don’t fucking compare it. if you want to worship ana you have to commit.

  31. For all of you guys saying do cause people to have anorexia……
    You can’t give someone anorexia. Starving yourself and anorexia are not the same.. it may seem like it, but that’s probably because you don’t have an eating disorder or you’re not an Ed experienced healthcare professional.

  32. Actually its people like YOU Promoting eating disorders. Filling the pages with your thin bodies and unrealistic standards. How many little girls and grown woman have to be exposed to skinny chick models setting the standards convincing men that full figured woman shouldn’t be attractive, puke.

  33. Maybe you should make your own article about awesome healthy diets lol. Then when people want to be healthy they can read yours cause I’m pretty sure anyone looking at a Pro Ana diet could care less about whether its the “healthier choice”

    More like I’m a fat cow and that’s disgusting and a health risk! I COULD DIE from my morbid obesity. There are many articles and cute activists like you speaking about how “Disgusting” it is to be my weight. And all you people wanna be thin to, its everywhere movies magazines every store I go to reminds me how fat and sick I am and how thin “is the healthy way to go” just as your spitting garbage about how to be thin and healthy HA. People are people, things only have meaning if you give it to them, we all grow shit and die. The stuff in between is unimportant. Ask yourself, in billions of years when our planet doesn’t exist and every human is gone, will it matter how many died of anorexia or for being lumps of fat?

  34. I dig it. Great article. I googled pro Anna baby food diets lol, because I dig it. Thanks

    As for the nay sayers, activism is cute and all but this is one of the least “disgusting” things I’ve seen on the internet. Trust me, there are many demented and disgusting things. This is not. Don’t blame others for your issues with Ana. Truly the world is full of victims, I get the whole mental disorders shit but we control ourselves. Others don’t control you. There are many how to murder and how to rape and get away with it articles and I guarantee those people who listen and “fall prey” get in the same amount of trouble blaming it on some website.

    Regardless this is America, freedom of speech is real, and free will is everywhere. Chose to read and then be pissed lol its just silly. Haters. Spewing hate.

  35. These diets are absolutely disgusting. Please stop. And to people who think this won’t cause some to develop eating disorders; most eating disorders started with healthy diets to lose a bit of weight. I can’t imagine how much damage this is causing. You can literally die from these diets from multiple things like low blood sugar, low blood pressure and even heart attacks- and no don’t think it’d be fine because you’ll only do it for “a few days”, you’d be surprised how quickly these things can happen. Even if you follow through and not die, you’ll feel horrible, constantly cold, your hair will fall out and your skin will dry up. You won’t be able to do anything. All you’ll think about is food food food until you eventually binge.

    For the love of everything good, if you have an ounce of self-respect, don’t follow any of these diets! Being skinny doesn’t matter if you’re dead. Love yourself first, losing weight won’t help you.

  36. If you find it so DISGUSTING then why are you even on this site! Why did you even look through the diets?!!! You know what anyone who doesn’t like the site, why are you on it? Just get off the site

  37. Well, I really do not know where to start. But first to all you ones who have spewed disgust, I really think your behind the door. Its too late for you to express your disgust to ones here who use this site. YOUR TOO LATE. These people either already know they are at risk and are doing it because of a need to. Or they are in that mindset already and they need more professional help than so called experts that come on here to negatively deride them.
    I wonder if these same people get on 600 lb life sites and spew their disgust too.
    These are not choices, they are eating disorders and have underlying reasons.
    My story is this….I am 60 years old. In my early to late teens, I became anorexic
    Now because of sooth sayers and so called experts, I am obese. So please, we dont need derrogatry comments

  38. Why is the Russian diet all fruit? I don’t eat fruit. I don’t drink juice. It just seems off.

  39. Everyone on here showing hate, you may think its disgusting and all, but how did you get here in the first place? maybe you were just doing research, but a lot of you were probably looking for weight loss solutions and severe diets. i think a lot of these are disgusting and yet i survive on 2 coffee’s and an apple a day and pretend i’m better. if you don’t like these diets, please just move on and find one for YOU. the person who wrote this may be suffering from Anorexia and telling them the way they eat is disgusting is only going to make them worse.

  40. I like the ABC diet personally even though I have never been completely successful with it but it works miracles and I love pro ANA everything so thank you for this site!!

  41. “you wont live long eating less that 500kcal per day”

    That’s the point. going Pro Ana is a lifestyle and, sure maybe you wont live long or what ever but once youre in the mindset of pro ana there is no point trying to tell someone not to do it because im sure 98% of the time no one will listen 🙂

  42. Good lord, there are so many things wrong with this article. I am a female model, with a past history with anorexia.

    1. These diets are made and used by individuals with mental illnesses. Do not advertise them to anyone else unless you want them to develop an eating disorder.
    2. These diets are serious and private to the anorexic community. How dare you exploit them to non-anorexics like some fun diets.
    3. I am a model, Dipshit. Models don’t eat like that. How dare you portray models as anorexics that eat that way. The few models that do eat that way are not doing it for their job/agency but for their mental illness.

    Shame on you. It’s people like you that promote eating dosorders.

  43. I googled diets. This came up. I’ve had an eating disorder since I was 12, I didn’t even read the diets. Pro ana is why I have a disorder. Stop

  44. Trigger warning!

    this is absolutely disgusting, as someone who has struggled with eating disorders for years, I would NEVER promote its and make it seem like a healthy fun choice. It’s actual shit and ruins your health and mental health on so many levels, and it’s the mental disorder with highest mortality rate, as in it causes more deaths than actual suicide. Let that sink in. I hope this will be taken down, it’s disgusting and I don’t see how anyone can defend this. Yes, it’s one thing to support other people that are going trough these things online, but to promote it? Gross.

  45. this is disgusting are you joking ? i’ve had an eating disorder since i was 12 because of shit like this normalising eating disorder behaviours and the fact that you stated these diets mimic anorexic behaviours and are completely aware you’re promoting eating disorders is so horrible. can’t believe something like this was published

  46. Thank you for these! I appreciate these, people should not look at these if they don’t like it. Some of us actually WANT this info. As a guy on the chubbier end, I appreciate this. I am trying fasting and eating healthier foods in smaller portions. So far can’t complan 😀 can’t wait to see more and more results!! #MaleThinspo #AnaMyGirlfriend

  47. Stop complaining, you guys (who are complaining) want attention. How did you get here? The same way as everyone else. By searching up pro Ana diet. I get that you want to help, but this is not the right way.

  48. Sorry but some of us are gross and fat after following fascist “nutritionist” directives. We are all different.

  49. Maybe there´re people here who want to get answers because someone in their family (perhaps a sibling? maybe?) has anorexia/bulimia… You don´t have to be so judgemental, you don´t know people´s stories

  50. I have been struggeling with eating disorders for about 6 years, and honestly i’m shocked. I usualy google pro-ana diets as a way to trigger my disordered thinking and to calm myself down in a way (I know, kind of fucked up) but i have never encouterd a website stating that these diets are alright and that vitamins compensate for missing nutrients because they absolutely do not and these diets are not healthy in any way. When I was an insecure 14 year old I read articles like this and they got me started on calorie counting. Calorie counting can trigger eating disorders, and so can these diets as they did for me. The lack of essential nutrients that you can NOT fully compensate with drug store vitamins and basically just the lack of calories triggers disorderd thinking as your brain can’t function properly. An eating disorder never really leaves you, and this article promoting a serious mental disorder like anorexia is just disgusting to me.

  51. It’s called the pro-ana diet!
    If you don’t want to read it.. Leave the site!!!!
    Maybe just maybe there are individuals who tried everything else including your stupid dietician “healthy diet” and guess what even went for a full blood count because … Oh wait also nothing wrong there? So we are suppose to be fat???? Screw this! What ever works, I have to be the one who looks at my fat ass the whole day! And yes anorexia can kill you. At least it will only take 2 to carry the coffin and not 20 pushing it on a stroller because your tooooooo fat to carry!

  52. ahh ok.. I have a registered nutritionist … Ahh NONE of what was posted here is listed on the FDA approved eating habits that she has helped me find.
    First off I see NO protein on this list.. or not much.
    how exactly do you expect a healthy person to produce muscle mass as well as white and red blood cells with out enough protein?
    I see no regimented purportions here.. I see the five bite thing, i see the rain bow thing, but i see no real structure on how to re educate one’s self on proper nutrition consumption for ones body type and mass.
    Also I see nothing here about a body density test or a fat retention test.
    Science tells us that not everyone’s body is the same. Indeed genetically we are all unique. There for in order to maintain healthy weight loss. One MUST have both of these tests.
    The first test tells your nutritionist and MD how much you are supposed to weigh..what your ideal weight is, taking into account both the amount of water in your body, as well as the density of your skeleton and the mass and density of your organs. Once that is figured out you can compare your ideal weight next to what you weigh and see how much you need to loose to match it.
    The second test is a genetic work up, based on your individual chemistry, determining what specific element causes you to gain weight.
    It is proven via many, many studies that no two people gain weight in the same way. So for each person there is a specific factor that causes them to gain weight. In many cases it has been proven to be neither calories, nor carbs that cause a person to gain weight. Some times they have poor reactions to grains, sometimes to specific breeds of carbs, most often it turns out to be saturated fats.
    So loosing weight is as simple as getting a bit more exercise and cutting that out of your diet.
    No radical changes to your eating is needed, you can exchange the method you cook food for one that contains little to no saturated fats. An air fryer for example, is a delightful way to keep eating your healthy meats while adding no additional fat to them. They cook in their own steam and come out perfectly fried, no added fats needed.
    Hydration is also SUPER important. If your body does not have enough fluid to process the fat out of you, as you loose it, then you WILL NOT loose it. It will be retained because your body needs water, and will use those fat cells to store it so you do not die of dehydration.
    While I am sure these diets have their good points, I would as a professional my self, urge anyone on here to seek professional help if you decide you need to loose weight.
    have the two tests done and discover what causes you to gain weight, and what you can eliminate from your diet to help you. Usually your doctor can find away to do this with out sacrificing much of anything in the way of food and or taste.
    Loosing weight is a good thing … I have gone on a reasonable, slow healthy diet in the last two years and I am proud to say that I am down from a size 34 to a size 16.
    I have not had to give up one iota of taste or stop eating the foods i love, just change the way they are prepared and get a lil more exercise, Fencing and a more active job.
    Best wishes to all that wish to get healthy, stay safe and see your MD and Nutritionist.

  53. Ooooh! Sounds effective! I try on starting the Rainbow Diet! Dunno how long I’ll be on this diet for though.

  54. This is disgusting, don’t tell people how to get an eating disorder, don’t promote a grossly unhealthy calorie amount and diet form.

  55. You are promoving eating disorders. Eating this much is sick. You wont live long eating less than 500 kcal per day. This is shit

  56. Uh excuse me? Why would you promote anorexia? These “diets” are not healthy at all and are the first step to developing an eating disorder. How about promoting a healthy lifestyle. You can also lose weight when you eat healthy (and enough!) and exercise you’ll just have to be patient but waiting is better than having an eating disorder. I’m shocked honestly.

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